Here’s How Auric’s Authentic Masala Chai Keeps You Fresh Throughout!

Auric’s Authentic Masala Chai

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From mornings in T.V. commercials to actual morning frenzy in a typical Indian family, one thing that remains constant in the picture is ‘Chai’, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that millions of chai consumers would deem “chain ki chuski” to be an absolute source of pleasure and freshness on a day full of hassle. Adding masala to that cup of tea tantalises your taste buds, and being served in a coconut bowl gives them the missing aesthetic appeal. Who doesn’t absolutely love to pair a cup of masala chai with a perfect day in the monsoon season, keeping yourself refreshed and kick-starting the day just right! 

Into the bargain, we do have the luxury to choose our own blend. Customarily, masala chai is made up of mixed spices that use a base flavour, usually ground ginger and green cardamom pods. The variants of masala tea online involve permutations of popular spices such as cinnamon, star anise, fennel seeds, pepper corn, nutmeg, and cloves, which are added later. The liberty to mix and brew different ingredients adds to the versatility of masala chai. Moringa masala tea, for one, is highly cherished and can keep you fresh throughout the day; therefore, we have mindfully included an abundance of moringa in our Masala Chai, along with other essential ingredients for the required freshness and health benefits. 

Origin and Benefits of Auric’s Masala Chai

Talking about the origin of masala chai, it owes its existence to a derived concept of ‘Kadha’ which is a remedy popular in the science of Ayurveda. It is easy to guess that it was this kadha that underwent lots of variations to become ‘spiced tea’, popularly known as Masala Chai. Since it appealed so much to the Indian taste buds, it was quick to become a go-to drink. Eventually, what helped it gain its mass popularity was the hidden masala tea health benefits that came attached to it. 

As much as we pine for Masala Chai to be the old-classic remedy to keep you from any illnesses, we do recommend you to keep in mind a few scientific friendly facts that keep your experience with the masala chai at its best. Auric’s masala chai online comes with a plethora of health benefits. Adding ginger and other warming herbs or spices might aggravate your pitta dosha, but here’s the best avoidance strategy; in a case like this, you might want to add some sugar as a pacifier. To start with, black tea leaves which happen to be a great source of caffeine, which wakes you and your system up entirely and keeps you fresh, are balanced out with ginger and black pepper to warm up your digestion. It also aids in catalyzing and speeding up your digestion if taken at the right time. Cloves, when added to the brewing concoction, are said to relieve pain by facilitating oxygen-rich blood cells to ease the symptoms. Additionally, Auric’s moringa masala tea has the potential to keep you fresh throughout the day, among other benefits. Our masala chai, with the following ingredients, offers all the aforementioned benefits and more.

Ingredients of Auric’s Masala Chai


Moringa, which you might recall as drumstick tree, are the churned leaves of this tree that have 7 times more vitamin C than a single orange and 15 times more potassium than the single banana in your fruit basket. Moreover, the presence of calcium, iron, protein and amino acids are the cherry on top. Therefore, you can never go wrong with Auric’s moringa masala tea as it comes as a blessing in disguise for your body and keeps you fresh throughout the day.

Moringa in Auric’s Authentic Masala Chai Keeps You Fresh Throughout!

Bay Leaves

A must-have in every Indian household, these leaves, when brewed and served along with the ingredients of tea, help reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, and even heal wounds quickly. Known for its aroma when used in any Indian dish, bay leaf is an addition to Auric’s masala tea online in similar ways, making it more flavorful and better-tasting whilst also preventing common ailments like cough and cold by relaxing your body. This happens as it reduces blood pressure, improves blood circulation, and decreases cholesterol levels. In fact, a bay leaf, when brewed with tea, can soothe your digestive tract. It even helps you avoid constipation and other digestive disorders which means your digestive system can work at its full efficiency.

Black Pepper Corn

Black pepper capacitates high antioxidants along with both anti-inflammatory and generative properties that help keep the blood sugar levels in check. Additionally, it may even increase the absorption of essential nutrients like calcium. When we say our masala tea helps to curb cholesterol levels, it is this black pepper corn that boosts up the absorption of elements which further increases the potential of cholesterol-lowering effects. The positive effects of black pepper corn essentially lead to added freshness in your life.

