Can't Sleep In New Places? Here Are A Few tips!

Sleeping Issues


Many of us face the problem of sleeping in new places. We can’t sleep in new places easily. It is because half of our brain is alert to the new place. For some people, even a change in a pillow may also hamper their sleep. Things like the ambiance and temperature may not suit everybody to fall asleep. 

Sleep is the biggest ingredient in a person’s life to remain healthy. Once the brain accepts the new elements in the new house, the person is habituated to that place and can now have a good sleep at night. Scientists have found that the brain has two hemispheres, with different activity levels, with one side staying more active than the other side. That is why we can’t sleep in new places.

Reasons why you can’t sleep in new places


Your brain is extra vagile in thinking whether you are safe or not in that new place. By drinking caffeinated drinks, you are aggravating your brain if you can’t sleep in new places. 


You keep on turning sideways because you can’t sleep in new places. It is because you have got an irregular scheduled routine, your sleeping schedule is delayed.


Certain people can’t sleep in new places without their bedding. Actually, they are very sensitive and can’t sleep in new places without their belongings, like pillow mattresses, etc.


Due to a change in whether some people may have breathing problems because they can’t sleep in new places. They must do some breathing exercises to work the entire day energetically, so they get tired at the end of the day and can fall asleep fast.

Here are a few tips for good sleep


The complaint to can’t sleep in new places can be solved if you follow a regular sleeping schedule. It gives you a stress-free sleep in a new place like a friend’s home, your own new house. It sets the brain to secrete melatonin at a scheduled time, and you go off to sleep shortly with a relaxed mood. It is the best way to sleep and is one of the great tips for good sleep.


Suppose if you are traveling somewhere, you need to carry your pillow, mattress, and sleeping mask that you are used to. It gives you the feeling that you are at home and will be able to sleep well. If you use pillow spray, you should carry that with you too. If you are changing your home, obviously you will be carrying your necessary items. Do opt for such tips for good sleep.


Another one of great tips for good sleep. Though you have all your comforts with you, you must also follow certain rules before going to bed. Like you must do meditation or prayer or any things that may calm your mind. You must bring yourself into sleeping mode by staying away from electronic devices, switching off the light of the room, and dozing off to sleep.


Another tip for sleeping is to Adjust the environment to be hygienic for optimal sleep. It means controlling the light temperature and noise. Also, put a towel at the door to stop the leakage of the light from outside.


If you find that you can’t sleep in a new place, use such tips for good sleep and try to go to bed thirty to forty minutes before your regular time.


Now, moving over to another tip for a good sleep, First, study the room properly and then make arrangements for the light, fans, doors, and windows. They may be adjusted in a way so they are as usual as your previous home so that you can sleep properly.

The best way to sleep is one that encourages how the spinal cord should be. There should be a proper space between the head, spinal cord, and brain. The best way to sleep is to sleep sideways or on the back. In either of the positions, it is easier to keep your spine supported and balanced, which relieves the pressure on the spinal tissues and enables your muscles to relax and straighten. Several positions provide different benefits that may be helpful if we are suffering from back pain, pregnancy, allergies, acid reflux, or another health condition. In such cases, it may be preferable to change the sleeping position. This is one of the best tips for good sleep.

Adjusting to a new sleeping position is not an easy task, but you need to have patience and make yourself comfortable with the comfortable pillows and mattress. Falling asleep when tired is not very easy. We usually do not fall asleep easily when we are tired, and we try out different positions, like children on the bed falling asleep. Till now, we have noticed that sleeping sideways is the best way to sleep. It appropriately keeps our spine alignment; we get relief from back pain. 

Sleeping sideways may bring a reduction in heartburn and snoring and helps in providing people a sound sleep, though you can’t sleep in a new place. Sleeping sideways may be beneficial for a) pregnant women, b) people with acid reflux, c) people with back pain, c) people who have snoring problems c) Older people.


Pregnant women are advised to sleep sideways; sleeping on the left side is the best way to sleep. It increases the blood flow to the heart, fetus, uterus, and kidneys. If you have a growing belly, the pressure gets relieved. If a pregnant woman is uncomfortable sleeping left sideways, she shall frequently turn towards the right, as per the tips for good sleep.

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Many people have poor sleep, because of which they have problems such as low concentration power and problems affecting their brain, memory, mood, and emotions. Some have much difficulty falling asleep at night, whereas there are people who have a good sleep at night.


Your body temperature changes as you try falling asleep. Your body cools down as you doze off to sleep. If your room gets too warm, you might face problems going to sleep. You should take a shower before bedtime for 10-15 minutes. As your body cools, your brain signals allowing your brain to sleep. The people who slept after taking showers before bedtime had a scheduled time for their sleep.


You should maintain a schedule every day. You should be following a pre-planned schedule for all your work. You should have a schedule to go to sleep at a fixed time. It sets up a clock in your brain, and your brain works according to it. You will gradually start feeling asleep in your regular routine, whether you are in a new place or an old place.


When people are stressed, they switch over to yoga and meditation. These tools help release stress from the body. Yoga helps the brain to secrete melatonin, through which you may sleep adequately at night. Meditation increases your concentration power in the daytime, so you can work well with full attention.     


The sleep mask is an eye mask that we wear at night to sleep quickly. It blocks the artificial light and prevents us from falling asleep as most of us have a problem sleeping in morning. We need to use a sleep mask so that no light can enter our eyes from any space in our room, and we can have a sound sleep in our scheduled routine. Sleep masks provide a calmness to our brain, which may encourage us to sleep faster if we can’t sleep in new places. Overuse of sleep, a mask is harmful as it may harm our skin by leaving marks over it. It may also cause breathing problems as we may fall asleep, unaware of the sleep mask we have worn.


As we know many people can’t sleep in new places, we have found out various reasons they can’t sleep in new places. Following are the reasons which may help them in falling asleep:

If they can’t sleep in new places, they must carry a portable white noise machine, a sleep mask, a pair of earplugs to get rid of the unwanted noise, and two or more bags of chamomile tea to calm down their brain, which will then allow them to sleep.

The best way to sleep for lower back pain is to sleep on your side and keep a pillow between the two legs, which shall help you in falling asleep. The pillow you choose must be a thick one and should be linear to the spine to keep the back straight.


Many people can’t sleep in new places, but we now have many tips for good sleep, which we have already discussed earlier. Thus, it has been easier for people to travel through suffering from that problem through those tips for good sleep. 

Authored By : Poorvi Chhajer

About Author : Poorvi is a psychology graduate with a knack for writing and belief in ayurveda.

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