PCOD Vs PCOS - What Is The Difference and Which Is More Dangerous?

PCOD vs PCOS are they the same? There is a lot of confusion among women on whether there is any PCOD and PCOS difference, and they often use them interchangeably. Although both are related to ovaries and hormonal disruptions, PCOD vs PCOS differences are many. Here’s some insight into the PCOD vs PCOS differences. Before you deep dive into PCOD vs PCOS, it is important to know what each of them is.

What is PCOS?

In PCOD vs PCOS, PCOS is one of the most commonly diagnosed medical conditions and is the main cause of fertility issues in Indian women. It is commonly seen in women between the ages of 12 and 50 and correlates with infertility as it causes abnormalities in ovulation. Though PCOD and PCOS symptoms look the same, PCOS is a metabolic disorder that is more severe. So if you want to know if PCOD or PCOS is more dangerous, the answer is PCOS. In this condition, the ovaries release a large number of male hormones, androgen, which creates a high number of follicular cysts in the ovaries. This prevents the release of eggs and leads to anovulation, causing infertility. 

What is PCOD?

Now that you know what is PCOS; before learning the PCOD vs PCOS difference, it is pertinent to know about PCOD too. It is a condition in which the ovaries release immature eggs in abnormally high numbers throughout ovulation. That results in irregular periods, and since the eggs are not released and remain within the ovary, the number of eggs inside increases, and cysts are formed. These cyst-like formations increase androgen production; thus, PCOD and PCOS symptoms look similar.

PCOD and PCOS difference


Among the major PCOD and PCOS, the difference is the factors of cause. PCOD is a hormonal imbalance that can be controlled by lifestyle changes. PCOS is a metabolic disorder where large amounts of male hormones are released, and that prevents eggs from getting generated. Another thing in PCOD vs PCOS is that PCOS causes inflammation and insulin resistance while PCOD does not. So in PCOD or PCOS, which is a more dangerous question, PCOS is because it can cause diabetes and other chronic illness.

While the cause for PCOD is unclear, there seems to be a link between high levels of male hormones, excess insulin, and heredity. Other contributors can be unhealthy lifestyles and pollution. 

When it comes to PCOD Vs PCOS, the cause of PCOS is not very clear. Factors like increased testosterone levels increased secretion of luteinizing hormone, and high prolactin levels can increase the risk of PCOS. 

Effect on Pregnancy

PCOD and PCOS difference in terms of the effect on pregnancy is that women with PCOD can get pregnant. However, in PCOD vs PCOS, women with PCOS find it challenging to conceive. If you are looking at how to cure PCOS permanently, then it cannot be as it can only be managed.  

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In PCOD vs PCOS, PCOS is a more serious condition with fewer women suffering from it than PCOD. whereas in PCOD and PCOS differences, PCOD is not a disease and can be managed effectively and is more commonly found in women. Additionally, PCOD and PCOS symptoms may be the same, but those with PCOS can develop cardiovascular issues, obesity, and endometrial cancer. So in PCOD or PCOS, which is more dangerous, PCOS is more dangerous. 


In PCOD vs PCOS, there are not many fertility issues, and with a little help, pregnancy can happen. The PCOD and PCOS symptoms are the same, but in women with PCOD, ovulation can happen periodically. On the other hand, in PCOD and PCOS, the difference in ovulation is that PCOS women cannot ovulate due to hormonal imbalance. 


The PCOD and PCOS symptoms are not caused due to any food in particular but having a healthy diet helps ease them. While considering how to cure PCOS permanently, it may not be possible, but since PCOS is linked to obesity, diet plays an important role in it. 

Also, in terms of PCOD and PCOS differences, PCOS is closely linked to insulin resistance, and hence one should avoid a diet that is rich in refined carbs, fat, and starch. Add lots of veggies and fruits, natural fruit juices along with nuts to reduce weight without feeling hungry. PCOD and PCOS differences may be many, but in both cases, diet and exercise play an important role. 

Treatment Options

The first line of treatment in PCOD vs PCOS is making lifestyle changes, and the best way to cure PCOS permanently is to catch it early. It is recommended that people follow a proper diet and exercise routine and see if there are any improvements. However, while answering PCOD or PCOS, which is more dangerous, PCOS is more troublesome, so proper and timely treatment becomes necessary. In any case, one must address complications like hormonal imbalance and irregular periods to get optimal hormonal levels. 

The next option in both PCOD vs PCOS is surgery which is one of the answers to how to cure PCOS permanently. A laparoscopic procedure called ovarian drilling is done to remove the cysts that secrete male hormones. If the cysts become cancerous, a hysterectomy may be needed.

In women with PCOS, fertility treatment may be needed, which includes IVF and artificial insemination. This is the last resort for those who are unable to get an answer to how to cure PCOS permanently. 

Regarding PCOD Vs PCOS complications, prevention is better through proper diet and exercise before it does too much damage instead of later worrying about PCOD or PCOS, which is more dangerous. 

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