Cinnamon and Cardamom

This is a pair that is a go-to-home remedy for an upset stomach. It is even claimed that cinnamon gives your body much energy to fight cancer cells, and it is regarded as one of the vital medicated spices, which reduces bad cholesterol. It is also the crucial element that regulates blood pressure. While known for its culinary and medicinal properties, Cardamom is rich in vitamins, carbohydrates, and minerals, like copper, iron, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium. Thus, it is the most popular complement to other spices like cloves, ginger, or black pepper, and makes for a desired ingredient when buying Auric’s masala tea online.

Star Anise

Having been used as a remedy for cold, flu, and bacterial infections since the time spices were discovered, star anise is also considered to aid digestion and give you a good night’s sleep, thanks to the flavonoids and polyphenols present in it. Owing to its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial health benefits, star anise has been used as a remedy to indigestion, bloating, constipation, and abdominal cramps, as well as to ease coughs and soothe sore throats. The immense benefits and the freshness that it offers are inculcated in Auric’s masala tea online.


Ginger is one of the most popular kitchen ingredients, which is known to alleviate common ailments like cough and cold. It doesn’t come off as a surprise that it is of great importance when it comes to regulating digestion and keeping the gut healthy. Ginger, when combined with black pepper, is said to have anti-inflammatory properties that go a long way for your body, considering it adds to the medicinal effect. Ginger and cloves together work as painkillers when added to the perfect cup of masala chai. It helps you stay fresh throughout the day and provide energy for everyday activities. 

Ginger in Auric’s Authentic Masala Chai Keeps You Fresh Throughout!

Auric’s Masala Chai for the Ladies and Elderly

Although it might not come as a surprise to the ladies, our moringa masala tea is just what you needed all this time for your period cramps. For a painful monthly cycle, Auric’s masala tea online is a one-stop product for all those ingredients that can help curb your cramps and help calm your pelvic muscles down, whilst also giving you a shot of happy hormones and regulating your flow. Ingredients like clove, cinnamon, and cardamom are potent painkillers by nature and are natural substitutes to your medications when added to a cup of masala chai. While at it, it is comprehensible that all these added benefits complement the precautions taken by the elderly in their diet and so it makes up a perfect elixir for the aged population as well. Seeing as these species act as a shield against multiple diseases your body could potentially be exposed to, Auric’s moringa masala tea, with its antioxidants and ability to keep your fresh, is the perfect homely measure one can take to keep the ailments at bay and also boost their immunity up a notch. To add to this line of argument, the elderly are susceptible to anxiety and stress and the calming effect you feel after that first sip of our masala chai is because of those spices that help your organ system run smoothly, coupled with their added benefits when consumed with milk. This makes hot beverages your stress busters in tough times! As a source of essential nutrients, Auric’s masala tea online becomes beneficial for joint pains as well.


In conclusion, all these ingredients add up to a great deal of beneficial elements with just a cup or two of Auric’s moringa masala tea in a day. Natural immunity boosters, especially in times of a pandemic, are just as vital. It is of no surprise that these ingredients which are straight out of your kitchen are every Indian mom’s favourite. They contain almost all kinds of powerful vitamins and minerals, important for the sustenance of the body. Growing up in a generation that gives eminence to glowing skin, healthy hair, and a robust body, masala chai becomes of prime importance. What is better than a hassle-free, easy-to-make masala tea online that also takes care of your daily need for antioxidants? Strong spices like such, when combined in our masala chai, are what can cure almost everything and anything wrong with your body and keep you fresh throughout the day.

Auric’s Authentic Masala Chai Keeps You Fresh Throughout!

Auric Masala Chai with Moringa possesses the power of all the aforementioned ingredients, making for a perfect concoction of moringa masala tea, thus offering immense health benefits and freshness to the consumers. It is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, along with natural immunity boosters. The organic ingredients used to curate the perfect masala chai mix ensure healthier skin, hair, and body overall. What’s more, Auric Masala Chai with Moringa contains no artificial additives and is 100% natural. Therefore, you need not worry anymore about how to choose the right masala tea online as this tea takes care of all your needs.

Freshly sourced First Flush Black Tea, upon blending with the finest moringa from West Bengal, Cinnamon and Cardamom from Kerala, Bay Leaves and Blac Pepper Corn from Meghalaya, and other beneficial ingredients, results in Moringa Masala Tea by Auric, which is rich, flavourful, and aromatic to its core, thus keeping you fresh throughout the day.

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Authored by: Bhavishya Pahwa

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