How will Covid-19 be Eradicated Through Vaccine ?


Due to Covid -19 pandemic, more than 180 million people have been infected globally. After the first case surfaced in December 2019 in Wuhan city of China, so far, this virus has reached every part of the world in the last one and a half years. The world has controlled similar diseases before. In such a situation, looking at the previous track record, the question has started: how will this epidemic end? The World Health Organization (WHO) has built a strategy to eradicate it from the world forever.

Complete eradication of Covid-19 means when the worldwide cases become zero and vaccines are needed anymore. But some scientists believe that it is an unrealistic goal.


As per WHO European Director Hans Kluge's statement, 80 % of the people worldwide need to be vaccinated to end the Covid-19 epidemic. 

Hans Kluge said that the countries of the world and the people living there should not be complacent about the epidemic. In an interview with the news agency, Kluge mentioned that people should not think that the Kovid-19 outbreak is over. The epidemic will end only when we once vaccinate 80 percent of the world's population. He also said that we have to increase the vaccination speed in many places around the world. Let check out the possibilities and challenges to eradicating Covid -19.

Eradicating COVID-19 Possibility


As per New Zealand researchers, the COVID-19 eradication is based on several significant factors.

  1. We require highly effective and safe vaccines against Covid-19. It should be cheap and stable. Smallpox eradication was possible because of the potent vaccine. There are different vaccines in the market, but how long they are providing protection is unknown.

    As per some studies, intranasal vaccines are effective in blocking the transmission of the coronavirus. But still, more research is required. This kind of vaccine is not available for use yet.

  2. The second factor is lifelong immunity after recovering from a corona infection—people who had recovered from smallpox and polio. In the case of Covid -19, the period of immunity obtained from natural infection is not known. There is no idea if it is a lifetime or for a particular period.

  3. Can people be the long-term transmitters of the virus? There is no proof that people can be long-term transmitters of the coronavirus, poliovirus, or smallpox virus.

  4. Viruses of smallpox and polio don't exist in the animal. If we can vaccinate all the people globally, then eradication of Covid-19 is possible.

  5. As per research, coronavirus infects other animals. It could enable the virus to re-emerge to infect people. Well, we need more research on this.

  6.  Coronavirus is mutating itself and generating its new variants. It happens when the virus is spreading swiftly.

The researcher has concluded that the COVID-19 eradication is related to polio but much more complicated than smallpox. We can defeat the coronavirus with high vaccination rates and fast responses to immunity-evading variants.

What is the status of vaccination in Europe?

COVID Vaccine

Talking about the European region of the health body, it includes 53 countries and territories, including some countries in Central Asia. Here about 26 percent of the population has received the first dose of the vaccine. According to an AFP tally, 36.6 percent of the people in the European Union have been given at least one dose. 16.9 percent of the people are vaccinated.

Kluge said that the most worrying thing for him is the availability of new variants of the virus. The WHO director said that the B.1617 variant is more contagious than the B.117 variant found in the UK.

New cases of corona are falling around the world.

According to AFP's tally, new cases of corona have been declining worldwide for four consecutive weeks. Kluge said vaccines are effective on coronavirus mutations, but people need to be careful even then.

He said that the most irksome thing is that people soon start relaxing and become complacent about the virus, especially with the onset of the summer season. Kluge said that we need to increase the speed of vaccination to defeat the virus. 

How can the vaccine help in eradicating covid 19?

The governments who have started the vaccination process in their respective countries expect to reduce Covid -19 cases. But it will take time. Vaccines will help in eradicating covid 19. Let's see how.

1. Effectiveness of Vaccines


Pharmaceutical companies have developed different vaccines for Covid-19. These vaccines are effective. They help not to catch and spread the Covid-19 virus.

Suppose you are allergic to some ingredient in the vaccine you are going to receive. In that case, you should not get vaccinated with that vaccine. But you can get another type of vaccine.

A vaccinated person can protect the people around them, especially those with low immunity and are at high risk of getting Covid -19.

2. Immunity after Covid -19 vaccination

Auric Immunity Juice

Research is still going on Covid -19 vaccines. CDC is regularly reviewing data and updating guidance. Covid -19 vaccines protect from the virus, but we don't know how long protection lasts for those vaccinated people. 

COVID-19 has caused severe illness and death in many people. So even if it is for a few months to a few years, we can stop spreading it.

Remember, if you get infected with COVID-19, you put your loved ones at risk also. So it is good to vaccinate and help in eradicating coronavirus.

3. The covid-19 vaccine will help to reach herd immunity.

COVID-19 Vaccine

According to the CDC, one way to reach herd immunity is vaccination. When a fair proportion of a population is immune to an infectious disease through vaccination, herd immunity happens. Pre-existing immunity of a high proportion of people due to a previous infection leads to herd immunity also.

As per experts, herd immunity can happen if 80-90% of the world's population has COVID-19 immunity. It can be through vaccination or previous covid infection. That is why the public is encouraged to get the Covid -19 vaccine. It will help to eradicate the coronavirus from the planet.

I understand that it is challenging to eradicate coronavirus, but trust me; it is not impossible. You know what, you can also contribute to this. Yes, it is true. Just get your vaccination dose as soon as possible and protect yourself and your loved ones from this deadly virus.

Authored by: Vijeta Rana

About the Author: Vijeta Rana is a Wellness and Fitness Blogger from Punjab, India.

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