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auric coconut bowls

The adoption of eco-friendly bowls is growing due to increasing environmental concerns linked to advancing technology. This trend is driven by various consequences, including acid rain, poor air quality, water pollution, ozone layer depletion, and the contentious issue of climate change. In response, individuals, organizations, and corporations are actively seeking ways to contribute to global restoration efforts. Auric, as an environmentally conscious company, is dedicated to this cause.

While modern development and utilization have brought progress and prosperity to the world, they often overlook the significance of natural sustainability. Today, resource depletion and the proliferation of hazardous contamination are urgent challenges. At Auric, we are committed to creating a better and more sustainable environment through our range of standard, eco-friendly products, such as our coconut bowls and spoons.

Features of Coconut Bowls

Experience the aesthetic appeal and tactile sensation of wooden utensils with our unique eco-friendly coconut bowls. These bowls offer a natural alternative to conventional products as they can be discarded without polluting the environment.

Here are some notable characteristics of Auric's coconut bowls and spoons:

  1. 100% biodegradable and highly sustainable, these eco-friendly bowls promote responsible consumption and waste reduction.
  2. The production of our coconut bowls supports low-wage laborers and workers, embodying our commitment to environmental and social responsibility.
  3. By using coconut bowls, individuals can find peace of mind, knowing that they are making a positive contribution to the environment.
  4. As one of the most eco-conscious alternatives, these bowls help mitigate the detrimental impact of plastic on our planet.
  5. Reusable and harmless to the oceans, wildlife, and environment, coconut bowls are an environmentally friendly choice.
  6. With their artistic and natural aesthetic, coconut bowls enhance the presentation of salads, smoothies, and stir-fried dishes.
  7. The use of coconut bowls inadvertently encourages healthy and mindful eating habits. They serve as a reminder to appreciate the food we consume, promoting overall well-being.

In summary, Auric's coconut bowls are eco-friendly, sustainable, and visually appealing, offering individuals a practical way to contribute to environmental preservation while enjoying their meals.

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auric coconut bowls

How to Care for Coconut Bowls?

Maintaining coconut bowls is effortless due to their exceptional durability. However, these bowls require some tender care to preserve their radiance and longevity. Let's explore the steps involved. Coconut bowls are environmentally friendly as they are free from chemicals and processing procedures. Nevertheless, unlike plastic or synthetic bowls, coconut bowls, and spoons are naturally formed and lack additional manufacturing processes, making them less durable. Hence, regular cleaning is crucial to keep coconut bowls and spoons in pristine condition, providing a fresh appearance and extending their lifespan.

Cleaning Auric's coconut bowls is a hassle-free process that sets them apart from others. Compared to other wooden utensils, cleaning these bowls is relatively straightforward. After rinsing the bowls and spoons with warm soapy water, gently wipe them with a soft cloth. Allow them to air dry on a dish rack, ensuring proper maintenance. It is important to keep these coconut bowls and spoons dry and at a comfortable temperature.

Over time, coconut bowls and spoons tend to become rough due to exposure to oxygen and UV radiation. Polishing is a simple and cost-effective way to slow down this process. Apply a few drops of flaxseed, virgin coconut, or linseed oil onto an old cloth or any soft fabric. Rub the surface of these natural treasures, and a quick polish will restore their lustrous appearance.

Don'ts of Coconut Bowls

  1. Avoid microwaving coconut bowls and spoons as they are not microwave-safe due to their sensitivity to heat. Extreme conditions in the microwave can cause them to expand and crack. Similarly, it is advisable to refrain from placing them in the oven to prevent thermal expansion. Additionally, since hot water is used for cleaning, it is recommended to keep them out of the dishwasher.

  2. Do not freeze coconut bowls and spoons as they are made of wood and can withstand moderate cold but not freezing temperatures. Excessive cold can lead to cracks due to increased moisture content. However, these bowls and spoons can safely accommodate hot and cold dishes for extended periods.

