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auric coconut bowls

There's a reason why so many people are turning to eco friendly bowls these days. As our civilisation grows more technologically advanced, it produces an increasing amount of garbage. This condition causes many environmental issues, including acid rain, poor air quality, water pollution, ozone layer depletion, and climate change, the most well-known and divisive topic. In light of these issues, individuals, organisations, and corporations are now exploring how they may assist in the restoration of the globe. Auric is one of these ecologically conscious companies.

The world's structure now thrives and blooms due to development and utilisation. The problem is that this approach does not account for natural prosperity. Many resources are being depleted these days, and dangerous contamination levels are being provided. At Auric, we assist in creating a better and more practical climate, which we are doing through our standard, eco-friendly things, such as our coconut bowls and spoons.

Features of Coconut Bowls

Get the look and feel of wooden utensils with special eco friendly bowls made of coconut. Coconut bowls are regarded as a natural gift since, unlike other products, they can be discarded at any moment without polluting the environment. The following are some of the unique characteristics of Auric’s coconut bowls and spoons:

These eco friendly bowls are 100 percent biodegradable and have a high level of sustainability.

The creation of coconut bowls employs low-wage labourers and workers. As a result, we must be responsible citizens who protect nature and humans.

Coconut bowls provide peace of mind by letting one feel that they are doing their part to help the environment.

These eco friendly bowls are some of the most acceptable waste-free products, as they reduce the terrible impact of plastic in our world.

Coconut bowls are reusable and do not harm the oceans, wildlife, or the environment.

A coconut bowl and spoon are artistic natural resources that look great with salads, smoothies, and stir-fried foods.

Coconut bowls are accidentally perceived as encouraging individuals to eat healthily and mindfully. Because a plant-based bowl needs a plant-based dish that also acts as a reminder of food thankfulness, these coconut shell bowls positively impact a person's overall health.Also read Sustainable And Healthy Eating With Organic Coconut Bowls


auric coconut bowls

How to Care for Coconut Bowls?

Because of its excellent durability, maintaining coconut bowls is a breeze! They will, however, require a little tender loving care to keep them gleaming and lovely for a long time. So let's take a quick look at it. Coconut bowls are free of chemicals and processing procedures, making them environmentally friendly. Coconut bowls and spoons, on the other hand, are not as durable as plastic or synthetic bowls because they are formed naturally with no additional manufacturing procedures. As a result, the only way to keep the coconut bowls in good shape is to clean them frequently. It gives coconut bowls and spoons a brand-new appearance while also extending their useful life.

The ease with which Auric’s coconut bowls may be cleaned is one of the things that distinguishes them from others. When compared to other wooden utensils, it is relatively simple to use. Clean our coconut bowls and spoons with a delicate cloth after rinsing them with warm soapy water. Allow it to dry on a dish rack for a while. It will keep the coconut bowls in good shape for an extended time. These coconut bowls and spoons must be kept dry and at a comfortable temperature.

Due to exposure to oxygen in the air and ultraviolet radiation from the sun, coconut bowls and spoons tend to get coarser. Polishing the coconut bowls is the only way to slow this down. The task of polishing is straightforward and inexpensive. Drizzle a few drops of flaxseed, virgin coconut, or linseed oil onto an old cloth or any soft fabric. Rub the surface of these natural treasures, and a quick polish will restore their lustre.

Don'ts of Coconut Bowls

Do not use a microwave on coconut bowls, since coconut bowls and spoons aren’t microwave safe. Wood products are inherently influenced by heat, and at extreme conditions such as those found in a microwave, they will expand and crack. Furthermore, it may induce thermal expansion in the coconut bowls, so it is strongly advised that it not be placed in an oven. For the same reason, because coconut bowls and spoons are cleaned with hot water, it is best to keep them out of the dishwasher.

Coconut bowls and spoons should not be frozen either. Because they are composed of wood, these coconut bowls and spoons can survive moderate cold but not the freezing temperatures. Furthermore, too much cold causes the moisture content in the coconut bowls to rise, resulting in cracks. You can, however, put both hot and cold dishes in coconut bowls and spoons because they can withstand these temperatures for a long time.

Foods containing large amounts of liquid, such as soup, curry, and porridge, should not be left in the coconut bowls overnight. Because wood is porous, it absorbs water and even flavours when exposed to it for an extended period. The meal quality is unaffected, but the coconut bowls will quickly deteriorate.

