Amazing Peanut Butter Benefits You Need To Know

Peanut Butter Benefits
Who doesn’t like to snack on a slice of bread and peanut butter? Every one of us loves it! Organic Peanut butter is high in nutrients and is the best snacking substitute. Those wishing to satisfy their taste buds while keeping their health under check can choose to eat peanut butter. 

As always, Moderation is the key – too much of anything can be harmful, so keep your consumption within limits. This post lists the nutrients present in organic peanut butter and its uses.

Organic Peanut Butter - Storehouse of Nutrients


High Protein peanut butter from stores contains around 7.02 grams of protein/tbsp. This is the exact quantity of protein butter that is the recommended dietary allowance (RDA). Gender doesn’t matter but based on the activity level; women are suggested to consume 46 grams and 56 grams for men.


Magnesium is an important nutrient that aids in carrying out over 300 processes in the human body. One tablespoon of organic peanut butter contains 57 milligrams (mg) of magnesium.


The production of healthy bones and cells depends on the nutrient – Phosphorous. This nutrient is also essential for energy production in cells. One serving of high-protein peanut butter contains around 107 milligrams of phosphorous. 


Be its protein synthesis, immunity, or, DNA formation, zinc plays an important role in each health process. One serving of organic peanut butter offers 0.85 milligrams of zinc.

Vitamin B-6

Vitamin B-6 is a necessary nutrient for a healthy heart and a strong immune system, and it plays a major role in processing over 100 enzyme reactions. High-protein peanut butter contains 0.17 grams of Vitamin B-6.


Niacin finds its use in digestion, nerve functioning, and energy production. One serving of healthy peanut butter has 4.21 milligrams of Niacin  

You must remember that high-protein peanut butter contains lots of saturated fats, calories, and sodium, so if you wish to maintain health and enjoy consuming healthy peanut butter, then do it in moderation. 

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Peanut Butter Uses

If you are looking for healthy peanut butter uses, this article is the right resource. Several benefits of healthy peanut butter constitute overall health. Here are some of the most essential and proven peanut butter uses;

Peanut Butter Uses in Boosting Heart Health

This is one of the most debated peanut butter uses. While some talk about it being the best heart-healthy food, few others claim it to be harmful to the heart. So, here’s what you must know about peanut butter uses for a healthy heart.

Healthy peanut butter contains all important nutrients that help improve heart health – MUFAs, PUFAs, Magnesium, Niacin, and Vitamin E. Various scientific studies have revealed that a daily intake of nuts (around 46gm/day) can help enhance heart health and can also assist in weight loss for diabetic people. 

However, a very high intake of peanut butter can increase weight and sodium content in the body, both of which are harmful to the heart. So, the conclusion is that consuming the recommended amount of organic peanut butter can help the heart while overeating can harm it. 

Helps Manage Blood Sugar

One of the significant peanut butter uses relief for many diabetic patients and people who rely on low-carb snacks. Peanut butter has low carbohydrate levels and is rich in protein and fiber. Munching over a few peanuts or consuming a slice of whole wheat bread with organic peanut butter is an excellent snacking option compared to oily snacks. Studies have emphasized the fact that regular intake of organic peanuts helps control blood glucose levels. 

Reduces Risk of Breast Cancer

Consuming peanut butter is also associated with a reduced risk of breast cancer. It is scientifically proven that regular peanut butter consumption from a young age can lower the possibility of developing Benign Breast Disease, eventually leading to breast cancer. Isn’t it just one of the fascinating peanut butter uses?

Sleep and Mood Improvement

Other extremely beneficial organic peanut butter uses are sleep improvement and mood elevation. Besides being a perfect midnight snack, it also helps improve sleep owing to the presence of amino acid tryptophan, which is known to induce sleep. Similarly, the production of serotonin improves when peanut butter is consumed. This is also called the “happy hormone” and is responsible for mood elevation. 

Energy-boosting, body-building, lowered risk of gallstones, etc., are a few other peanut butter uses. The list doesn’t end here; there are several other peanut butter uses that you can take advantage of with regular consumption. With so many peanut butter uses, it’s hard to resist consuming it. But remember to eat within limits! If you are not sure about the quantity that is fit for regular consumption, then consult with a dietician right away.

Most importantly, if you have allergies to nuts or peanut butter, then completely avoid taking it. Peanut is an all-rounder among nuts, and it is a superfood with numerous health benefits. So, take advantage of organic peanut butter uses and make it a part of your regular diet.

Authored By: Divya Shankar

About Author: Divya Shankar is a multifaceted content writer with 7+ years of experience. She has exclusive writing expertise in Ayurveda.

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