Lose Weight Avoid These 8 Drinks to Lose Weight Effectively

Lose Weight Effectively

Losing weight is an easier said than done process that requires multiple factors to work in your favour for visible and long-term results. The weight loss journey is a rigorous process that is affected by multifarious dimensions, however, the dietary part of an individual is the major focus because well “we are what we eat”. Our daily diet also consists of multiple health and wellness drinks which exclusively affect our body weight. The liquid intake impacts our body weight in ways we don’t comprehend as our focus is mostly on the solid intake that comprises the daily diet of an individual. However, the daily drinks that we consume for variant reasons are said to affect the overall weight-loss journey immensely. For instance, the impact created by high protein drinks for weight loss will surprise you big time. Therefore, a shift to re-focus on the liquid diet is a wise step to lose weight effectively. The high protein drinks for weight loss and other such health and wellness drinks need inclusion in your everyday liquid diet. You can shop for Auric Natural Protein Powder for making a protein shake. Meanwhile, avoiding a few drinks to lose weight for maintaining an exemplary balance would be a wise start. For losing weight, you must also refer to the complete guide for ayurvedic weight loss.

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Different types of drinks affect our body weight differently. The daily drinks that we intake are loaded with nutritive elements that have the power to boost our weight loss journey effectively but as every coin has two sides, similarly there are two sides to the tale of these health and wellness drinks or daily drinks. A number of drinks are beneficial for the overall functioning of the body and help to lose weight more conveniently. The high protein drinks for weight loss are a prime example of these types of drinks. However, numerous drinks need to be avoided to regulate or lose the desired body weight. Not all drinks have a negative effect on body weight, however, there are a few “unhealthy” drinks that should be avoided at all costs by people who are on their exclusive weight loss journey. You need to avoid certain drinks to lose weight for an effective weight loss journey as they are full of ingredients that boost the weight gain at a faster pace than usual drinks. The following drinks might be popular because of their taste, brand value, marketing or flavour but are absolutely unhealthy when it comes to losing weight that you have been aspiring, planning and working towards for so long. Hence, cut the consumption of these drinks as much as you can to pace up your anticipatory weight loss journey.

8 Drinks to Avoid to Lose Weight Effectively

1. Caffeinated Drinks

Caffeine is your body weight’s best friend and not for the right reasons as it leads to an increase in body weight because of multiple reasons. Caffeine boosts up your body weirdly which at times might lead to poor sleep that negatively impacts the body weight. A night of good sleep is a must for an effective weight loss journey which caffeine seems to take away if consumed regularly.  Also, excessive intake of caffeinated drinks leads to an increased craving for ‘sugar’ which is a big ‘NO’ for people who are on their weight-loss journey. Cocoa beverages, Coffee, Espresso and other such drinks are prime examples of caffeinated drinks. The caffeinated drinks should be avoided despite all the cravings you might have for the caffeine boost as it makes your weight loss journey harder and causes long-term inconveniences in the body.

2. Sweetened Soft Drinks

Avoid Soft Drinks to Lose Weight Effectively

Welcome to the other side of sugar-free and white sugar. Soft drinks are not soft on your body despite being terrifically refreshing in taste hence they primarily need to be avoided amongst other drinks to lose weight for a speedy and stagnant weight loss. Soft drinks affect body weight massively leading to an increase due to their sweetener factor. Popular soft drinks around the world, like - Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Sprite, Mountain Dew and more are not harmless refreshing drinks. These soft drinks are full of extra sugar as a result of artificial sweeteners that are usually added for taste and flavour. The additives are said to increase hunger pangs and food cravings leading to extra consumption of food and eventually resulting in more weight gain. These sweetened soft drinks are bitter for your anticipatory weight loss journey, hence try to minimize their consumption as much as possible to achieve your weight-loss goals sooner.

3. Processed or Packaged Juices

Juices are said to be beneficial for the body as they are rich in essential vitamins and other such nutritive contents. However, the freshness of the juice needs to be kept in mind while consuming it for your weight-loss purposes. The processed juices should be avoided at all costs by the people who are aiming to regulate their body weight. The packaged juices are full of preservative additives mandatory for good shelf life. The use of chemical agents kills the nutritive aspect of the fruits used for the juices. Hence, the processed or packaged juices lose the fibrous content and are left with only calories which only add to the existing body weight. The additives present in the packaged and processed juices are the major reason for being unhealthy for people aspiring to lose bodyweight. Hence, anyone on their weight loss journey should try to avoid processed or packaged juices because even though they might seem healthy for the body because of the presence of nutritious fruits, their healthy element goes nil due to the processing factor. 