Coconut bowls are a natural resource at your disposal, but they will stain with time or if they come into touch with dyes. As a result, don't put food with artificial colours in coconut bowls and spoons. 

Only pure coconut, linseed, or flaxseed oil should be used to polish the coconut shell bowls. Vegetable oils react and turn rancid in a few instances, so avoid using them to polish these coconut bowls and spoons. Foods prepared in these eco friendly bowls have a positive impact on the consumer.

Eco-Friendly Bowls

Buying Auric’s eco friendly bowls won’t only improve your life, but also the life of your planet. Here’s how Auric’s eco friendly bowls do that: 

Reduce Waste

Around the world, 50 billion coconuts are produced each year. However, the shells of 85 per cent of these coconuts are discarded. While some people utilise coconut shells to make charcoal, most of them are discarded. They are frequently disposed of by open burning, which adds significantly to CO2 and methane emissions.

To make the world a greener place, we must all work to reduce our carbon footprints. Auric accomplishes this by reusing wasted coconut shells into functional eco friendly bowls. Reclaiming these shells minimises the quantity of trash delivered to landfills and incinerators, which helps to reduce coconut waste. As a result, our coconut shell bowls reduce the harmful greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change.

Unlike standard eco friendly bowls, Auric’s coconut bowls do not necessitate the depletion of natural resources. They reduce the need to gather and use new raw materials because these eco friendly bowls are created from discarded shells, which helps to conserve natural resources. Reclaimed and recycled coconut shell bowls are undoubtedly great for individuals who live a zero-waste and ecological lifestyle.

auric coconut bowls

Promote Sustainability

Living a sustainable life implies avoiding natural resource usage and depletion. Our coconut bowls support sustainability by repurposing waste rather than consuming new natural resources and campaigning for sustainable farming. 

These coconut shell bowls avoid depleting raw resources by using discarded coconut shells instead of porcelain, metal, plastic, and other materials. As a result, these coconut bowls and spoons are ideal for a sustainable lifestyle because they give coconut trash a new purpose.

Apart from that, we consider production of these eco friendly bowls to be a sort of social entrepreneurship. Making coconut bowls is also a practical way to help coconut farmers' lives, as they earn less than $2 per day on average.

Biodegradable and Compostable

Coconut bowls are created from coconut shells, one of their best features. These eco friendly bowls are noted for their durability, and some of them are pulverised and used to make coconut shell powder concrete (CSP). When you own a coconut bowl, you can rest assured that it will last a long time and not be damaged by bumps. It will also last for many years if properly cared for and maintained.

You won't have to worry about tossing your coconut bowl if it cracks or breaks. Our coconut shell bowls are biodegradable and compostable since they are constructed entirely of natural coconut shells. They will naturally decompose into organic compounds once they've been disposed of. 

If you're considering utilising coconut bowls and spoons as compost, consider that coconut shells take months to degrade. They can be thrown into a compost pile and ultimately disintegrate, albeit it will take longer than other compostable things. A better solution would be to utilise them as biodegradable, environmentally friendly pots. 

Using coconut bowls as biodegradable planters will improve the appearance of your plants, but it will also save you money on new banks. Additionally, coconut shell bowls can be used as nutritious compost for plants in the future.

Encourage Sustainable Eating and Eco-Friendly Living

It is far from simple to live a sustainable lifestyle. It's tough to live a life without purchasing plastic objects and other products created from artificial chemicals now that we've become accustomed to doing so. However, there is a simple method to make a living sustainably more straightforward, and it begins with selecting eco friendly bowls such as Auric’s coconut bowls.

You may change your surroundings into a more sustainable one by surrounding yourself with sustainable options. This leads to a shift in your identity and, as a result, your way of life. This is because your surroundings can impact your decisions and the habits you develop. When your home is packed with eco-friendly items like coconut shell bowls, you'll be more inspired to live a completely green and sustainable lifestyle. 

Having coconut shell bowls in your kitchen may alter your eating habits. Coconut bowls may motivate you to start eating more sustainably due to the lifestyle changes they can bring about. When you combine that with the natural appearance of these bowls, you might be more tempted to choose locally grown produce and eat more consciously. It all starts with sustainable products like coconut shell bowls, and the rest of your life may simply adapt to your choices and the improvements they bring.Also read All You Need To Know About Coconut Bowls

Authored By : Poorvi Chhajer

About Author : Poorvi is a psychology graduate with a knack for writing and belief in ayurveda.

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