The Science and Lore Behind Menstruating Women and Moon Cycles

Menstruation Women and Moon Cycles

Ancient wisdom has documented a correlation between Moon and Women’s cycle. Read to Know more!

The body of the woman and the female cycle is connected with the moon and earth. A woman, in her menstrual cycle days, can go through different lunar energies and circadian rhythms. Usually, these energies or lunar cycles are connected with different seasons such as spring, summer, winter, and autumn.

This link between women and nature was a part of the culture for a long time, which we, the modern generation have the slightest idea about due to the exposure of artificial light. Nowadays, the synchrony between menstruation and the lunar cycle is significantly less likely.

There are ancient rites performed, and stories are being told about the relation between the moon and women. There is an understanding of women with their bodies and menstruation. However, people have now understood that it is not dirty, annoying, or shameful; instead, it is good and sacred.

A study published in Science Advances showcased that after a long-term analysis of data from women and the moon, it is found that some of their periods synced with lunar light.

Presently, in many countries, women still don’t tend to pay attention to the changes in their emotions and energy that they usually experience during their monthly menstrual cycle days. Mostly they try to live as if these lunar phases are not affecting their body. This means that there is a loss of well-being and a waste of all potential in these phases.


Why should we learn about the moon and the women's menstrual cycle days?

 The path of knowing females and their menstrual period cycle is confusing and essential for every male and female to understand for themselves or their sister’s, mother’s, wife’s daughters, and Friends’s in a better way. It is a knowledgeable, understanding way that can’t be understood in a day.

 A female menstrual period cycle is about self-knowledge, femininity, and happiness in women of all age groups. Therefore, a part of the personal development process in every young woman should be devoted to knowing about her body and knowing her menstrual cycle days, phases, energies, and power. When a woman is aware of her cycle, there is an increased path for managing her daily activities. This even serves as a way to rejoice in the harmony of the natural processes.

Menstruation Period Cycles

 It is hard to ignore that both the Moon & Menstruation period Cycle lasts for 28 days. Menstruation or moon time comes from the Latin word “Mensis,” meaning lunar Month, and is also related to the word “Mene,” meaning moon!

 The ancient culture has always celebrated & honored rituals related to this correlation between women’s menstrual cycle days and the phases of the moon.

- New Moon = 1st day of the period

- Rising moon = Pre ovulation

- Full Moon = Ovulation

- Falling Moon = PMS [Pre Menstrual]

 According to research Charlotte Helfrich-Förster (C.Helfrich) from Neurobiology and Genetic Bio center the Julius Maximilians University of Würzburg in German, the lead author of the study done about woman menstrual cycle days, says that:

 “Interestingly, the menstrual cycle days length is more or less the same as the moon cycle length; it’s not just for the humans; it applies to animals as well- at least for marine organisms. Marine organisms depend on the moon for the synchronization of their reproduction.

 While coming to women, they temporarily synchronize their monthly cycle with luminance and gravimetric cycles of the moon avoiding any fluctuations.”





New Moon: Beginning of menstruation: In the winter season

This phase is usually said as the reflective and darkest phase. It is the phase of silence, introspection, and solitude. A woman in the menstrual cycle days wants to be relaxed and calm; this means that the interaction with the outside world or socializing can be very annoying.

 According to recent studies, a woman’s body is susceptible in this phase, making a woman uniquely connect with their body and understand it thoroughly. However, in this phase, a woman should rely on her instincts and intuition.

 It is even found that women had lesser sleep duration when near full moon (most of them became night owls) and had longer sleep during the new moon.

 It is the best time to take the required rest, relax your body, keep quiet, be calm and meditate if possible.

 This means that you are giving time to yourself. In this phase, the female body takes all the time to recycle the internal energies naturally. Your body usually looks for rest to recover and begin the next phase: the crescent moon with vitality.

Crescent Moon: the pre-ovulation phase: In the spring season

The week after, when the woman’s menstrual cycle days corresponds with the spring season, there is a renewal and an increase in physical energy. This period is a transiting phase between menstruation, usually during darkness and winter, and ovulation during light and summer.

Therefore, these are the perfect days to start any project that materialized during the second phase, i.e., ovulation.

 During ovulation, women have enhanced analytical capacities, increased concentration, and better planning skills. It is the menstrual period where mental strength reigns and the thoughts become clear. Emotions become very stable, and life energy is at its peak.

