Inch Loss better than Weight Loss?

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What's the Difference Between Weight Loss and Fat Loss

I love my gym sessions: Pilates, cardio, strength training, kick boxing and the  numerous other ways that my trainer finds to sweep me off (read: kill me). Those hours are my “me time” of the day, when I do something for my body, after all it deserves a break considering that it caters to all my absurd junk food cravings. Now the confusion that I often face is, few days into exercising and I start feeling lighter, of course getting compliments for my “weight loss”, but honestly, my weighing scale doesn’t seem to budge. Why is the discrepancy you say, exactly the reason I am writing this article.

Come on! You’ve definitely wondered about this secretly when trying to shed those extra kilos or trying to lose that belly fat. But, is one better than the other? Or do inch loss and weight loss go hand in hand.  Let’s find out.

What is the difference between the two terms anyway?

As if there was not enough trouble figuring out the perfect way to get fit, we are now pondering over whether to concentrate on weight loss or inch loss. Seems like too much complication, isn’t it? Well, it’s actually not.

In simple terms, weight loss is simply a reduction in your body weight in kilograms or pounds whereas inch loss is the loss of fat, that is, inches, from various areas of the body. You might find your trainer telling you that diet and exercise cannot be seen as mutually exclusive, when you are aiming for that perfect number on your weighing scale. Well your weighing scale may mislead you because it doesn’t incorporate the actual fat loss or the muscle built.  

Weight Balance Juice

Inch loss essentially happens when you lose fat from certain troublesome areas of the body, which is different for us all (waist, hips, thighs etc.), as your body burns that excess fat but for loosing body weight, your calorie intake should be lesser than your calories burned so that the body has to turn to its fat reserves to assimilate energy. For example, strength training exercises will help you in building your muscle mass and as your exercise regularly, your body will get toned. You might yourself start feeling the difference in your dress size but it’s not necessary that your weighing scale will resonate with the same. This is only because weighing scale doesn’t differentiate between the loose fat mass or the built muscle mass. Hence, make sure your routine of diet and exercise is in sync with your body goal.

What should one aim for then – inch loss or weight loss?

When you come to think of it, if you are getting leaner by inches, do you require to see the wrath of your weighing scale at all? Isn’t aiming for inch loss better then?

The answers to these questions are unique to each individual. We need to determine where our priority lies- is it just getting that number you have been dreaming about or fitting into your old pair of jeans that look at you hopelessly every time you open your cupboard. The ultimate aim for everyone on the journey of being the better version of themselves is feeling healthier and more confident about their body. No! That piece of little machine can’t dictate how you should be feeling about yourself. You are much more than that. In whatever space you are right now versus how you would want to see yourself in a few months, the thing that matters most is that throughout the entire journey of body transformation, you love yourself and your body at all times. Only then will your body be willing to support you and make it easier for you to achieve what you are aiming for be it Weight or Inches.

Remember, Mind over Matter!!

Scientifically there are many reasons that might make it difficult for you to lose weight easily, hormonal fluctuations, water retention in the body, high muscle mass, stress, to name a few. So if you find yourself worrying about your weight being stuck on the same number despite working so hard on your body, take a moment and reflect on all factors first. Be Kind to yourself. If it shows, it is true! You are on the right track if the inch tape is in sync with your endeavors to get healthier. Be Patient because not immediately but eventually you will get there and the weighing scale will ultimately have to bow down. So yes, weight loss and inch loss aren’t all mutually exclusive, one follows the other. It’s all about persistence! Stay there and Keep hustling.

The next time you find trouble making friends with your weighing scale, make sure you are checking on the inches as well. It is not a one size fits all policy, so of course you might or might not take time to achieve your goal but never give up, hang on! and As they say, Choose your battles wisely!


Authored by: Aayushi Maheshwari

About the Author: Aayushi Maheshwari is a marketing professional and fitness enthusiast. Driven by the philosophy of mind over matter she is passionate about exploring health and lifestyle trends. 


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