What Makes Tea a Very Popular Hot Beverage in Many Countries?

What Makes Tea a Very Popular Hot Beverage in Many Countries?

Tea is one of the most delicious and healthy beverages that is consumed by millions around the world. Apart from the aromatic flavor and wonderful taste it comes with, tea is also a great source of several health benefits. Tea, whether it is green or black, is often very useful when it comes to treating your body. It has been associated with improving the skin, offering better metabolism, and more. If you are new to the world of tea, know how to enjoy & make masala chai—hidden health benefits of black tea. Tea can be your favorite health companion and if you are an avid drinker of it, you are in for some amazing benefits. Auric’s Kadak Masala Chai is packed with a wide range of natural ingredients. The powerful vitamins & minerals and natural immunity boosters in this tea will help your metabolism to improve significantly in the coming days.

A myriad of health benefits has made tea one of the most popular hot beverages in the world. Kadak Masala Chai by Auric can be your go-to tea companion. The following are some of the top reasons why tea is such a popular beverage.

Reasons For Tea Being a Popular Beverage

1. It Revs Up Your Metabolism

Boosting your metabolism should be one of the main health concerns throughout your life. The stronger your metabolism is, the better it is for you to enjoy a more fruitful lifestyle. When you have a healthy metabolism, it delivers more energy to the body, better muscles & more efficiency. Different kinds of tea like green, oolong and black have proven to be very effective in decreasing the overall calorie count and helps to reduce body fat. It has been found that those who consumed a couple of cups of Auric Kadak Chai in a day on a regular basis have lower body fat. 

So, if you are stressed about the fact that your metabolism is not strong enough, then drinking tea can be the best way to work towards it. You can even consult with your physician regarding which kind of tea can work the best for you. Auric’s Kadak Masala Chai is crafted to help your metabolism feel more energetic. We have curated this product to help our customers enjoy better health and wellness.

2. It's Anti-Inflammatory

Top 10 Anti-Inflammatory Foods for Less Risk of Heart Disease

A very useful reason why tea is a popular beverage is that it has anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is one of the serious problems that people have faced for several years now. It is the root cause of trouble for various diseases. However, if you drink tea regularly along with top 10 anti-inflammatory foods for less risk of heart disease, you can combat this issue with real effectiveness. Tea has a good amount of antioxidant polyphenols that can resist any kind of inflammation and helps to keep you healthy over time. Auric natural tea can help you to combat bowel inflammation problems as well. If you want to keep inflammation at bay, then the tea is one of the best beverages you need to drink.

3. Reduces the Risk of Chronic Diseases

A very important study found out that among 40,000 people, those who drank tea regularly had a lower risk of being contracted with heart disease, stroke, and cancer. People who consumed tea every day had  a16% lower risk of being affected by any cardiovascular disease. Auric Kadak Chai is one of the best options in this case as it can directly affect hypertension and obesity which are some of the major reasons for chronic diseases in the human body. Such diseases are very common around the world. If you want to keep such health issues at bay, then drinking tea can very much help you. Chronic diseases can slowly affect your entire body and affect your mental health as well.

4. Improves Insulin Sensitivity

Tea has the ability to reduce complications that arise from diabetes. Diabetes is a silent killer. It can affect your health more than you can imagine. It has different risks involved like early death and poor lifestyle. Research has shown that tea can actually improve insulin sensitivity and protect the pancreatic cells from any major damage. It also reduces inflammation and that can benefit those who are already at risk of diabetes. Our tea helps to maintain an optimal balance in the overall insulin levels of the body over time. Better insulin levels in the body can contribute to positive brain health and cognition.

5. Good For the Brain

Tea and brain health can go a long way. Regular consumption of tea can lower the risk of being diagnosed with any kind of disease related to the brain like Alzheimer's disease. Even though the main cause behind this medical abnormality is still not clear and there is no cure for it to date. But, scientists believe that the goodness of tea can actually help the brain to function more efficiently and makes it more active. At Auric, we have made a tea that can give a major boost to your memory and increase the attention span for preventing any cognitive decline.

6. Can Aid in Cancer

Top 10 Anti-Inflammatory Foods for Less Risk of Heart Disease

This is even more true when you are drinking Auric’s tea on a daily basis. Green tea is especially more fruitful when we are talking about cancer. It has catechin EGCG which is a potent antioxidant that has been reported to fight cancer cells. Lab tests have found that EGCG can actually reduce metastasis which improves the overall possibility of recovery from cancers of the breasts, lungs, colon, and many more. A very interesting study showed that Japanese women who drank more than 10 cups of tea every day had a major 7-year delay in their cancer onset. Cancer is still a medical condition that has no proper treatment or curable medicine. That's why you should follow all the possible ways which will help to curb the carcinogenic cells.

7. Good for the Mouth

Sugar syrups and juices are not really good for your mouth. But, teas can surely help you to maintain better oral health over the course of time. Tea has an optimal balance of fluoride and that helps to keep the bacteria at bay inside the mouth. It can work to reduce the different risks that are involved with periodontal disease and cavities. Even if you have been brushing your teeth twice a day for several years now, drinking tea can contribute to even better oral health. Lack of proper oral health can not only affect your teeth and gums, but can also lead to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

8. It May Boost Fertility

Tea is an all-rounder hot beverage that has a myriad of benefits that helps you lead a better life in every sense. It has been found that oxidative stress can be a major cause for fertility issues in women. Tea is a great way to boost fertility and reduce any medical issues that affect the same. It works for both men and women. Extensive research is still pending on this topic but the preliminary findings are very promising as of now. Our tea is packed with high-quality Vitamins A, C, D and K which are the most essential minerals that the body needs to function effectively.

9. It's Hydrating

Keeping your body hydrated is a very important thing that you need to take care of. Previously it was believed that tea or coffee contributed to dehydration but research has finally proved it wrong. This is because of the diuretic effect it came with. Recently it was found that tea can help your body to hydrate. If you drink 2-3 cups of Auric tea every day, then it will help your body to stay hydrated like water. Our tea is especially effective for hydrating your body. When your body remains hydrated enough, it helps it to retain more energy and allows you to work hard. Lack of hydration can lead to several health problems.

10. Good for Mental Health

Drinking tea is an amazing way to take care of your mental health. Without well-balanced mental health, it is not possible to maintain a nice physical condition. Both of them are correlated. Tea helps to reduce stress, anxiety and promotes good sleep at night. That is the reason why you feel more fresh and rejuvenated if you are suffering from burnout because of your daily work schedule. We have crafted a wonderful tea that helps to keep your mind calm and feel more confident. As a result of which you feel more positive and active. When you have good mental health, it contributes to the overall wellness that you experience in life. It has been found that tea can cure a person of conditions like insomnia. Lack of sleep is a major problem these days and we believe our tea can definitely help you to combat this condition.

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Tea and hot beverages surely have some of the best benefits that you can enjoy for a better lifestyle and health. Tea is easily available everywhere. Regardless of the kind of tea you are planning to consume, all of them can deliver some amazing results if infused with the top 7 ingredients to add to your cup of tea.  So, order a pack of delicious Auric’s Kadak Masala Chai and take a step towards a fit and healthy lifestyle.

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