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shilajit benefits

Shilajit, also known as Mumujo, is an ancient remedy for a wide range of health issues affecting men. Shilajit is generally located in the mountains of the Himalayas, straddling the Indo-Tibetan border. Off-late Shilajit has been discovered in the mountainous regions of various other countries as well. 

Pure Shilajit consists of organic compounds such as fulvic acid, selenium, etc., and 80 other minerals. The substance is viscous in nature and resembles resin or tar, and is usually black or dark brown in colour. Pure Shilajit is converted and used in many forms, such as powder and capsules, and consuming them provides many of the Shilajit benefits for men. 

Shilajit is used in a wide range of ayurvedic properties due to its many positive effects. Pure Shilajit has become very popular among well-known brands, including Auric, and is being used as a supplementary ingredient by them. These brands have come up with many products providing Shilajit uses for male.

shilajit for men

Shilajit benefits for Men  

1. Shilajit Benefits For Men: Helps Fight Off Viruses

Pure Shilajit is known to boost immunity by hastening the recovery from flu. As Shilajit is rich in minerals, it can eliminate various viruses from the body, including the Herpes virus. Quicker recovery from the flu and other diseases is one of the other advantages of Shilajit.

2. Shilajit Benefits For Men: Slows Down The Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease

Another of the Shilajit health benefits include its potential ability to slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease. People with Alzheimer’s go through memory loss, disorientation, loss of motivation, self-neglect etc. Slowing down the spread of Alzheimer’s is one of the most significant advantages of Shilajit.

Pure Shilajit contains a powerful antioxidant - Fulvic Acid. With the help of Fulvic Acid, Shilajit works to slow down Alzheimer's from progressing at a fast rate. Tau protein is a protein found in neurons, which is a part of the central nervous system. 

Any disruption in the protein level can disrupt the signals carried by the neurons and result in Alzheimer’s.

Shilajit benefits for men include working to slow down the spread of Alzheimer’s.

3. Shilajit Benefits For Men: Slows Down Ageing

Shilajit is an Ayurvedic medicine that works as an anti-ageing compound and helps keep the body's tissues healthy. Pure Shilajit comprises a plethora of regenerative properties. These properties are helpful in slowing down the ageing process apart from working to keep you physically in good shape by regulating the calcium content in the body. Shilajit benefits for male includes the slowing down of the ageing process. 

4. Shilajit Benefits For Men: Protects Your Heart

Numerous studies have proven that the consumption of Shilajit helps to improve blood circulation in the heart. The antioxidant properties of Shilajit help reduce the probability of cardiovascular damage to a certain extent and are one of the Shilajit uses for male.

Those who suffered from heart ailments in the past should consider consuming Shilajit to help reduce the possibility of a heart attack. This is one of the important advantages of Shilajit consumption. 

5. Shilajit Benefits For Men: Reduces Chronic Fatigue

Many people the world over suffer from chronic fatigue due to various reasons. Some of them are hormonal imbalance and a sedentary lifestyle due to lack of exercise. Comprehensive studies have shown that the Shilajit health benefits are many. Men who consume it have good energy levels to take on the day and feel better about themselves. 

One of the advantages of Shilajit is that it provides cells with a significant amount of nourishment, and this helps reduce chronic fatigue. The nutrient density of pure Shilajit provides an energy boost, and the same is transferred when consumed in a form made easy for consumption. Reducing chronic fatigue is one of the Shilajit uses for male.

6. Shilajit Benefits For Men: Reduces Stress

Another of Shilajit benefits for male is that it helps to reduce stress levels and helps calm your mind. It consists of natural vitamins that lower stress levels, help relax your muscles and boost mental health. Another popular benefit of Shilajit benefits for male is that it helps to enhance cognitive function along with enhancing memory and learning. Shilajit is an effective option to combat anxiety and stress that is an overwhelming concern in the world. It helps combat stress by increasing the dopamine secretion in the brain.

6. Shilajit Benefits For Men: Improves Fertility

Improving fertility is one of the Shilajit uses for male. Pure Shilajit is known to improve fertility levels in men. Consuming Shilajit twice daily for a period of three months will see an increase in sperm quality and can increase the chances of conception. Shilajit can also increase sperm motility, i.e., the speed at which it travels to fertilise the egg in the woman’s reproductive tract. Along with increasing fertility, another of the Shilajit benefits for male include increasing energy.

7. Shilajit Benefits For Men: Promotes the level of Testosterone naturally

The advantages of Shilajit and the health benefits of Pure Shilajit go beyond just increasing the quality and quantity of a man’s sperm. Men who consume Shilajit regularly will see high testosterone levels. Increased testosterone levels in a man’s body help protect muscle tissue and reduce body fat. Hence, Shilajit benefits for male help increase testosterone levels naturally and gradually without any side effects.

