5 Reasons To Buy Auric Coconut Spoons And Bowls

auric spoons and bowls

Coconut bowls and utensils represent sustainability, showcasing the innovative use of a natural resource. The idea highlights the proper disposal of coconut waste, fostering a stronger connection to nature during meals. 

Curious about the distinctiveness of coconut shell spoons and bowls?  The uniqueness of coconut shell utensils lies in their creation from biodegradable materials, transforming discarded shells into functional products. This exemplifies the potential for reusing and upcycling items.

Coconut shell spoons and bowls, crafted from unused shells, stand out amid synthetic counterparts. The allure of organic coconut utensils transforms our perspective on nature's touch, driving meaningful change. Additionally, coconut shells offer versatility for decorative items and toys, sharing qualities with traditional utensils.

The Coconut Bowl Journey

Coconut bowls and spoons were produced in large quantities in Vietnam as they realised that 99% of the coconut shells were disposed of as waste. It ranges to billions of shells every year. Therefore, they planned on using a team of talented artisans to make a super safe and uniquely different product, 100% natural with no toxins, BPA, plastics and synthetics.

How Coconut Bowls and Spoons are Made

Production of coconut bowls and spoons involves the following materials:

  • Fully grown coconuts
  • Sandpaper
  • Brush
  • Linseed oil
  • Hand saw

Coconut bowls and spoons primarily originate from coconut milk, meat, and oil extraction. Initial steps include halving the coconut using a hand saw, carefully opening it to reserve the water, and gently removing the flesh. The extracted flesh can be used for shredded coconut, flakes, or coconut milk. Sandpaper is then used to refine the surface, utilizing medium-grain sandpaper to preserve natural patterns without causing damage.

The remaining undesired coconut shells are not burned to avoid harmful CO2 and methane emissions. Instead, they are meticulously cleaned and uniformly scraped to create smooth coconut bowls and spoons, minimizing waste. These products possess a natural sheen, and in some cases, additional polishing enhances their appearance. Linseed oil is applied both inside and outside, with the interior of the coconut bowl receiving special attention for an authentic look. This final step is repeated five times for food safety and requires room-temperature drying.

For added visual appeal, intricate drawings and designs are skillfully carved into the outer layer of coconut bowls, showcasing the creativity and expertise of the artisans. Such craftsmanship contributes significantly to the value and pricing of coconut bowls and spoons, reflecting the precision and beauty of the designs.

Auric coconut bowls

5 Reasons To Buy Auric Coconut Bowls and Spoons

Achieve the look and texture of wooden kitchen tools featuring unique attributes crafted from coconut material. Coconut spoons represent a natural blessing, as they can be discarded without harming the environment, setting them apart from other items.

The exclusive qualities of coconut bowls and spoons encompass:

  • Environmentally Conscious

    Auric Coconut Bowls and Spoons embody remarkable sustainability, being fully biodegradable at a 100% level. A coconut bowl and spoon exemplify an advanced waste-reducing product, curbing the adverse impact of plastic on our global ecosystem.

    Coconut bowls provide a gateway to embracing a sustainable lifestyle. These bowls are entirely natural, eco-friendly, and generate zero waste. Countless coconut shells are annually discarded, burned, or disposed of, releasing methane and CO2 when incinerated. Thus, coconut bowls contribute positively to environmental conservation.

    • Ethical Production

      The crafting of coconut spoons contributes to job opportunities for low-wage laborers and workers, fostering responsible citizenship in safeguarding both the environment and human well-being.

      Coconut Spoons and bowls provide peace of mind since they remind people that they are doing their part to save the environment.

      • Reusability

        Coconut spoons and bowls are reusable and pose no harm to oceans, wildlife, or the ecosystem. These creative resources harmonize splendidly with salads, smoothies, and sautéed dishes.

        • Promoting Well-being 

          Coincidentally, coconut spoons and bowls have been observed to promote health-conscious eating habits and mindful consumption among people. Serving food in plant-based bowls reinforces gratitude for sustenance, positively impacting overall health.

          • User-Friendly Maintenance and Prolonged Longevity

            The remarkable durability of coconut spoons and bowls ensures effortless maintenance. Though a little care is needed to maintain their radiance and attractiveness over an extended period. Coconut bowls are devoid of chemicals and processing, aligning with eco-friendliness.

            Conversely, coconut shell spoons and bowls lack the durability of plastic or synthetic counterparts due to their natural formation. Regular cleaning is the key to preserving their pristine condition. This practice imparts a fresh appearance and extends their lifespan.

            Coconut bowls are renowned for their straightforward cleaning procedures, making them considerably easier to handle than other wooden utensils. After washing with warm soapy water, a gentle wipe with a cloth suffices. Air drying on a dish rack further prolongs their excellent condition. Keeping them dry and at a comfortable temperature is essential.

            Wood tends to coarsen over time due to oxygen exposure and UV radiation from the sun. Polishing coconut bowls offers a solution to mitigate this process. Polishing is a simple and economical procedure. Apply a small amount of flaxseed, virgin coconut, or linseed oil to a soft fabric. Gently rub the surface of these natural items for rejuvenation.

            Dos and Don'ts of Coconut Bowls and Spoons

            There are a few dos and don'ts to follow to keep coconut spoons and bowls in their finest shape for as long as possible.

            Dos of Coconut Bowls and Spoons

            Utilize coconut bowls and spoons to maintain motivation for healthy eating. The quality of your diet has a significant impact on your overall physical health. Explore online for nourishing recipes and adopt them for optimal benefits. Additionally, promote the advantages of coconut utensils by sharing your nutritious creations like a bowl with banana, chia seeds, berries, and cashew spread.

            Don'ts of Coconut Bowls and Spoons

            Avoid utilizing a microwave to cook in coconut bowls. Microwaves generate excessive heat that can cause expansion and cracks in wooden products. Similarly, the coconut utensils mustn't be exposed to oven heat due to potential thermal expansion. Dishwashing isn't suitable for coconut bowls due to the use of hot water.

            Freezing a coconut dish is ill-advised due to its wooden composition. Refrigeration is permissible, but freezing leads to heightened moisture levels and subsequent fractures. These bowls are versatile for hot and cold contents.

            Liquids such as soup, curry, and oatmeal should not linger in coconut bowls overnight. Wood's porous nature results in water absorption and flavor retention, degrading the bowls over time. Meal quality remains unaffected, but bowl integrity is compromised.

            Coconut bowls, being a natural resource, can stain over time or when exposed to food dyes. Thus, avoid placing artificially colored foods in them. The wooden coconut bowl and spoon share this trait.

            For polishing, use pure coconut, linseed, or flaxseed oil on the bowls. Certain vegetable oils can become rancid under unfavorable conditions, impacting both the utensils and the prepared foods.

            The Takeaway

            Savor enhanced flavors in a coconut bowl, evoking tropical bliss with every bite. Unmatched sustainability arises from its natural origin, a byproduct of nature, enabling the creation of valuable goods like unique crockery for transformative experiences. Experience nature's essence daily through Auric's Coconut Bowls and Spoons handcrafted from genuine coconut shells.

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            Authored By: Poorvi Chhajer

            About the Author: Poorvi is a psychology graduate with a knack for writing and a belief in Ayurveda.

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