Five ways our coconut bowls can help save the environment

coconut bowls

Do you think what we are doing with the environment will take us anywhere? The answer is NO! We are not good for our planet. Mother Nature has given us everything, but we have just taken from her and never thought we would be left with nothing one day. It's high time to save the planet for our future generations and take bold steps toward making a change. But from where can we start? Can we begin by opting for eco-friendly products like coconut bowls? Coconut bowls and spoons are among the best eco-friendly products to help us make a difference and save our planet for future generations.

As we move more towards technology, do you know it produces a lot of waste that you haven't figured out yet? This waste material is a reason for numerous environmental problems like poor air quality, water pollution, acid rain, ozone layer depletion, etc. We all have to understand our responsibilities and try to restore the planet. Coconut bowls play a significant role in saving the environment. Do you want to know how? Keep reading more! Also, read Reasons to Eat in a Coconut Bowl with Spoon

Five ways our coconut bowls can help save the Environment

Coconut bowls help to reduce waste.

You will be stunned to know that around 50 billion coconuts are being produced across the globe every year. Once people drink coconut water, they throw the coconut shells and treat them as waste. Do you know the figure for waste coconut shells? It's around 85%. Some people utilize coconut shells to make charcoal, and others think they are of no use and throw them away. When it comes to dumping, people choose open burning. It leads to the emission of carbon dioxide and methane.

Can we reduce this coconut shell waste? Yes, coconut bowls and spoons can help us have a greener planet. It can help to reduce carbon footprint by converting wasted coconut shells into usable coconut bowls. As per the study, it has been shown that coconut bowls and spoons reduce coconut shell waste to a large extent and reduce the waste sent to trash yards. 

One more fantastic fact about coconut bowls helps you add them to your purchase list. As all we know, greenhouse gas is hazardous. But coconut bowls decrease the poisonous greenhouse gas emissions which is one reason for climate change.

The coconut bowl and spoons are undoubtedly perfect to start living a zero-waste and endurable lifestyle. The coconut bowls don't need any other materials like regular dishes and bowls required to make. They eradicate the requirement to collect and consume new raw materials. Only discarded coconut shells are required to produce reusable coconut bowls and spoons.

Auric coconut bowls

Coconut bowls are the magical innovation of craftsmen.

Coconut bowls are the creation of local artisans. Their fantastic talent helped to turn discarded coconut shells into beautiful coconut shell bowls. The whole process of making coconut bowls is natural. It includes cutting and sanding coconut shells. No harmful substances are used in the coconut shell bowl making. The radiant look of coconut bowls and spoons results from natural coconut polishing.

The process of making coconut bowls uses less energy than mass manufacturing other types of bowls. Do you know how the exploitation of raw resources increases pollution levels? Mass production is the reason behind it. It depletes massive energy sources, leading to more pollution, global warming emissions, and other environmental problems.

Local artisans craft all the coconut bowls with their hands. They are not dependent on any heavy machines or chemicals for coconut bowl preparation. Everything is natural, and there is no harmful process of producing toxic chemicals. So it is entirely safe to have foods or drinks in a coconut bowl. It helps preserve our mother earth's resources.

Encourage Sustainability

According to the survey, around 10 million farmers grow 50 million coconuts in Southeast Asia. But the sad thing is that lack of awareness made them throw the coconuts' shells. They don't feel that we can create something out of it.

It is crucial to think about sustainability, and converting these unwanted shells into coconut bowls and spoons is the soundest step. These coconut shells are bought from coconut farmers who use sustainable farming techniques. It is how coconut shell bowls are, in a way, also encouraging sustainability in coconut farming.

Encouraging sustainability means we have sidestepped the consumption of natural resources. To talk about sustainable farming, coconut bowls encourage sustainability by reusing waste instead of using new natural resources. Bowls made of ceramic, plastic, metal, and other materials deplete raw resources. Hence, coconut shell bowls are ideal for a sustainable lifestyle.

As we all know, local coconut farmers don't earn much. Turning coconut shells into coconut bowls is also a possible way to support their lives. So coconut bowls encourage sustainability and help promote people's livelihoods in rural communities. Also read Sustainable And Healthy Eating With Organic Coconut Bowls

Coconut bowls and spoons are 100% biodegradable.

Coconut shells are so long-lasting that some are crushed and used to make coconut shell powder concrete. When you buy a bowl, don't worry about its durability. You can use it for many years with proper care and maintenance.

Do you know the best thing about coconut shell bowls? They are prepared from coconut shells and are 100% biodegradable. It means bacteria, fungi or microbes broke down the coconut bowls into tiny pieces and reabsorbed by the encompassing environment without causing any harm to the environment. So whenever coconut bowls break or crack, don't get tense about discarding them. Coconut bowls will turn into organic materials naturally once they dispose of. 

Are you thinking of using discarded bowls as compost? But coconut shells will take several months to decompose completely. You can do one thing, just put them onto a pile of compost, and they'll ultimately decompose themselves. It can serve as a healthy compost for plants.  

coconut bowls

Encourage Eco-Friendly Living

Living an eco-friendly life is a daunting task. We have become habitual in using plastic and other various items that harm our environment. It seems impossible to live without these things, but it is not. It can become easy if we choose sustainable products, like coconut bowls. But don't limit yourself to coconut bowls and spoons only; explore more about other sustainable choices, and you can change the environment into a more sustainable one.

You will be surprised to know that your surroundings affect your decision-making power. Even if you visit your friend's house and their house is filled with eco-friendly products; then you will be motivated to start an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. Also read All You Need To Know About Coconut Bowls

Where to buy coconut bowls

Coconut bowls are the savior for the environment, and you should think to buy some, but from where? The Auric coconut bowl and spoon sets are famous for their incredible attributes. They are sustainably sourced and made up of natural coconut shells. The Indian artisans have handcrafted the Auric coconut bowl and spoon set. From here, you will find how talented our Indian Artisans are.

We all must start using eco-friendly products like coconut bowls and spoons. It may seem challenging to you, but choosing an Auric coconut bowl and spoon set over other bowls is the one step to help save the environment. Coconut bowls will reduce coconut waste and promote an eco-friendly lifestyle. And the best thing you already know about them. They are 100% biodegradable. It is the only way to sustain life on Earth and leave clean air, a blue sky, and a greener environment for future generations. 

"Each coconut bowl is like a Blessing from nature. So enjoy your favourite meals in these masterpieces."


Authored by: Vijeta Rana

About the Author: Vijeta Rana is a Wellness and Fitness Blogger from Punjab, India.




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