8. Shilajit Benefits For Men: Prevention of Hypoxia

Another of the Shilajit benefits for male is the prevention of Hypoxia. Hypoxia is a situation when the body’s organs do not get sufficient oxygen due to the blood having a reduced oxygen-carrying capacity. The Fulvic acid present in Shilajit helps increase the oxygen-carrying capacity and thereby circulation of blood, thus preventing Hypoxia. Prevention of Hypoxia is one of the excellent Shilajit uses for male. 

9. Shilajit Benefits For Men: Helps Reduce Weight

If you are struggling with obesity, it could be due to inflammation of the thyroid gland or unhealthy food habits. Shilajit naturally assists you in losing weight naturally. This happens as Shilajit has appetite-reducing properties. Consuming Shilajit will make you feel less hungry and is one of the many Shilajit benefits for male. 

10. Shilajit Benefits For Men: Helps Boost Iron Levels

Anaemia or iron deficiency is caused by either the body’s inability to absorb iron or a low iron diet. A study showed that consuming Shilajit supplements will improve haemoglobin and RBC levels in the blood. The ability to boost iron levels is a good attribute of the supplement when it comes to Shilajit uses for male.

11. Shilajit Benefits For Men: Reduce Altitude Sickness

According to traditional practitioners, Shilajit can help alleviate altitude sickness. The changes in pressure at high altitudes may affect people. The symptoms of altitude sickness can vary from body pain and fatigue to lung congestion and low oxygen in the brain.

Shilajit is a complex combination of more than 80 different minerals; among them are fulvic acid and humic acid. Because of this broad range of components, Shilajit uses for male is thought to help control feelings of altitude sickness. 

Forms of Shilajit

There are different forms of Shilajit available, with the Shilajit health benefits remaining the same irrespective of whichever form you choose. You could choose how to consume it based on your preferences.

1. Shilajit As A Resin:

Pure Shilajit in its gooey form as extracted from the mountains is the resin form of  Shilajit. It’s wholly unrefined and loaded with the goodness of remaining in its natural form. The advantages of shilajit in its natural form are better than consuming it as powder or tablets.

2. Shilajit As A Liquid

The liquid form of Shilajit is slightly more refined than its resinous form. But the Shilajit health benefits remain. The liquid version is of a semi-viscous nature that can either be taken directly or mixed with any beverage or liquid of your choice. As it is processed by using the evaporation technique, most of the advantages of Shilajit present in its natural form are in the liquid form as well. 

3. Shilajit As A Solid

This is the most common form of Shilajit consumed. It is used commonly for the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines. The solid form is made by over-drying the resinous form either naturally by exposing it to the sun or by artificial sources of the high temperatures required for the process. This is similar to the resin form and has the same advantages as Shilajit occurring naturally.

4. Shilajit As A Powder

The powdered form of Shilajit comes in different colours of black, brown and amber. People generally consume Shilajit in powder form as it can be mixed with drinks for those who don’t like the taste of Shilajit. It is usually mixed in milk, water and smoothies.

5. Shilajit As Tablets

These are prepared by powdering the Shilajit. It is a concentrated form of Shilajit and comes in prefixed doses. Tablets are ideal for people who prefer not to consume the powder form.

Shilajit With Coffee 

Some people choose to consume Shilajit coffee which is nothing but a mix of the two. When Shilajit with coffee is mixed, the taste of Shilajit is improved by a fair amount. The combination of Shilajit with coffee gives coffee an interesting and unique flavour and a heady aroma.

Having Shilajit with coffee in an excessive amount may be detrimental as both give an energy boost and may leave you feeling jittery and anxious. The result thus would be quite different from what you expect the result of consuming Shilajit coffee to be.

Shilajit with coffee is best when combined with types of coffee such as:

  • Americano
  • Espresso
  • Long black
  • Macchiato
  • Flat White

Drinking Shilajit with coffee as an additive is a personal preference. It all depends on your taste. Some people may feel that drinking Shilajit coffee is not correct, as coffee in large quantities affects human health negatively. This, however, is an outdated stereotype. You can consume Shilajit coffee regularly, and it won’t harm you. This unique mix of Shilajit Coffee is absorbed quickly by the human body and is therapeutic as well. Shilajit with coffee can be mixed in the ratio of 4 to 5 drops for every cup of coffee taken. 

Side effects Of Shilajit Are:

  • Weakness
  • Headache
  • Tiredness
  • Stomach ache
  • Allergies like rashes, dizziness and an increased heart rate


Shilajit has long been a staple ingredient in Ayurvedic medicines. It is also a mineral-rich resin. Several studies claim that it can aid in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, chronic fatigue, high cholesterol and infertility.

Other reports have also touted Shilajit as a potential remedy for other health conditions, such as diabetes, osteoarthritis and anaemia. However, it is essential to let your doctor know if you're considering using Shilajit for any health purpose.Also read Your Manual To The Top 10 Energy Drink For Men


Authored By : Poorvi Chhajer

About Author : Poorvi is a psychology graduate with a knack for writing and belief in ayurveda.

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