A Guide To Buying Blankets For Winter

Guide to buying blankets for winter


People used blankets only in winter. It was not as such today. These days we find different types of blankets being used throughout the year, though the weather is not always chilly. It is because cotton blankets are also available in the market. 

Cotton blankets are found to lighten themselves after every wash. It is used by some people in winter too. They use it in winter because they may have sensitive skin allergic to wool. Some people may not like heavy winter blankets, so they must have chosen cotton blankets, depending on the temperature. 

There are many woven and knitted best blankets for winter in India. Blankets for winter are mostly made of wool, as wool is considered to be warm as they trap the cold, making us feel comfortable with its warmth in winter. We also choose woolen blankets for winter because wool keeps us dry and prevents us from sweating

Woolen and silk blankets

Wool is also a heavy winter blanket. Blankets for winter, if made from wool, are heavy as wool is a heavy-weight material. These blankets can adapt to the changing temperature. Some people do not choose woolen blankets as they may get skin rashes and itching. Blankets for winter are generally made of wool as they are thick and provide thermal regulation. As it is a natural fiber, they also allow breathing well. 

People may ask for silk blankets. Silk blankets are also chosen as blankets for winter. As it has anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties, it doesn't cause rashes. Silk material is soft and is not heavy. They are thereby not as heavy winter blanket but only blankets for winter. It can be sent for a dry-cleaning. 

Woolen blankets, when washed at home, shrink a little. We should give woolen blankets also for dry cleaning. Blankets for winter are generally made of wool as they are thick, providing thermal regulation. Silk blankets are breathable and comfortable. They offer us warmth and are light-weighted, so it is impossible to believe it as blankets for winter. They are also known as one the also called soft blanket for winter.

We also get woolen blankets which are winter blankets online available. This blanket does not cause any rashes, though made of wool. They are also known as heavy winter blanket as it is thick, and not much duty is paid to them.

Linen blankets

We can also choose linen blankets for winter. Linen is a natural fiber that adjusts to our body temperature. Therefore, it keeps our body warm or cool according to the climate. The linen does not shrink after washing; it gets softer after every wash. 

Linen blankets are considered as the best blankets for winter in India because it is a natural insulator. It keeps away insects as it is made of flax which has little impact on water quality. After a wash, the quality of linen may be changed.

Down blankets

Down is also chosen as a blanket for winter as it keeps us warm. It is made of feathers, often from geese. Down blankets are also good absorbent, so they might prevent sweating and might not cause any allergic reactions. They can be spread over the bed as it is light-weighted and provides a warm and cosy sleep. 

Down blankets provide extra warmth, which is very helpful in winter. It can also be spread under a comforter. They are therefore considered a heavy winter blanket. Down means the down feather of a pigeon which is very warm. It is therefore considered the best blankets for winter in India, as the winters in India are becoming colder. 

Microfiber Blankets

Microfiber blankets are considered blankets for winter because they are of varying materials. They are made of various fibers that are softer, smoother, and hygienically clean. The material also includes synthetic fiber, nylon, and rayon, which is finer than a silk strand. They are very warm blankets and are considered heavy winter blankets. 

No dust particles can penetrate it, making it safer to use, synthetic blankets are warm, but they often hold onto static electricity, hair, dust, and lose threads. These blankets are known as the best blankets for winter in India. 

Fleece blankets

Fleece Blankets are warm and cozy and are therefore considered blankets for winter. They are often used on a child's bed because they are good absorbent and keep us warm. 

Fleece can also be considered a heavy winter blanket because fleece contains a layer of fabric on both sides of the blanket and is widely used during heavy winter. Fleece blankets are the most common version of blankets for winter. They are light-weighted and made of polyester. They are cheap in monetary terms. They are primarily used in Mumbai as the winter temperature is also mild. Since in Mumbai, winters are moderate, We cannot use heavy winter blankets there.

