Is there a link between Women & Moon

Is there a link between Women & Moon

Ancient wisdom have documented correlation between Moon and Women's cycle. Read to Know more! 

Menstruation Period Cycles

It is hard to ignore that both the Moon & Menstruation Cycle last for 28 days. Menstruation comes from the Latin word "Mensis" meaning Month and is also related to the word "Mene" meaning Moon !
The ancient culture has always celebrated & honoured rituals related to this correlation between menstrual cycles and the phases of the moon.

- New Moon = 1st day of Period
- Rising Moon = Pre ovulation
- Full Moon = Ovulation
- Falling Moon = PMS [Pre Menstrual]

Moon and Menstruation Cycle

The modern lifestyle - Mobiles & Stress has disconnected Moon's Cycle from Woman's Cycle. Also, everyone is unique and hence, have their own Period Stories ! Let's track our cycles with Moon's cycle. Observe for a while. Do you Menstruate on the day of New Moon or Full Moon or somewhere in between.

White Moon Cycle Women were those who menstruated on the day of New Moon. They were believed to be inward looking, nourishing, introspective and thoughtful women. They were much more self indulging & self caring
Red Moon Cycle Women were those who menstruated on the day of Full Moon. They were believed to be outward looking, healers, strong & independent - much more social and involved

Moon Lodge for Moon Charging

In ancient times, Women were never asked to seclude during menstrual periods. It is a much more of a recent phenomenon. Women would themselves move to a "Moon Lodge". Moon Lodge was a place in the community away from the daily chores of their home where they can spend time charging themselves called Moon Charging. They would absorb the energy of the Moon, revitalize and think about their role in building large communities.
Since women are emotionally resilient, the Moon Charging was used as an event to come with thoughts on how to build bigger, better and stronger societies 

Love Thy Moon

The moon connection already exists. You just need to acknowledge it. Align yourself to the Moon to understand your deep connection to the beautiful moon.

- Get outside & locate the Moon
- Stay away from Blue light of electronics as much as possible
- Sleep in absolute darkness
- Keep Moon Chart to understand moods of Moon
- Love Moon: It is your true Friend 

Hormones regulate just like High & Low Tides

An absolute magical correlation between Moon and Woman. Do you know the Moon also regulates tides and waves of oceans? Do you know that there is a High Tide and a Low Tide? And do you know there is a relationship between hormones and tides?

The emotional upheaval that women go through is also the reason for their best creativity. The physical discomfort women go through is also the reason for their natural detox cycles. Just like tides rise and fall, similarly the hormone in women called Estrogen also rises and falls. This rise and fall in Estrogen is the cause of everything - PMS, Cramps, Blood Flow, Mood Swings etc. Its Amazing or like it was called in the past "Sacred Menstruation".

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