Is Hot Chocolate with Ashwagandha Healthy?

Healthy Hot Chocolate

The phrase "hot chocolate" is enough to make anyone feel warm, cuddly, snug, and joyful. This delectable cocoa-based hot beverage has long been linked with sipping and relaxing in frigid winter. Contrary to popular opinion, certain cultures urge the drink to be consumed as part of breakfast first thing in the morning.

Hot chocolate is a typical workman's supper in Spain, served with churros as an energy boost for the day. In Nigeria, it is as widely eaten as 'tea.' Mexicans discovered hot chocolate in a far different form than what we know now as early as 500 B.C.

Back then, the Mayans drank chocolate made from ground-up cocoa nuts, water, cornmeal, and chili peppers! Each culture has its variation, whether through preparation technique or by adding a variety of toppings that improve flavors and may even be beneficial to health. 

Hot chocolate may not simply be an excellent, calming drink with components like cocoa powder, milk, and novel combinations like hot chocolate with ashwagandha in India. Nonetheless, Auric’s Ashwagandha cacao powder might be the ideal healthy elixir in your kitchen.

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is a heated beverage made with melted, shaved, or powdered chocolate, hot milk, water, and optionally, sugar. Hot chocolate can be enjoyed in several varieties:

  • Semi-sweet or bittersweet chocolate is grated or mixed into hot milk and sugar to make classic hot chocolate.
  • Hot cocoa is creamier and sweeter than hot chocolate because it is made using thinner cocoa powder. It is sweetened with sugar and combined with hot milk or water.
  • The king of convenience, the instant hot chocolate mix, which contains essential components such as cocoa powder, powdered milk, sugar, and stabilizers or thickeners in varying quantities, produces a creamy end product. To make the final product, combine this with water or milk.

Hot chocolate is frequently offered in big mugs with various enticing toppings. Whipped cream, marshmallows, chocolate dust, and chocolate shavings are a few examples. Auric’s Ashwagandha cacao powder can be enjoyed in all of the above forms.

Health Benefits of Chocolate

Auric’s Ashwagandha cacao powder comes with a host of health benefits. Some of them include:

1. It reduces your chances of developing significant illnesses

Chocolate, which is high in flavonoids (strong antioxidants), helps blood arteries relax, lowering blood pressure. This has a variety of advantages, including increased HDL (or "good") and LDL (or "bad") cholesterol, which can enhance heart health. Auric’s ashwagandha chocolate drink can prove to be very useful in this regard.

2. It can reduce inflammation in the body

Inflammation can cause various health problems, ranging from infections to headaches to painful muscles and tendons. Auric’s Ashwagandha cacao powder has an anti-inflammatory impact throughout your body, which can help you avoid illnesses and stay healthy. According to one study, cocoa polyphenols positively affect the bacterial makeup of the intestine, boosting the number of beneficial gut bacteria and triggering this anti-inflammatory response.

3. It can prevent blood clots

According to one research published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, cocoa polyphenols can enhance blood flow. It can help reduce your blood clot risk by expanding your arteries and improving blood flow.

4. It might help your brain.

Chocolate, besides making you smile when you eat it, offers brain-boosting properties. Auric’s Ashwagandha cacao powder can improve mood by regulating the feel-good hormones serotonin and dopamine. Researchers have linked cocoa to better attention, processing speed, and memory. Meanwhile, some research suggests that it might help you maintain your cognitive function.

5. It might help you lose weight.

Auric’s Ashwagandha cacao powder may help with weight loss by lowering insulin resistance and maintaining blood sugar levels. One study revealed that eating 30 grams of chocolate daily or more for four to eight weeks might lower body weight and BMI in healthy people. Another study found that the treatment might benefit obese people at risk of insulin resistance by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation. Auric’s ashwagandha chocolate drink can be a great fit for fitness enthusiasts!


An evergreen shrub native to Asia and Africa, ashwagandha, is widely used to relieve tension. Ashwagandha includes compounds that may aid brain relaxation, edema reduction, blood pressure reduction, and immune system modulation.

Because ashwagandha is traditionally used as an adaptogen, it is utilized to treat various stress-related disorders. Adaptogens are thought to aid the body's resistance to physical and mental stress. It is used to treat various illnesses such as insomnia, aging, anxiety, and many more. Auric’s Ashwagandha cacao powder caStresssed to utilize the benefits of Ashwagandha in a delicious form.

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Auric’s Ashwagandha Hot Chocolate

After studying the benefits of both, chocolate and Ashwagandha, it can be deduced that it is rather a great idea to combine the two and enjoy the compounded benefits of Ashwagandha hot chocolate. Auric manufactures a nutrient-dense yet delicious hot chocolate with ashwagandha. 

