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 Even if you've committed to eating healthier, you might find it challenging to give up your favorite spaghetti and noodle recipe. But the good news is that you don't have to give up. Simply substituting vegetables, chickpeas, or whole bread and pasta for refined white pasta allows you to enjoy your favorite noodle dishes while also providing nutritious benefits. Noodles for the win!

"Healthy noodles are more nutritionally and fiber-rich," says Beachbody Culinary Nutrition Specialist Quyen Vu. "Fiber keeps you full and satisfied, which may lead to weight loss or management." Again, there are so many, so options for noodle packets have fewer calories than regular noodles, which let you eat your healthy noodles with no overload of calories. Some of them offer larger serving sizes as well. (If you're following an Extreme nutrition plan, go to your instructions for serving sizes of noodle instant.)

healthy noodles

Let's look at some nutritious healthy noodles that you may use in your recipes or meals.

1.       Noodles made from whole wheat

Whole grain products like pasta (or even wafer crackers!) include soluble and insoluble fiber, which can help you feel full, moderate your blood glucose levels, and maintain regular bowel movements. According to Vu, while white flour healthy noodles, pretty much the entire noodles have a lot of fiber. Other critical minerals found in whole grain healthy noodles, including whole wheat, include B vitamins, folic, iron, calcium, and selenium.

Vu likes using pretty much the entire noodle instant types in Italian meals as well as cold pasta salads.In general, whole-wheat healthy noodles can be used in any cuisine that asks for noodles. Noodles packet of such noodles are available in the market.

Highlights of nutrition:

2 ounces dry whole-wheat spaghetti per serving or one noodle packet

170 calories

9 g protein

Curvy: 2 g

Carbs: 39 g

Fibre content: 5 g

2.       Pasta with Chickpeas

Dried chickpeas are used to make chickpea healthy noodles. It's also gluten-free, making it a fantastic choice for those who can't consume wheat, according to Vu. These nutritious healthy noodles will also keep you satiated for longer, according to Ginger Hultin, a nutrition expert in Seattle.

"Some bean noodle type that includes chickpea pasta contain high fiber and some protein as well as normal wheat spaghetti pasta noodle instant," she notes. Cup noodles of chickpea are in the market.

Noodle recipe: Use whole-wheat or white pasta. Hultin recommends serving it with a simple sauce and vegetables.

She also warns that chickpea healthy noodles are harder and chewier than conventional noodle packet. They're fantastic if you like your pasta all done, and they don't turn mushy when you reheat them.

3.       Noodles with Vegetables

Vegetable healthy noodles are an excellent way to obtain an extra portion of vegetables. They're naturally low in carbohydrates but abundant in flavor and stomach-filling fiber.

Vegetable noodles made from beets, sweet potatoes, veggies, and courgette are available (noodles). Vegetable healthy noodles are gluten-free when made at home, according to Vu. If you buy them prepared, double-check to be sure they don't include gluten-containing components before eating the noodle type. Remember that vegan noodles don't have as much protein as other options, so "you'll need to add that to this dish for balance," adds Perform this task, an Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics spokeswoman. Noodle packet of vegetables are available to buy.

Noodle recipe: Hultin recommends spiralling zucchini, onions, potato, eggplant, beets, and other root veggies to make your veggie noodles. Try cucumbers or kohlrabi noodles in the summer.

You can also buy pre-made veggie noodle instant from the store, although these may contain additional components like wheat or beans noodle packets. (to preserve freshness and texture).

4.       Noodles Shirataki

These silky, white healthy noodles, produced from the cornstarch plant, are low in calories plus carbs while maintaining the typical texture of noodles. "These are rich in soluble fiber and considered a probiotic, which can help with gut health," Hultin explains.

Vu recommends using shirataki noodles in a stir fry rather than a cold pasta meal. Before you even open the container, the noodle types may have a strange odour (this is natural! ). Therefore Hultin recommends cleaning them before cooking. This noodle types is healthy and rare also.

5.       Noodles of Rice

Rice noodles contain less calories and carbohydrates than ordinary pasta, but not as few as shirataki or kelp noodles. Brown rice flour is used in some rice noodles, whereas polished (white) rice flour is used in others. If you really want whole-grain nutritious noodles, read the label. Rice noodles are frequently used as a gluten-free substitute for wheat noodles, but Hultin advises that you always check the label to be sure. The rice healthy noodles types is very healthy as compared to noodles made of all purpose flour.

Noodle recipe: Vermicelli cooks quickly, so it's difficult to keep track of time and overcook them. Keep an eye on these noodle types to ensure they don't overcook. Hultin recommends using them in a stir fry or pad Thai recipe.

6.       Noodles of Kelp

Kelp healthy noodles are also minimal in both calories and carbohydrates. According to Vu, kelp noodles are great for stir fries or meals that demand thin noodles. Use them instead of rice and ramen noodles if you want to cut calories. These are not noodle instant type also come in noodles packet.

7.       Noodles of squash

You may make your own zucchini noodles as a healthy and nutritious option to store-bought dry noodles. Try a few and choose your favorite! Use a helical cutter to produce "noodles," or zucchini noodle, cook Spaghetti Pumpkin and pick out the noodle instant like contents, or peel your favorite squash to make a pasta substitute. The noodle recipe is very easy to cook. Try its cup noodles type.

8.       Noodles with black beans

Black bean healthy noodles are high in fiber and protein, and they also contain a lot of iron. Noodles made completely of black beans have no fat, trans fat, or salt, unlike ordinary noodles. You can find them in the well supermarkets or a health food store.

These are the eight healthy noodles options that anyone can eat. These are good options even for those who are dieting and on a healthy diet. These are not instant noodles, and the quality is good. Healthy noodles are very healthy and can benefit any diet type. Try to avoid cup noodles and instant noodles for better effects. People can try cup noodles of black beans. 

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Authored by: Vijeta Rana

About the Author: Vijeta Rana is a Wellness and Fitness Blogger from Punjab, India.

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