Cashmere blankets

Cashmere blankets are luxurious blankets for winter. They are an extension of cotton blankets. They are not at all itchy to the skin and provide a soft and light touch. They provide warmth better than woolen blankets. It is also lighter than any other fabric of wool. They are also considered luxurious heavy winter blanket.

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Cloth Fusion Celerrio mink blanket

Cloth Fusion Celerrio mink Blanket is considered an excellent heavy winter blanket. The blanket is made of polyester. Polyester blankets are helpful during winter as they may combat cold and provide warmth to escape from the chilly winter. They are categorized as winter blankets online.

Duvet blankets

Duvet is a heavy winter blanket. It is slightly warmer than the usual ones. Without duvet covers, the blankets may get dirty and damaged. So, to protect the duvet, we need to have outer shells protecting the duvet blankets. Duvets are filled with wool and feathers. We find duvets in most posh hotels because they use air-conditioners even in chilly winters. Therefore, it is listed a few of the best blankets in India. Mountaineering jackets are also called duvets.


The comforter is light-weighted and warm, and softer than other blankets. Furthermore, it does not have safety covers. A comforter is the most popular heavy winter blanket. It is made of Polyfill, cotton, and feathers. It is known as one of the best blankets for winter in India for its warmth and light weight. It has a property of insulating and breathability. 

The property of breathability provides the skin to breathe correctly, maintaining a temperature at which we can get a goodnight's sleep. By insulating property, we mean that it gives warmth to the body and does not let the warmth escape. It protects us from sweat. 


The quilt has three layers. It is made of wool, polyester, and cotton. Quilts are the best blankets for winter in India. These blankets are used in various fabrics and for various seasons like summer, winter, and spring. Quilts are also enlisted as heavy winter blanket as they keep us warm because they are made of fluffy cotton, which traps the heat and does not let it escape. 

Vellux blankets

The Vellux blankets are best for winter in India. It provides warmth and is made of thin foam with plush nylon. These blankets are hypoallergenic and easy to manage. Vellux blankets are light-weighted; they offer an extra layer of warmth. They can be kept over a sofa or a bed. They are made of fine polyester, which provides warmth.

Fur blankets

Fur blankets are once again being used in India. Nowadays, winters are excessive in India, and their duration has also increased. We find that fur blankets are one of the best blankets for winter in India now. They are made of fur, which traps the cold and provides warmth to us.

Cotton blankets

Cotton blankets are the best winter blankets in India because they are lightweight, easy to carry, and hypoallergenic. Some cotton blankets like dohars are known as blankets for winter. It adapts to the weather of the place. If the weather is chilly, it provides warmth. It is used as the best winter blankets in India, but it may not be of good use as a heavy winter blanket. 


Dohars are also considered as best blankets for winter in India as nowadays it is mainly found in every house because of their weather adapting quality. 

Throw blankets

Throw blankets are small blankets mainly used for decorating sofas, beds, etc.; as these blankets are light, they can be used for decoration. They are considered the best blankets for winter in India. As they are light-weighted, they can be carried for picnics too. Picnics are primarily conducted during winter. They are soft blankets for winter. 

Weighted blankets

Weighted Blankets are called gravity blankets. They are loaded with materials such as plastic pellets or glass beads. They give a soothing feeling. They use the principle of Deep Touch and Pressure. They are beneficial for those who want to improve their sleep by reducing their tossing and turning. They are, therefore, considered the best blankets for winter in India. As they are heavy, they also provide warmth. They are also soft blankets for winter.

Knitted blankets

Knitted blankets are still found in India as the spaces between the knits and the yarn trap the air and prevent the air from escaping our bodies. 


Hence, these are the various blankets for winter in India. You can choose the ones that fit your needs and enjoy winters in your cosy blankets.

Authored By : Poorvi Chhajer

About Author : Poorvi is a psychology graduate with a knack for writing and belief in ayurveda.

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