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The ayurvedic realm is replete with herbs that are enriched with therapeutic properties. These work towards healing and transforming your hair and skin health.

It’s time to look past the many chemical-laden hair products that yield no satisfactory results. Instead, place your trust in ayurvedic goodness for your hair. Brahmi is a stand-out ayurvedic ingredient, and the Brahmi leaves for hair have many ways in which it can benefit your hair.   

Every part of the Brahmi plant, right from the roots to leaves and even the flowers, can be used for hair and skin and help calm your nerves as well.

Brahmi has a whole plethora of health benefits, with special emphasis on the way it makes your hair stronger.  Regularly using Brahmi in one of its many forms of oil, powder, or infused in your hair care product will surely leave you with a more voluminous and lustrous mane.

Brahmi powder, when used in combination with other herbs, can prevent hair loss, repair damaged hair follicles, and promote overall hair health.Also read 7 Amazing Benefits of Brahmi

Benefits Of Brahmi For Hair

Whether you choose to use it in its powder, paste or oil form, Brahmi weaves magic on your hair. It is also great as a juice for hair growth. Some of its benefits are elaborated on below.

1. Reduces Hair Fall:

Using Brahmi leaves for hair growth is beneficial as the nutrients in it strengthen the hair roots and reduce hair fall, among other Brahmi hair benefits.

Brahmi juice for hair growth is a rich source of hair-friendly nutrients, including vitamin C, flavonoids, etc. It helps reduce cortisol levels in your body as higher levels of cortisol cause excess hair fall. Brahmi juice also offers many Brahmi hair benefits.

Using Brahmi leaves for hair increases the protein in your hair follicles as they contain alkaloids. The presence of alkaloids in Brahmi leaves for hair makes it a suitable means of promoting strong hair and preventing hair fall.    

2. Removes Dandruff:

The leading cause of dandruff is the flaky or excessively oily scalp. When Brahmi oil is applied to the scalp, it helps balance the sebum production. As sebum is slightly acidic, with its acidic levels ranging from 4.5 to 6.0 on the pH scale, it helps prevent the scalp from becoming too oily or dry. This helps reduce the incidence of dandruff to a large extent.

3. Boosts Hair Growth:

The oil that is extracted from Brahmi leaves for hair is one of the best ways to combat thinning hair. It also helps make weak strands stronger, which usually leads to hair breakage and baldness.

The Brahmi juice for hair growth contains many nutrients like calcium, vitamin C and zinc. The many nutrients of Brahmi enrich the hair follicles and boost hair growth.

Applying a herbal mask made of Brahmi powder on your scalp strengthens your blood vessels and stimulates hair growth too. Thus the Brahmi hair benefits are many.

4. Improves Scalp Health:

Brahmi hair benefits an individual by cleansing your scalp. It does so by removing dandruff and excess oil from the scalp. Along with eliminating dandruff, it also helps to cool and relax the scalp.  

Brahmi hair benefits include preventing oily or greasy scalp, especially during the summer months and in humid regions.

5. Gives A Soothing Effect:

Brahmi leaves for hair help enrich the hair with antioxidants that are essential ingredients for soothing your scalp and nourishing your hair. Brahmi oil is derived from Brahmi leaves and massaging the scalp with brahmi oil provides a soothing feeling along with many other brahmi hair benefits.  

6. Ensures Overall Hair Health:

Brahmi leaves for hair benefit the body by reducing stress and anxiety with its calming and cooling properties, especially in the form of oil. This, in turn, helps you to grow beautiful and healthy hair. It can be consumed or applied topically to reap the many brahmi hair benefits.

7. Prevents Split Ends:

The leading cause of split ends is dryness in the hair, and this often occurs if you have frizzy hair. Brahmi leaves for hair, especially in the form of brahmi oil, are an effective way of managing dry and curly hair.  

When chosen to be used in powdered form, Brahmi helps create a protective layer. Brahmi hair benefits this way as it reduces the chances of split ends occurring and also makes your hair smooth.

