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Auric mens energy drink

Feeling a little worn out between working at the office, attending meetings, going to the gym, taking care of kids, and having a life? It is no wonder that you are feeling a little low on energy. It would be nice to have something that gives the needed energy to power through the day without having side effects. Usually, people turn to caffeine-induced drinks to do that, but there are many natural energy and health drinks for men that can help. Read below to know all about it, including the list of best drinks to increase stamina. 

What are Natural Energy Drinks for Men?

Most men would be aware of energy and health drinks for men but may shy away from having them as they contain high amounts of caffeine and sugar. A healthy adult should not consume more than 400 mg of caffeine per day so as not to have any side effects. Additionally, some men are more sensitive to the effects of caffeine than others. To overcome these issues, natural energy and health drinks for men can be consumed. Instead of adding sugar and caffeine, energy health drinks for men has minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and other natural ingredients. Some energy health drinks for men also contain natural plants, fruits, and herb extracts along with naturally occurring caffeine, making them good drinks to increase stamina.

auric mens energy drink

Benefits of Natural Energy Drinks for Men

Natural or plant-based energy health drinks for men offer tons of amazing benefits, some of which are: 

They give Clean Energy

Unlike caffeine and sugar-based drinks, natural energy health drinks for men give clean energy so is an ideal stamina energy drink. For instance, it uses the organic caffeine derived from green tea and uses the natural properties of the primary ingredient to enhance the effectiveness and also provide clean and sustainable energy. 

Boosts Immunity

One of the best benefits of having natural energy health drinks for men is that it is loaded with healthy antioxidants and nutrients, which have a positive impact on the immune system. The antioxidants in these natural drinks fight the harmful effects of the free radicals and also reaps the benefits of the nutrients thus are a good stamina energy drink too.

Has Fewer Calories

Natural energy health drinks for men are not loaded with sugar, and hence they are low on calories. Hence a natural energy drink for men is ideal for those who are at a high risk of obesity, and other chronic diseases. Additionally, the calories derived from natural drinks are from clean ingredients that fuel the body with vital nutrients and help it perform at its best. 

Sustained Energy

Since the natural health drinks for men do not contain additives or sugar, there will not be any spurt or spike in energy followed by a fall. Since it uses natural ingredients and offers a clean energy drink for men, the energy will last from morning to night instead of wearing off quickly. 

Boosts Mood

Naturally derived caffeine obtained from ingredients like Yerba, green tea, etc., can improve brain function, memory, reaction time, and also mood. Apart from caffeine, the natural energy drink for men contains ingredients that may have brain-boosting compounds and antioxidants which release stress and help to have calmness of mind.  

Men's Energy Drink for Bedroom Performance

Best Energy Drinks for Men with Natural Caffeine


Many energy health drinks for men are available on the market today, but these contain ingredients that can be harmful to the body and interfere with sleep. The sugar and the caffeine in the drink may give an energy boost, but they can cause harmful effects. For a real energy drink for men, instead of opting for these artificial ingredients, choose matcha. These are specially processed green tea leaves that are popular in East Asia and contain a small amount of caffeine and I-theanine. This combination gives such an energy boost that you will not go back to any of the other artificial drinks. If you are not a great fan of the taste of matcha, opt for a mix of fruit juice and matcha. 

A Mix of Black and Green Tea

This is an energy drink for men that contains caffeine from green and black tea extract. Some natural energy drink makers also choose to add fruit juice like blackberry, cranberry, and pomegranate to make it tastier. Combining these contains Vitamin C, B6, and B3, which boost brain function and metabolism and provide the energy needed to get through the day thus making it a good stamina energy drink. 

Yerba Mate

If you are having an energy health drink for men to have more stamina, stay away from canned energy drinks. They tax the body, reduce the adrenals and leave you more exhausted than before. If you need more energy, choose drinks made from natural ingredients like Yerba mate. It is a herbal tea made from twigs and leaves of the plant genus Ilex and contains caffeine. People who consume this stamina energy drink see a boost in energy ease depression help in weight loss and treats many health conditions. 

