Specialty Coffee: What Makes Gourmet Coffee So Special?

Auric gourmet coffee

Since coffee was introduced, it has been the most famous drink globally. We have created so many variations, and it is mainly agreed that there's no going back once you start drinking coffee. 

People consider coffee as an emotion. Once it becomes a part of your daily routine, you can not start your day without it. It is like the daily dose of energy you require to complete your tasks. Many of you consider your coffee as gourmet coffee just because the company says so. 

Let me first tell you what gourmet coffee is. There is no such body to determine if coffee is gourmet or not. In recent times, it is primarily dependent on the customer to decide. You can also find gourmet coffee online on some websites.

Types of Coffee Beans

Broadly, if we talk about coffee beans, there are just two types. It includes Arabica and Robusta. Arabica beans are exceptionally delicate, and gardeners find it very difficult to grow them out of two varieties. It does not even grow in all the regions. When compared to Robusta, it grows in comparatively more areas. The Arabica beans have their explicit aroma, making the variety very valuable.

To prepare a great cup of gourmet coffee, you will require premium quality Arabica beans. Only true coffee lovers will be able to differentiate between the two types of coffee beans. If you do not consume the coffee gourmet within three days of its production, you will not be able to enjoy it thoroughly because its aroma and flavours are all gone within three days.

How to Find Out if the Coffee is Gourmet?

If you are not a fan of strong coffees and are drinking gourmet coffee for the first time, you will probably figure it out based on its taste and smell. If you feel that the coffee is stronger and has a different aroma than the regular ones, you probably have your hands-on coffee gourmet.

If you still have doubts in your mind, then you can always do some investigation of your own. It is best to refer to the package of the coffee and check the ingredients list. The company will mention if the coffee is prepared using Arabica beans.

It can be possible that the coffee is 100% Arabica, a combination of both, or Robusta. If you cannot find the data on the package, you can assume that Robusta beans were used. 

However, that does not degrade the quality of your coffee.

If you purchase gourmet coffee online, all you can do is check the specifications from the package or judge it when you make it for the first time.

Auric gourmet coffee

The Speciality of Gourmet Coffee

We have heard so much about gourmet coffee that we are ready to pay such high prices. But is the hype worth it? What is so particular about coffee gourmet that it has so many crazy fans?

The entire process of making this coffee, right from the start of selecting the suitable grains to the final packaging, is done with utmost care. 

  • Plantation of coffee grains

    You need to cultivate the coffee plant with great attention. It requires an altitude of 500 to 800 meters for its production. It can only be grown in subtropical climates and is very sensitive to heat and humidity. Therefore, all the effort is required to get the unique aroma and taste of the coffee beans.

    • Grain harvesting

      In the case of Arabica coffee, every coffee grain is collected by hand with the special attention it deserves, unlike the other coffee grains that can be collected using machines. The selection of the coffee grains should be very precise. You have to ensure that all the coffee grains are ripe and that there is no other disturbing element.

      • Wet process

        Once you finish the harvesting process, you need to remove the pulp from the coffee grains entirely. The pulp is referred to as coffee honey. Once the pulp is removed, all the grains are thrown into a water tank for 24 hours.

        • Sun-dried

          After the grains are left in the tank for a day, they are loaded with excess moisture. After that, they are spread on a flat surface in the sun to dry. Following this, you obtain the coffee grains that are comparatively less humid.

          • Artisan roasting

            In this step, the coffee grains are roasted carefully in small batches. It is an essential step to making your coffee gourmet. During roasting, the coffee gets its characteristic aroma and flavour.  

            • Packaging:

              It is the last but the most crucial step in the entire process. After the coffee grains are well roasted, they are packed well to preserve their flavour.

              This process is completed with utmost attention before the coffee reaches you in packed form. The care required to finish the entire process makes the coffee gourmet. Therefore, the flavour and aroma are also very different.

              Different Types of Gourmet Coffee

              There are so many different types of gourmet coffee and don't even get me started on the combinations of different kinds of flavours and coffee gourmet. If you are new to this, you will have a hard time selecting a coffee for yourself because of the availability of a wide range of options.