Ashwagandha Hot Chocolate by lifestyle brand Auric is made from ethically sourced ingredients and processed in the best circumstances possible. When the blooms and berries begin to develop and the leaves begin to dry, a fully grown Ashwagandha plant is pulled for its roots. This ayurvedic herb is then dried to generate a fine powder, which is then mixed with hot cocoa chocolate powder to create Auric hot chocolate with ashwagandha. The major components are mostly cultivated in Asia and Africa.

Auric’s Ashwagandha cacao powder is pressed to remove 75 percent of the original cocoa butter to form press cake, which is then dried and milled into a fine cocoa powder for sipping hot chocolate powder. The combination of Ashwagandha and powdered cacao nibs in Auric’s Ashwagandha cacao powder is delicious. Overall, Auric’s Ashwagandha cacao powder is a high-quality product, crafted under the finest circumstances imaginable.

Hot Chocolate with Ashwagandha Benefits

Hot chocolate with ashwagandha is packed with a plethora of health benefits. Some of them include:

1. Hot Chocolate with Ashwagandha Helps Reduce Stress and Anxiety

The capacity of hot chocolate with ashwagandha to relieve stress is likely its most well-known benefit. It is classed as an adaptogen, a chemical that aids the body in dealing with stress. In a short trial of 58 people, those who took 250 or 600 mg of ashwagandha extract for eight weeks had considerably lower subjective stress levels and the stress hormone cortisol than those who took a placebo.

2. Ashwagandha Hot Chocolate May Benefit Athletic Performance

Hot chocolate with ashwagandha has been found in studies to improve athletic performance and may be a good supplement for athletes. One study involved 12 men and women who received ashwagandha doses ranging from 120 mg to 1,250 mg per day. The results suggest that the plant might enhance physical performance, including muscle strength and oxygen uptake during exercise.

3. Hot Chocolate with Ashwagandha Improves Female Sexual Function

According to at least one clinical trial, hot chocolate with ashwagandha can help women with sexual dysfunction. Participants self-reported substantial improvements in arousal, lubrication, orgasm, and pleasure after taking ashwagandha. It also increased the amount of effective sexual interactions and reduced their sex life and sexuality discomfort.

4. Ashwagandha Hot Chocolate Increases Male Fertility and Testosterone Levels

For men, hot chocolate with ashwagandha may have reproductive advantages. By normalizing reproductive hormone levels, ashwagandha has been proven to enhance sperm quality in infertile males considerably. Following one research, 14% of male patients' spouses were pregnant.

5. Hot Chocolate with Ashwagandha Sharpens Focus and Memory

Hot chocolate with ashwagandha may aid in improving cognition, memory, and the capacity to conduct motor responses after instruction. Small studies have demonstrated that ashwagandha considerably improved participants' reaction speeds during cognitive and psychomotor tasks when compared to a placebo (which measures the ability to respond to instructions and perform an indicated action). According to one research, ashwagandha increased participants' attention spans and immediate and overall memory across a range of tasks.

What's the best time, way, and amount to drink Auric’s Hot Chocolate With Ashwagandha?

To optimize the advantages of Auric's Hot Chocolate with Ashwagandha, drink it in the evenings to provide the body enough time to absorb the caffeine intake; however, if an individual is caffeine sensitive, drinking Ashwagandha hot chocolate powder in the afternoon is also suggested. 

Drinking Ashwagandha hot chocolate prepares the brain for sleep and is frequently suggested for treating insomnia. Trimethylene glycol, a chemical found in the leaves of the Ashwagandha plant, increases sleep induction. Experts advocate including Auric hot chocolate with ashwagandha into the daily routine to instill beneficial sleeping habits. Because this drinking Ashwagandha hot chocolate has no adverse effects owing to its natural vegan nature, it may even be drunk in the morning. Make a nice cup of Ashwagandha hot chocolate coffee in the morning by combining Auric’s gourmet coffee with Auric’s Ashwagandha hot chocolate.

Auric's Hot Chocolate with Ashwagandha benefits is too many to ignore. Ashwagandha hot chocolate has the advantages of the potent herb and adaptogenic superfood Ashwagandha, which strengthens the body from within and aids in the development of immunity. Among other ayurvedic advantages of taking ashwagandha hot chocolate, this excellent Ashwagandha hot chocolate drink is recognized to alleviate tension and anxiety. Furthermore, the Auric hot chocolate with ashwagandha has no sweetener, which has its benefit in that it does not raise the body's blood sugar levels. Ashwagandha hot chocolate is a completely natural beverage that is also rich, creamy, decadent, and incredibly beneficial to both your mind and body. Ashwagandha hot chocolate promotes mental health and aids in relaxation.

Authored By: Bhavishya Pahwa

About the Author: Bhavishya Pahwa is a budding writer who has always confided in a pen. He believes that art is a cure-all and that introspection followed by writing can add to the sanity of the world.

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