Best Guayusa Tree Drink

It is an alternative to the energy health drink for men and is a caffeine-based herbal beverage that is widely consumed in South America and increasingly getting popular across the world. It is an infusion made from the leaves of the Guayusa tree. The native tribes of Ecuador call the Guayusa the night watchman as the drink helps people stay awake at night. It is a great source of amino acids, antioxidants, and vitamins, along with theobromine which is a mood-altering compound. 

Best Energy Drinks for Men Without caffeine

Natural Drinks that contain Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B health drinks for men are an energy drink for men which does not give you an instant kick like the caffeine but works slowly by helping the metabolic functioning of the body. As per studies, when a person gets around 2.4 mg of Vitamin B12 every day, it can help the body function smoothly. Natural drinks containing Vitamin B12 usually have much more than that and slowly and gradually produce energy. 


It is a fermented healthy energy drinks for men that are popular in Europe and Russia. It does not contain caffeine and is an energy drink for men that gets their energy levels going up gradually. It is manufactured by natural fermentation of barley, rye, or wheat, and the best part is that it tastes like beer. Besides providing energy, Kvass has probiotics that help the digestive tract, boost immunity, and protect against many cancers; if you like the fruity flavoured drinks, choose options that come with fruits or veggies.

Coconut Water

This water does not need an introduction to Asians and is called nature’s sports drink. It is the simplest way to boost energy as it contains a good amount of potassium and a high quantity of minerals. Choose fresh coconut water as an energy drink for men instead of store-bought as it may have added sugars. 

Acai Berry

Acai berry has amazing nutritional properties like protein, Vitamin B complex, fatty acids, and potassium. This helps to boost metabolism and also lose weight. The acai juice is a healthy energy drinks for men that gives you more energy than those chemical-laden energy drinks. While purchasing the acai berry drinks to increase stamina, ensure it is low on sugar and high on acai fruit. 


Another fermented tea is a tasty energy drink for men that boosts energy, detoxifies the body, and heals it internally. It is a mixture of SCOBY, a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, along with brewed tea, which produces organic amino acids and enzymes. The energy drink for men can be purchased online or easily found in health stores. 

Men's Energy Drink


Ginseng is a very famous herb known to boost stamina and energy. It also helps the body adapt to stress and is considered extremely healthy for adults. There are many types of ginseng; among them, the Eleuthero; the Siberian ginseng is known to be good for boosting energy levels. So energy drink for men which contains ginseng is an ideal option.

The Green Juice

One of the main reasons for lack of energy is because of lack of nutrition in food. One way to get that is by incorporating drinks to increase stamina made from fresh fruits and vegetables. Green juice is one such energy drink for men that helps you meet the veggies and fruits quota and helps in weight loss. It is a drink to increase stamina and benefit from juicing superfoods like kale, spinach, apple, cucumber, celery, and lemon. 

Home-made Energy Drinks

Ginger and Cardamom Water

If you are one of those health freaks who do not trust anyone else, you can make easy homemade healthy energy drinks for men. It is a no sugar and no caffeine drink that gives you great energy. Ginger helps increase circulation and improves metabolism, while cardamom boosts energy levels. This drink can be made quickly by mixing ingredients into hot water. 

Greens and Banana Smoothie

Another natural healthy energy drink for men that can be had after an intense workout. The banana provides enough carbs to start the day, and the greens like Kale leaves or spinach provide all the other essential nutrients needed to get through the entire day without a crash in energy. Add whey protein if you want to add electrolytes to your drink. Blend this into a smoothie and enjoy an energetic day with this combination of energy drinks for men. 

Coconut Ice Tea

This energy drink for men is a perfect combination of energy while supplementing the body with antioxidants. Add a cup of coconut water to a cold green tea, add a dash of honey or rock salt and enjoy the drink to get an energy boost. 

Kokum and Coconut Water

Kokum is a natural ingredient that offers many health benefits, including cooling properties and helping digestion. When this is combined with the energy-giving power of coconut water, the drink becomes the best energy drink for men, which can also tingle your taste buds. 

Life can be quite demanding at times, and so you should be ready to face it no matter what energetically. Energy drink for men is a great way to get energy and tackle the tasks. Try the above natural drinks to increase stamina and get health benefits without any side effects.  


Authored By: Divya Shankar

About Author: Divya Shankar is a multifaceted content writer with 7+ years of experience. She has exclusive writing expertise in ayurveda.

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