              The Columbian gourmet coffee will satisfy you if you are a very strong coffee lover. It has a very bold flavour along with its rich aroma. When we talk of combining coffee gourmet with different flavours, I assure you that it goes very well with exquisite flavours like french vanilla, hazelnut, cookies and cream, caramel, cinnamon, and roasted almond. Infusing chocolate flavour is my personal favourite.

              There are also some varieties of gourmet coffees available during some particular seasons. For instance, if you want to enjoy the flavours of a pumpkin pie, you can go for coffee gourmet flavours like pumpkin spice. It gives you the exact flavour of your favourite dessert but is unavailable throughout the year.

              Nowadays, you can easily find gourmet coffee online. Auric is one of the best brands that offers gourmet coffee.

              Instant Gourmet Coffee

              Instant gourmet coffee is nothing different than actual ground gourmet coffee, but it has already been brewed into drinkable coffee. You need to cool down the liquid and dry it using various processes to leave only the solid part of the coffee.

              The most common process of drying the liquid is by spraying the brewed coffee in a huge tower. Further warm air is circulated in that tower. You can dry the coffee particles quickly and collect them when they gather at the bottom.

              After you collect the dried coffee particles, you need to add a little moisture to them so that they can clump together and form granules. Those granules like substances are then packed and sold in the market as instant gourmet coffee.

              To be precise, instant gourmet coffee is made from ground gourmet coffee that is already brewed. But there is a very vast difference in the taste and aroma of both the coffees.

              Gourmet coffee has a pleasant taste and aroma, whereas instant gourmet coffees do not have any smell and often taste very bitter. If you have the actual brewed coffee made using ground gourmet coffee, you will never want to taste the instant gourmet coffee again.

              Although practically, we can't brew coffee every day for you as we all indulge in busy schedules. Therefore, we prefer instant gourmet coffees every day. There are several good points about instant gourmet coffee too.

              Benefits of Instant Gourmet Coffee

              Although the taste and aroma of ground coffee are way better, instant gourmet coffee is also not bad. In day-to-day life, this acts as a saviour for many of us. Personally, even I prefer instant gourmet coffee over ground coffee due to several reasons. Here are a few of them.

              • Can dissolve in liquids

                No one can brew coffee everywhere they go. Ground coffee does not dissolve in liquids, but instant coffee can dissolve in any liquid. Thus, you can make coffee anywhere and anytime using instant gourmet coffee.

                • Caffeine content

                  Ground coffee usually has a very high caffeine content than instant gourmet coffee. You can extract the caffeine from ground coffee when you brew it using boiling water, but the caffeine content of instant gourmet coffee depends on the manufacturer.

                  You can easily choose a brand of instant gourmet coffee that has caffeine content according to your requirement.

                  • Budget-friendly

                    If you drink more than 2 cups of coffee regularly, it might be very costly for you to purchase the ground coffee and brew it. It is available for a lesser price if you drink instant gourmet coffee, but it slightly degrades the quality.

                    • Instant coffee does not consume much time

                      When you use ground coffee, you have to wait for a few minutes, clean the machine on your own, and throw away the coffee grounds before enjoying the drink. 

                      In the case of instant coffee, you do not need to spend any time. Just pour the coffee into the liquid of your choice and mix it. You can enjoy the drink without any effort.

                      It will make you shift to instant gourmet coffee very soon. Although the taste is very different, it is very convenient too. You can order gourmet coffee online very quickly.

                      Buy Gourmet Coffee Online

                      You can easily purchase gourmet coffee online without actually putting in the effort of going to the market. Purchasing gourmet coffee online can be beneficial because you can check all the specifications beforehand along with the reviews. Auric is one such brand that offers gourmet coffee online at reasonable prices. It offers freshly roasted coffee with the goodness of turmeric. This adds to the benefits of coffee gourmet. Auric gourmet coffee with turmeric has a rich aroma and great taste, making it the one to opt for.  

                      Now, you don’t have to go to a cafe to have great coffee as Auric gourmet coffee tastes like cafe coffee. So, what are you waiting for? Order your pack today!Also read Top 10 Benefits of Gourmet Instant Coffee


                      Auric gourmet coffee


                      Authored By : Poorvi Chhajer

                      About Author : Poorvi is a psychology graduate with a knack for writing and belief in ayurveda.

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