  3. It is recommended not to leave liquid-rich foods like soup, curry, and porridge in coconut bowls overnight. Wood's porous nature allows it to absorb water and flavors when exposed for prolonged periods. Although the quality of the meal remains unaffected, the coconut bowls will deteriorate quickly.

  4. To prevent staining, avoid using foods with artificial colors in coconut bowls and spoons. Since coconut bowls are a natural resource, they can be susceptible to staining over time or when in contact with dyes.

  5. When polishing coconut shell bowls, only use pure coconut, linseed, or flaxseed oil. Avoid using vegetable oils as they may react and become rancid in some cases. Choosing these eco-friendly bowls for meal preparation has a positive impact on consumers.

Eco-Friendly Bowls

Auric's eco-friendly bowls offer benefits not only to individuals but also to the environment. Here's how our eco-friendly bowls achieve this:

Waste Reduction

Globally, around 50 billion coconuts are produced annually, but 85% of the shells go to waste. While some shells are used for charcoal, most end up discarded, often through open burning, leading to increased CO2 and methane emissions.

To create a greener world, it's essential to reduce our carbon footprint. Auric addresses this by repurposing discarded coconut shells into functional eco-friendly bowls. This reclamation process minimizes landfill waste and incineration, helping to reduce coconut waste and the harmful greenhouse gas emissions contributing to climate change.

Unlike traditional eco-friendly bowls, Auric's coconut bowls don't require depleting natural resources. By utilizing discarded shells, our bowls reduce the need for new raw materials, preserving natural resources. Reclaimed and recycled coconut shell bowls are particularly suitable for zero-waste and eco-conscious lifestyles.

auric coconut bowls

Promoting Sustainability

Living sustainably involves minimizing the use and depletion of natural resources. Our coconut bowls contribute to sustainability by repurposing waste instead of relying on new resources. Additionally, we support sustainable farming practices.

These coconut shell bowls are an excellent choice for a sustainable lifestyle as they avoid depleting raw resources by utilizing discarded coconut shells instead of materials like porcelain, metal, or plastic.

Moreover, producing these eco-friendly bowls aligns with the principles of social entrepreneurship, providing a practical means to improve the lives of coconut farmers who often earn less than $2 per day on average.

Biodegradable and Compostable

Coconut bowls, made from durable coconut shells, are known for their longevity. These eco-friendly bowls are resistant to damage and can withstand impact. With proper care, they can last for many years.

Additionally, there's no need to worry about disposing of cracked or broken coconut bowls. Our coconut shell bowls are completely biodegradable and compostable, as they consist solely of natural coconut shells. Once disposed of, they naturally decompose into organic compounds.

If you plan to use coconut bowls as compost, keep in mind that coconut shells take months to degrade. While they can be added to a compost pile and eventually disintegrate, it may take longer than other compostable materials. Alternatively, they can serve as biodegradable and environmentally friendly planters.

By using coconut bowls as biodegradable planters, not only will your plants look more appealing, but you'll also save money on purchasing new pots. Moreover, coconut shell bowls can be used as nutritious compost for future plant growth.

Encourage Sustainable Eating and Eco-Friendly Living

Adopting a sustainable lifestyle is not without challenges, especially when we're accustomed to using plastic and synthetic products. However, choosing eco-friendly options like Auric's coconut bowls can simplify the journey towards sustainability.

Surrounding yourself with sustainable choices can transform your environment into a more eco-friendly one. This influences your identity and lifestyle, as your surroundings shape your decisions and habits. When your home is filled with eco-friendly items like coconut shell bowls, you'll be more motivated to embrace a fully green and sustainable lifestyle.

Having coconut shell bowls in your kitchen can also influence your eating habits. The presence of coconut bowls may inspire you to adopt more sustainable eating practices, such as choosing locally-grown produce and being mindful of your consumption. The natural aesthetics of these bowls further enhance their appeal and encourage conscious choices. It all begins with sustainable products like coconut shell bowls, and your choices can lead to positive changes in your life.

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Authored By: Poorvi Chhajer

About the Author: Poorvi is a psychology graduate with a knack for writing and a belief in Ayurveda.

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