Going the natural route is an excellent solution as it is an effective alternative to the many formulations for your scalp and hair that are most undoubtedly chemical-laden formulations that have no tangible benefits.

On the other hand, Brahmi leaves for hair have many Brahmi hair benefits for the dandruff-ridden scalp and also for dry and frizzy hair. Be sure to incorporate Brahmi juice for hair growth, or use it as a hair growth drink at home and see the many tangible benefits it brings for you.

Tips on Using Brahmi For Hair Care:

1. How To Use Brahmi For Hair Loss?

  • Take half a cup of Brahmi powder and mix it with 2 tsp each of neem powder, amla powder, reetha powder and shikakai powder.
  • Turn the dry ingredients into a paste with the help of a bit of water.
  • Apply this mixture mainly near the scalp.
  • After an hour of leaving the pack, wash it off with any herbal or homemade shampoo.
  • Using this mask at least once a week will make sure you experience optimal results.

2. How To Use Brahmi For Grey Hair?

  •  Use  Bhringraj oil as a carrier for the Brahmi oil to make a concoction.
  •  It is recommended to use this oil to massage your scalp at least twice a week.
  •  Avoid leaving it on overnight if you have a scalp that is overly oily and greasy.
  • You must always remember to store this oil only at room temperature and also keep it away from sunlight.
  • Adding 2 tbsp of Brahmi powder to the henna mixture and then applying it to your hair will help to cover your greys.

3. How To Use Brahmi For Split Ends?

  • Take a handful of Brahmi oil and gently massage it into your scalp from the root to the ends.
  • Massage it in a circular motion all the way, beginning from the crown till it covers the entire skull.
  • Let it soak in overnight before washing it off in the morning, as this helps the oil get better absorbed in the hair. Leaving it for the night also helps moisturise the hair better.

4. How To Use Brahmi For Dandruff?

Mixing some Brahmi with the hibiscus flower is a highly effective way to cleanse your scalp, along with removing excess dandruff and also any dead skin.

  • You can follow the below steps if you wish to prepare this concoction at home.
  • Mix up some hibiscus flowers along with two teaspoons of Brahmi powder.
  • Add a small quantity of water to turn it into a herbal paste.
  • Including some reetha powder in the herbal pack can expedite dandruff removal.
  • Now apply this Ayurvedic hair pack. Ensure it is applied from the root to the tip and wash after an hour.
  • Use this once a week for visible results.

Precautions While Using Brahmi On Hair:

If your scalp is hypersensitive, you may mix the Brahmi powder with milk or honey before applying it to your scalp to prevent any irritation.

When using Brahmi oil which is derived from Brahmi leaves for hair, always make sure to dilute it with a carrier oil such as coconut or olive oil before proceeding to apply it to your hair. When brahmi oil is mixed with carrier oils, the hair imbibes the healing properties of both the brahmi herb along with those of the carrier oils.

An Important Note:

Do note that frequently applying any hair oil may very well clog the pores, and this leads to fungal infections and hair loss. Therefore it is advisable to stick to using Brahmi hair oil at the most twice or thrice weekly.

Side Effects Of Using Brahmi:

Although there are no known side effects regarding usage of Brahmi leaves for hair, excessive or otherwise, ayurvedic experts suggest that an individual should ideally consume anywhere between 3-5 grams of this herb per day. This limit should be followed even though it is the best juice to drink for hair growth and also a very healthy drink for hair growth.


Brahmi is a magical hern that, along with relieving you of stress, also works to balance the heat levels in any individual’s body. It also acts as a natural remedy for all hair related woes. In juice form, it is an excellent juice for hair growth and also can be made as a hair growth drink at home.

But before including Brahmi in any form as part of your hair care regimen, do evaluate it for possible side effects. If in doubt, consult any reputed doctor proficient in Ayurvedic medicine before embarking on your hair care journey involving Brahmi as an ingredient. Also try Auric hair boost 

Authored by: Bhavishya Pahwa

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