Eight best drinks for weight loss

weight loss drinks
Nowadays, people suffer from various diseases because of destructive lifestyles and eating habits. Due to unhealthy diets and irregular routines, the problem of obesity has started happening in many people—about a quarter of the people who suffer from this severe problem experience many physical and mental issues. But do you know that weight loss drinks can help you stay away from obesity and help you maintain a healthy weight? Yes, numerous Ayurvedic weight loss drinks can help you shed extra weight.

Here is a list of eight weight-loss drinks that will fasten your metabolism. These Ayurvedic juice for weight loss help you lose overall body weight. Morning time is the most suitable time to have these drinks because your metabolism is at its peak at that time. Also read 10 Ayurvedic Drinks For Weight Loss


Apple cider vinegar drink

Apple cider vinegar drink is famous as a super weight loss drink. Some studies have indicated that apple cider vinegar has weight-loss properties. Acetic acid is a crucial component of vinegar that can suppress body fat. A few study subjects consumed one to two other tablespoons of vinegar for three months. You will be amazed to know that those who consumed apple cider vinegar lost around 1 to 2 kilograms and had lower triglyceride levels than people who didn't drink vinegar. 

In the second study, participants kept on a 12-week restricted-calorie diet, a few with apple cider vinegar, and some without it. Can you guess what would have happened? Both groups, with or without apple cider vinegar, lost weight. However, the group that included apple cider vinegar in their diet lost more.

This drink is pretty easy to prepare. Take a hot water glass and add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. You can add organic honey to it if you want to. Stir it well. Your Weight loss drink is ready. Always have it in the early morning empty stomach.

Cumin Weight Loss Drink

Cumin is not only spicing up your all-Indian cuisines. But it is used for a simple homemade concoction that can help you lose weight and reduce belly fat. Cumin water helps keep you hydrated, and at the same time, it also improves insulin sensitivity.

Do you know how to prepare this homemade Ayurvedic weight-loss drink? Soak one teaspoon of cumin in a cup of water. Then boil the mixture for five minutes in the morning, filter it, and consume it. If you don't have much time, you can drink it without boiling it. 

As per nutritionists, cumin water is hot in nature, and hence there is a particular time to drink it. For example, if you drink it in the summer months like April, May, and June, it can harm your health. However, you can consume it for the rest of the month. In the winter and rainy seasons, drinking cumin water in the morning is beneficial.

Green Tea 

Green tea is known as the best weight loss drink worldwide, and not only this but now green tea has become the second most famous beverage in the world after water. Due to its nutritional and antioxidant value, green tea reduces obesity by decreasing weight and helps keep the gut healthy.

Do you know that green tea accelerates the body's metabolic process, which helps in rapid weight loss? But just drinking green tea will not help. If you drink green tea, exercise regularly, and eat a healthy diet with high amounts of fruits and vegetables, you will see the difference in your weight loss.

Excessing anything can harm your health. The same case is with green tea. One study from Maryland Medical Center University states that two cups of green tea daily is enough for weight loss. More than that, green tea should not be devoured in a day.

To take full advantage of green tea, it is crucial to prepare it accurately. So it would be best if you don't overheat the water, or else the catechins in green tea will get vandalised. Boil the water and leave it for 10 minutes for the most satisfactory results. Then pour this water on the green tea leaves and let it settle down for one minute. After that, filter the leaves, separate them, and drink the prepared tea.

weight loss drinks

Black tea as Weight Loss Drink

In a research report, it has been found that black tea is also a Weight loss drink. It is a good alternative if you want to reduce weight. Most people like to drink tea with milk, but milk increases the fat. Due to this, the chances of gaining weight are more.

The unique ingredients of black tea are very effective after reaching the stomach. These elements play a significant role in reducing weight and keeping the body healthy.

The probiotics present in black tea help increase the resistance of microorganisms in the body. If you are drinking black tea regularly, your body weight remains under control, and it also protects against many types of diseases.

Did you know that drinking black tea burns more than 70 percent of calories? Awesome, right?

Coconut water for weight loss

At the beginning of the summer season, people start consuming coconut. Every part of the coconut is beneficial in some way or the other. But there are some elements in coconut water that the body needs the most. Fresh coconut water is more delicious and more beneficial for health. 

Coconut water contains less sugar than most juices, making it a great weight loss drink. It is known to ease digestion and boost metabolism. The best part is that coconut water contains a minimal amount of carbohydrates. One cup of coconut water contains 46 calories which are very few compared to other drinks. If you are drinking coconut water at least three-four times a day, it can help you lose weight.

This Ayurvedic weight loss drink is full of nutrients. It contains fibre, vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium, which help maintain overall health.

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Auric weight balance

Fennel Weight Loss Drink

Fennel has numerous nutrients, which are crucial for a human being to stay healthy. It is rich in vitamin C and essential minerals like calcium, sodium, iron, and potassium, effectively promoting your health. Fennel tea or fennel water is an effective weight loss drink. Since fennel has a cooling effect, it is better to use it in the summer season.

Fennel seeds work as Ayurvedic medicine. They are a sound source of antioxidants, minerals, etc. All these are very important for burning fat. Fennel contains a lot of fiber that helps in keeping your stomach full for a more extended period. Apart from this, it prevents you from overeating and cravings. Due to this, you consume fewer calories and start reducing weight.

How to prepare an Ayurvedic weight loss drink? You need only a small spoon of fennel and water to prepare this most effective weight-loss drink. First of all, keep one glass of water boiling. After that, add a spoon of fennel seeds to boiling water and turn off the gas. Now keep this water covered for 10 minutes. You can drink it when it cools down a bit. Drink this super easy Ayurvedic weight loss drink for 45 days and see the magic.

Lemon water

Most people don't pay heed to their food choices because their lifestyle is busy. Due to which weight starts increasing. But do you know that consuming lemon water every day assists in weight loss?

Lemon may be sour but offers many benefits for health. The remarkable thing is that lemon is calorie deficient; drinking lemon water burns the extra fat in the body and reduces weight quickly. With its regular use, you can lose some kilos within no time.

This weight loss drink not only detoxifies your body but the antioxidants present in lemon remove digestive problems.

Auric weight balance juice

If you don't want much hassle in your weight loss journey, then Auric weight balance juice can help you. Auric weight balance juice is the best Ayurvedic juice for weight loss. Its Ayurvedic ingredient makes this weight loss drink unique from others. It has Garcinia, beetroot, and premium curcumin. Garcinia Cambogia is a super herb for fat loss. Beetroot purifies the blood for natural detoxification. Curcumin is a particular compound present in turmeric. It helps in boosting fat burn. Don't worry about its taste. The refreshing, tangy taste of nimbu pani will blow your mind. 

Auric weight balance juice

In a nutshell

The above-mentioned weight loss drink can help you get your desired weight. But keep one thing in mind, these weight loss drinks won't work alone. You have to do regular exercise and take a healthy diet along with an Ayurvedic weight loss drink. Do you know that Auric weight balance juice is one for all? It has the goodness of Ayurveda. You can choose it over all other weight-loss drinks. Is there any better way other than Ayurveda for weight loss? No! it's not. So fill your bags with Auric weight balance juice and amaze your mates with the weight loss transformation.

Authored by: Vijeta Rana

About the Author: Vijeta Rana is a Wellness and Fitness Blogger from Punjab, India.

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