 When a woman is going through or in the crescent moon, they need less rest, and they are most sure about themselves during this menstrual cycle days. They grow a penchant for being socially active and having fun.

 The ovulation period is very happy. A woman becomes expressive, empathetic, radiant, and wants to socialize. Women get all the energy to be able to do whatever they want to or love to.

 This is when a woman is fertile because this phase is full of energy and happiness. We can even say that this is the most fertile phase in all aspects of the female cycle and even their life: work, personal life, family.

 Most importantly, female menstrual period, self-confidence, and self-esteem are at their peak. A woman feels more confident about everything.

Waning moon: The pre-menstruation phase: Autumn season

This is a challenging phase and is also known as the waxing moon. In this waning moon phase, the physical energies of a woman start to decrease at a very high rate. A woman feels a vast need to clean and let go of anything that will not benefit her.

 It’s mostly like how trees shed their leaves in fall, and this waning moon phase is very much similar to it—a lot of women in this phase experience the very famous premenstrual syndrome.

 These days a woman generally turns inward again. The ability to concentrate and socialize usually goes down. Few people say that it is during the waning moon time to look into one’s desires, needs, and fears. This waning moon phase can also be called the healing phase.

 So it’s always better for a woman to access herself in this phase, about everything in her life, and move forward for her personal growth. Sexual desires can also be more intense during these waning moon days.

What happens in menopause?

Well, first of all, as we all know, there is no menstruation. However, even though there is no menstruation, the female menstruation cycle period will continue and will very much exist and exert its influence. It is just that it’s in a different stage and will look different from a hormonal perspective.

 During menopause, a woman is not subjected to her reproductive cycle, and now she has just transcended it. One of the important things is when she no longer bleeds, which means she retains more energy. She will gain all the energy that she lost in the months and months of flowing outwards.

 The female internal circuit will now initiate a network that will feed backward and sustain the natural feminine rhythm.

Moon and Menstruation Cycle

The modern lifestyle - Mobiles & Stress has diminished the influence of the waning Moon’s Cycle from the Woman’s Cycle. Also, everyone is unique and hence, has their own menstrual Period cycle Stories! Let’s track our cycles with the moon’s cycle. Observe for a while. Do you Menstruate on the day of the New Moon or Full Moon, or somewhere in between?

 White Moon Cycle Women were those who menstruated on the day of the New Moon. They were believed to be inward-looking, nourishing, reflective, and thoughtful women. They were much more self-indulging & self-caring

 Red Moon Cycle Women were those who menstruated on the day of the Full waning Moon. They were believed to be outward-looking, healers, solid & independent - much more social and involved.

Moon Lodge for Moon Charging

In ancient times, Women were never asked to seclude during menstrual periods. It is much more of a recent phenomenon. Women would themselves move to a “Moon Lodge.” Moon Lodge was a place in the community away from the daily chores of their home where they can spend time charging themselves called Moon Charging.

 They would absorb the energy of the waning moon, revitalize and think about their role in building large communities.

 Since women are emotionally resilient and during the menstrual cycle days, the Moon Charging was used to come with thoughts on building bigger, better, and stronger societies.

Love Thy Moon

The moon connection already exists. You just need to acknowledge it. Align yourself to the moon to understand your deep connection to the beautiful moon.

- Get outside & locate the moon

- Stay away from the Blue light of electronics as much as possible

- Sleep in absolute darkness 

- Keep Moon Chart to understand the moods of the moon

- Love Moon: It is your true Friend




Hormones regulate just like High & Low Tides

An absolute magical correlation between Moon and Woman. Do you know the moon also regulates tides and waves of oceans? Do you know that there is a High Tide and a Low Tide? And do you know there is a relationship between hormones and tides?

 The emotional upheaval that women go through is also the reason for their best creativity. The physical discomfort women go through is also the reason for their natural detox cycles. Like tides rise and fall, the hormone in women called Estrogen also increases and falls.

 This rise and fall in Estrogen is the cause of everything - PMS, Cramps, Blood Flow, Mood Swings, etc. It’s Amazing, or like it was called in the past, “Sacred Menstruation”.

 Auric’s Women Wellness Drink is a 100% natural juice with beneficial ayurvedic herbs like Shatavari, manjistha, and moringa for balanced body cycles. Try it out today.

Auric’s Women Wellness Drink is a 100% natural juice with beneficial ayurvedic herbs like Shatavari, manjistha, and moringa for balanced body cycles. Try it out today.

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