Showering Daily Do You Really Need to Bathe Every Day to Stay Clean

The Whole Truth About Bathing

Bathing is the most essential task undertaken to ensure utmost hygiene. The importance of bathing is such that going only a couple of days without bathing, we feel itchy, lethargic, and whatnot! For many people in the country, more than routine, bathing has become a ritual and they won’t go a single day without cleaning themselves. But to know the whole truth about bathing, let us consider whether bathing has health benefits. It surely does have enormous benefits. But due to the ayurvedic bath mistakes we make while taking a bath, those immense health benefits of taking a bath do not reach us. Let’s check them out!

Health Benefits of Taking a Bath

One of the most exciting health benefits of taking a bath is that it energizes the body and eliminates lethargy, making you ready to take the day head on! A lot of us undergo stress due to a variety of reasons, including career, study, and family. Taking a refreshing bath during such mental stress relaxes the mind and calms you down. You may also refer to unwinding after a stressful day: a 5 step wonderThese days, due to a degraded lifestyle, a lot of us suffer through fatigue, which can be eliminated with a hot or cold shower. Moreover, as we walk down the roads of the cities on a sunny day, we sweat a lot and while we might or might not see it, a lot of dust sticks to our body which could cause problems. As we take a bath, all the sweat, dirt, and toxins are washed away, making your body clean and fresh! Such is the importance of bathing.

Can Bathing Cause Damage to the Body?

The whole truth about bathing is that while bathing comes with incredible health benefits as mentioned above, doing it in the wrong way could potentially cause issues. So, even though you feel fresh after taking a bath, make sure you are bathing the right way as the wrong way can lead to dark circles, weak immunity, hair fall, digestive issues, and much more. Therefore, the importance of bathing the right way is enormous.

Mistakes While Bathing

To uncover the whole truth about bathing, it is essential to know the mistakes we make while bathing. In our holy country, bathing is considered no less than a sacred ritual; however, we must mindfully ensure we are taking a bath in the right way. To ensure you are not harming your body by bathing the wrong way, do not make the following mistakes while taking an ayurvedic bath. 

The Whole Truth About Bathing
  • Using Hot Water

A lot of us believe that to eliminate lethargy and fatigue or to relax our mind, using hot water to take a warm bath is the key. This might sound logical to a few since we are listening to the same for a long time; however, according to ayurvedic bath, one should never take a bath using hot water. Regardless of the season, using cold, tap water for bathing is the right way. In contrast with the common belief, a hot bath makes you lethargic rather than bettering your senses and may cause low immunity, digestive issues, dark circles, and even stress. That’s not all; your hair and eyes are negatively impacted when hot water is poured over them, causing hair fall and problems with the eye. In case you cannot use cold water, reduce the intensity from hot to lukewarm for your own benefit. 

If you end up adhering to this advice and using cold water, pour water from head to toe. However, if you are using lukewarm water to take a bath, toe to head is the right way of washing yourself. While this might sound irrational, it has a scientific reasoning to back it. These directions of bathing avoid clotting of blood by ensuring proper blood flow. Therefore, taking a bath with cold water is the way to reap all sorts of health benefits of taking a bath.

  • Wrong Duration of Taking a Bath

In addition to cleaning the body, an ayurvedic bath is meant for the purpose of rejuvenation. A lot of us spend a considerably long duration bathing and the others quickly take a shower and move out. Both ways aren’t entirely correct. While taking a bath, all movements must be done mindfully in order to reap the immense health benefits of taking a bath. Many of us are habitual to bathing twice or even thrice a day. While you might think that you are doing your body a favour, that isn’t the case. Taking an ayurvedic bath once a day in the morning should be enough.

  • Post-Meal Bath

It is no secret that digestion is one of the most essential functions of the body that consumes a significant amount of energy and blood flow. Upon taking a bath, the body temperature decreases which needs to be maintained; hence, blood flows towards the skin, slowing down the process of digestion. Such a slowdown results in numerous digestive issues such as bloating, constipation, and more. It is suggested that 2 hours of gap must be present between a meal and a bath in order to avoid any kind of digestive issues. Now that you are aware of the problems post-meal baths can cause, be cautious and schedule your ayurvedic bath better.

The Whole Truth About Bathing

  • Leaving Out the Dead Skin 

We are made to believe that soaps are all you need for a perfect bath. While a soap helps in removing dirt from the surface of the body, it often leaves out the dead skin, which should ideally be removed. Seldom does anybody mindfully remove dead skin from their body while taking a bath, thus missing out on an essential practice. To effectively remove dead skin, you may use a natural scrubber which is cheaper and is biodegradable. You should also put a little pressure while using a towel to dry yourself after taking a bath. To ensure great skin, you should also consume these top beauty drinks for glowing skin in the morning.

In case you are questioning the importance of removing dead skin, you should know that the removal unclogs the pores of the skin and improves blood circulation. 

  • Avoiding an Oil Massage

Traditionally, oil was always used before taking a bath. While seldom could be fathom why this was done, there has always been a crucial reason for it. One of the main reasons for taking a bath is eliminating the unwanted microorganisms and toxins from the body. When we massage our body with oil before taking an ayurvedic bath, oil attracts these microorganisms and toxins, thus allowing an effective removal. Ayurvedic bath has firmly promoted this practice; so, for the ones who look forward to living their lives in accordance with ayurvedic bath, massaging themselves with oil before bathing at least once a week is highly recommended. For doing this, you can use oils such as sesame, coconut, and even olive. Doing this only a few minutes before taking a bath can lead to softer, clearer, and glowing skin.

In summers, we sweat a lot and bathing comes to us as a relief, thus establishing the importance of bathing. As the health benefits of taking a bath are abundant, we must make sure all of them are reaching us. As Auric has successfully uncovered the whole truth about bathing, we hope you consciously take a bath hereafter and do not commit the aforementioned commonly committed mistakes. 

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Authored By : Poorvi Chhajer

About Author : Poorvi is a psychology graduate with a knack for writing and belief in ayurveda.

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