4. Drinks With High Alcoholic Content

Drinks with high alcohol content like - Beer, Rum, Whiskey and other mixed cocktails adversely affect the weight loss journey of an individual. Alcohol is anyway considered hazardous for health if taken regularly in heavy doses and the risk only increases for the weight-watchers. Fitness enthusiasts need to be away from drinks with high alcoholic content to maintain ideal body weight. Alcohol is loaded with calories which is the major reason for weight gain. The abundant presence of empty calories in drinks high on alcoholic content negatively interferes with the weight loss journey. Therefore, it is always suggested to avoid alcoholic drinks if you want to lose weight effectively. Alcohol and weight loss don’t go hand-in-hand as weight loss is an integral part of a highly rigorous health plan whereas alcohol is bound to negatively impact not just the bodyweight but also overall health. Drinks with high alcoholic content are not at all advisable drinks to lose weight because of their mega calorie count. Hence, for regulating body weight, drinks with high alcohol content should be avoided whether it rains or shines. 

5. Energy Drinks

In today's fitness-enthusiast world, energy drinks have gained massive momentum due to certain false narratives spread across the people. Energy Drinks are the biggest scams of the fitness world because all your weight loss efforts go in vain as soon as you gulp down that appealing drink that claims to be the saviour but instead suck away the hard-put efforts in a single go. Despite being low on calories, the energy drinks are loaded with artificial sweeteners that lead to quick weight gain in the body. The sugar content is not at all advised for the weight loss aspirants because sugar is one of the major reasons for weight gain in most people. Therefore, the intake of Energy Drink should be cut down by anyone and everyone who is aspiring to lose weight effectively.

6. Low-Fat Milk

Low-Fat Milk is preferred over other full-fat milk choices available in the market due to a massive decrease in the fat content of the product. However, a cut down on fat leads to an increment in the sugar and carbohydrates in other forms leading to more harm than gain in the first place. The harmful elements are taken due to high concentration of fat in the body, like - sugar and carbohydrates eventually get converted into body fat leading to a weight gain on a larger scale. It is thereby recommended to cut down low-fat milk consumption to regulate the fat content in the body that eventually leads to overall maintained body weight.

7. Drinks with Soda

Avoid Soda Drinks to Lose Weight Effectively

Soda is not for you if you want to lose weight because of multiple reasons that vary from the presence of an ample number of calories to being high in sugar content. People usually consume two types of soda, namely Regular Soda and Diet Soda but ironically both are advised against intake by the weight-watchers. Regular Soda is high in calorie content due to excess sugar present in it that is the biggest enemy of fitness. On the other hand, Diet Soda does cut calories on a big scale but they create a “halo” effect which leads to feeling lighter and consuming more calories by other side dishes instead. Popular soda drinks like - Lemon Soda, Jeera Soda, Soda Mocktails and more should be avoided if you are on a serious weight loss journey. The regular consumption of soda adds extra calories post every soda consumption that eventually leading to an increase in body weight. 

8. Sweet Smoothies or Shakes

Smoothies or shakes, whether freshly prepared or packaged, are equally harmful to the weight-watchers as they consist of a few elements that work against the weight loss of the body. The packaged smoothies and shakes are full of additives like artificial sweeteners and processing chemicals that lead to weight gain if consumed regularly in massive proportions. The fresh smoothies and shakes are no less damaging for your weight loss regime as the dairy content of these products are rich in fats and carbohydrates leading to a quick weight gain. A large number of fats and calories along with sugar present in these yummy and thickly consistent smoothies or shakes give a good rise to weight gain.

Marketed under the label of health and wellness drinks, a lot of popular available options in the market are the worst ever choice for your body’s weight regulation. What you drink directly affects your body weight. For instance, on one hand, the high protein drinks for weight loss can do wonders for your weight loss journey but on the other hand, the beverages with harmful additives can ruin all your hard work put on losing weight in a single go. That is the very reason, you should be extremely aware and choosy about your daily drink intake as it affects our body weight more than we know or think it can. The daily liquid intake of an individual is an extremely important part of the diet and lifestyle that directly affects the body-weight immensely. The liquids hold more capacity than we know to regulate our body weight. 

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The high protein drinks for weight loss are effective but there are multiple drinks as mentioned in this article that negatively influences body weight. Health and wellness drinks consist of multiple ingredients and not each one of them is effective for the weight loss journey. Many ingredients instead of helping in losing weight rather increase it because of varied medical and lifestyle reasons.

The high protein drinks for weight loss helps in cutting down everyday calories which eventually lead to a decrease in body weight. There are other health and wellness drinks like Green Tea, Unsweetened Fresh Juices, Apple Cider Vinegar, Black Tea/Coffee along with high protein drinks for weight loss that are beneficial for your body.

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The daily liquid intake by us affects our weight and other bodily functions massively, hence we need to regulate our everyday drinks to regulate our body weight as well. A guide to weight loss: losing weight with weight loss ayurvedic drink, may also help you, For reaping the benefits of ayurveda while on your weight loss journey, resort to Auric Weight Balance Drink as it contains ayurvedic ingredients which help considerably with the overall health of your body while making you lose weight. 

Authored By : Poorvi Chhajer

About Author : Poorvi is a psychology graduate with a knack for writing and belief in ayurveda.

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