How Much Protein The Body Can Absorb Per Day?

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Proteins are an important nutrient for the body and are the building blocks. It is essential to maintain the body tissues and also to repair them. Many people have a protein shaker bottle handy to have a quick homemade protein shake to consume this nutrient. This is done to lose weight or build muscle mass. But attempting to get the entire quota of this nutrient with a single glass of homemade protein shake is not the right way. There is a limit to the amount of protein the body can absorb from a homemade protein shake. You have to space it out throughout the entire day, so keep that protein shaker bottle handy wherever you travel. To know how much your body can absorb from the homemade protein shake and other details about which is the best for your body, read on:


Proteins v/s Carbs: Which is Easy to Digest?

The digestive system is made up of many organs, including the liver, small intestine, large intestine, mouth, stomach, and gall bladder. When you drink a homemade protein shake using the protein shaker bottle or a store-bought one, all the organs work together to convert the nutrients the body needs. The foods you consume are made of the core group of nutrients, namely fats, protein, and carbohydrates. These convert to energy and become the fuel for the body and its various functions. 


Among the macronutrients, some like carbohydrates are very easy to digest as they are made mostly of sugars. The glucose can be absorbed by the cell membranes and converted quickly into energy. So food items that contain starches have more glucose molecules and result in fast digestion. Note that some grains like brown rice have more fibre than refined grains and thus slow the absorption of glucose. 


Carbohydrates are made of simple sugars and break down quickly compared to proteins which are made of more complex molecules. The process of breaking them down and converting them to amino acids takes longer. Thus whenever you have a homemade protein shake, you feel full longer than compared to a banana shake, as the homemade protein shake does not digest easily. Before throwing that protein shaker bottle away, remember that not being easily digestible is not bad. A long digestion process makes the protein-rich food a smarter and more satiating option, especially when on a diet. 


So you see many nutritionists recommending protein powder to lose weight as it keeps you full for a longer time. Additionally, having a homemade protein shake or protein-rich food on a daily basis is needed for muscle recovery and building muscle mass which is needed by common people and bodybuilders alike. Another important aspect is that those with high blood sugar issues also benefit from a homemade protein shake as it slowly digests and reduces the carbohydrate absorption time. But those with a sensitive stomach and digestive issues should choose the best protein powder to lose weight made from good quality protein shaker bottles or be conscious of the protein type they consume. 


Which is the most Accessible Protein to Digest?

There are two types of protein, animal and plant protein. Surprisingly animal proteins are easier to digest than plant proteins. A study compared the anabolic properties of animal protein with that of plant protein to determine the ability to maintain muscle mass. It was found that plant-based proteins have a less anabolic effect due to their lower digestibility. Also, it is seen that there is a lower level of amino acids in the plant-based proteins, which get easily digested. Also, amino acids are not utilised effectively for muscle building. Consider these aspects when making your homemade protein shake using the protein shaker bottle. 


Additionally, when you are choosing protein powder to lose weight, check the ingredients as certain protein sources cause indigestion. For instance, soy can cause discomfort, gas, or bloating in some people. This does not mean that the plant protein cannot be digested by the body or that you should only consume animal-based protein. People who have homemade protein shakes made from animal protein using a protein shaker bottle benefit as they can consume it from both sources (plant and animal). Despite some cons of using plant-based protein, it contains a good amount of fibre and hence is the best protein powder to lose weight. Those who are vegan or follow a vegetarian diet should choose wisely and look for something that meets their daily needs. 

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High-protein Easy to Digest Foods

Though plant proteins are not easily digestible when compared to animal proteins, there are a few exceptions. Those can be used in a homemade protein shake using a protein shaker bottle if you are a vegan or a vegetarian. Mung dal, beans, chickpeas, yellow peas, and those protein powders to lose weight made from vegetables are easy to digest, and the body uses them effectively. 


If you are ok with having animal protein sources in your homemade protein shake, you would be thinking about which is easy to digest. The answer is lean animal protein. It can be fish, chicken breast, or egg. Milk proteins are also a good option as they contain whey. If you have digestive concerns, avoid red meat products in your homemade protein shake, as it can lead to discomfort and bloating. 


Protein Consumption Recommendations

You can carry your protein shaker bottle all day long, but how much of that homemade protein shake should you be consuming in a day? The amount of homemade protein shake that you need is dependent on many factors but, most importantly, on your age, gender, and body weight. 


If you are on a mission to lose weight or build muscle mass, the homemade protein shake prepared using a protein shaker bottle or other protein sources should be up to 25% of your everyday energy intake. The formula to calculate the amount of this macronutrient needed is 036 gms of protein per pound or 0.8 gms/kg you weigh. So, the range for a healthy adult is between 0.8 to 1gm per Kg, and for the elderly, it is 1-1.2 gms. So a young adult who weighs 70 kgs should have 56 gms of protein per day. 


The next factor to consider is gender. Men should consume more protein per day when compared to women, especially when building muscle mass. Men, regardless of their level of activity, should have a minimum of 56 gms of protein daily, and if you want to increase body mass, then they should consume up to 100 or more grams of protein per day. Check the amount of protein in your homemade protein shake to determine if you have enough. 


Age is also a major criterion regarding the amount of protein you should have from your homemade protein shake. A young adult can make do with a range of 0.8 to 1 gm per kg, and older adults should have 1 to 1.2 gms of protein. That is because muscle tissues change with age, and to maintain healthy muscles, older people need more protein. So that trendy protein shaker bottle is not only a great tool for the gym-goers but also those elderly. Additionally, consuming those homemade protein shakes by the elderly prevents age-related diseases like sarcopenia. 


Coming to the maximum amount of homemade protein shake the body can absorb, a healthy individual can consume 0.55 gms/kg per meal for 4 meals. That is up to 2.2 gms /kg per day. So if you use a protein shaker bottle, depending on the size and amount of protein, you can target 4 glasses if it contains 0.4 gms/kg/meal. 


What Happens if you Consume more than the Recommended Quantity?

Do you like your protein shaker bottle so much that you consume more than the recommended quantity per sitting? Just because you consume more than the prescribed homemade protein shake does not mean you will utilise it for muscle growth. Nor will consuming more protein powder to lose weight will give you instant results. The muscles already have what they need, and it will go to parts of the body that does not need it or get flushed. So next time you use the best protein powder to lose weight, use it only as much as your body needs; else, it is bound to get into the toilet. 


If the goal of having a homemade protein shake using the best protein powder to lose weight is to maximise protein absorption, then it is done by spreading out the consumption. Use the protein shaker bottle and make the protein shake many times a day instead of having it once. Or you can also use a fast-absorbing protein powder to lose weight. These are usually had as a drink, and hence it digests faster than consuming them as foods. So that means the absorption is quicker and better than dietary protein. 


However, you should remember that not all protein powders are made equal and what works as the best protein powder to lose weight or gain muscle mass may lead to indigestion in someone else. If you have digestion issues, use a plant protein powder instead of animal protein or add supplements that have digestive enzymes to help your digestive system absorb the nutrients. Also, use a protein shaker bottle that effectively converts the powder into a lump-free drink for better absorption. Also read Best Protein Powders and Whey Protein: All You Need to Know

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