Specialty Coffee: What Makes Gourmet Coffee So Special?

Auric gourmet coffee

Coffee has achieved global renown since its introduction, spawning numerous variations, and once initiated into its consumption, it becomes an irrevocable preference.

Coffee is perceived as an emotional indulgence, integral to one's daily routine, providing the necessary energy for task completion. Some individuals may label their coffee as gourmet based on marketing claims.

Allow us to provide a professional definition of gourmet coffee. Currently, there is no official governing body that certifies coffee as "gourmet." Instead, the classification predominantly relies on customer discernment. Gourmet coffee can also be conveniently purchased through various online platforms.

Types of Coffee Beans

In the realm of coffee beans, there are primarily two types: Arabica and Robusta. Arabica beans are known for their delicate nature and limited cultivability, thriving in specific regions. On the other hand, Robusta beans have a broader geographical range for cultivation. Arabica beans possess a distinct and valuable aroma.

For crafting an exceptional cup of gourmet coffee, opting for high-quality Arabica beans is essential. True coffee connoisseurs can discern the nuances between these two varieties. The full enjoyment of gourmet coffee is time-sensitive, as its aroma and flavors diminish within three days from production.

How to Find Out if the Coffee is Gourmet?

When trying gourmet coffee for the first time, those unaccustomed to strong coffees may discern its distinct taste and aroma. If you find it more potent and with a different fragrance compared to regular coffees, it is likely a gourmet blend.

To dispel any uncertainties, conducting your own investigation is advisable. Consult the coffee package and inspect the ingredients list; reputable companies will specify the use of Arabica beans.

The coffee might consist of 100% Arabica, a blend of both Arabica and Robusta or solely Robusta. In the absence of this information on the package, it is reasonable to assume the presence of Robusta beans.

Nonetheless, it does not compromise the coffee's quality.

When purchasing gourmet coffee online, you can assess its specifications on the package or evaluate its quality upon initial preparation.

Auric gourmet coffee

The Speciality of Gourmet Coffee

We have received significant attention regarding gourmet coffee, prompting us to consider its premium pricing. However, does the elevated reputation align with its true value? What distinguishes gourmet coffee to elicit such passionate enthusiasts?

The entire coffee-making process, from meticulous grain selection to impeccable packaging, is executed with the utmost diligence.

  • Plantation of coffee grains

    Gourmet coffee demands meticulous cultivation, thriving at altitudes between 500 to 800 meters in subtropical climates, sensitive to heat and humidity, to achieve its unique aroma and taste.

    • Grain harvesting

      Arabica coffee beans, integral to gourmet coffee, require delicate hand-picking, ensuring only ripe and flawless beans are selected, setting them apart from other machine-harvested varieties.

      • Wet process

        Post-harvest, meticulous removal of coffee honey (pulp) is undertaken, followed by a 24-hour water tank soak to achieve optimal results.

        • Sun-dried

          Moisture-laden beans are sun-dried on a flat surface, resulting in comparatively less humid coffee beans.

          • Artisan roasting

            Small-batch technique, careful roasting is pivotal in attaining the distinct gourmet coffee aroma and flavor.

            • Packaging

              The final crucial step involves meticulous packaging to preserve the coffee's unique flavor.

              The gourmet coffee production process, from cultivation to packaging, is executed with the utmost care, leading to its distinctive and exceptional flavor and aroma.

              Different Types of Gourmet Coffee

              With a myriad of gourmet coffee options and delightful flavor combinations available, selecting a coffee can be challenging for newcomers due to the wide range of choices.

              For those who favor strong coffee, the Colombian gourmet variety offers a bold flavor and rich aroma, especially when paired with exquisite flavors like French vanilla, hazelnut, cookies and cream, caramel, cinnamon, and roasted almond. Personally, I enjoy infusing it with a hint of chocolate.

              Seasonally, certain gourmet coffee varieties, such as pumpkin spice, provide the delightful flavors of desserts like pumpkin pie, though they may not be available year-round.

              Gourmet coffee is now easily accessible online, with Auric being one of the top brands offering gourmet coffee.

              Instant Gourmet Coffee

              Instant gourmet coffee is simply ground gourmet coffee that has undergone brewing, resulting in a drinkable form. The liquid is subsequently cooled and dried through diverse methods, leaving behind solely the solid coffee component.

              The typical drying process for liquid coffee involves spraying it in a large tower and circulating warm air within. This quickly dries the coffee particles, which can then be collected from the bottom.

              Once the dried coffee particles are gathered, a slight moisture addition enables cohesive granulation for packaging and sale as instant gourmet coffee.

              Instant gourmet coffee is derived from pre-brewed, ground gourmet coffee, yet it possesses distinct taste and aroma disparities.

              Gourmet coffee offers delightful flavor and aroma, whereas instant gourmet coffee lacks scent and often carries a bitter taste. Once you savor freshly brewed, ground-gourmet coffee, you'll likely shun the instant alternative.

              Due to our busy schedules, we cannot brew coffee daily. Hence, we opt for instant gourmet coffees, which offer several advantages as well.

              Benefits of Instant Gourmet Coffee

              Instant gourmet coffee provides a viable alternative to the superior taste and aroma of ground coffee, serving as a practical solution in our daily lives. Personally, we, too, prefer instant gourmet coffee for several compelling reasons, which are outlined below.

              • Ease of Dissolution in Liquids

                Unlike ground coffee, which requires brewing equipment, instant gourmet coffee easily dissolves in any liquid, granting the freedom to prepare coffee conveniently anywhere and anytime.

                • Varied Caffeine Content

                  Notably, the caffeine content in instant gourmet coffee differs from that of ground coffee, typically being lower. The caffeine extraction from ground coffee during the brewing process contrasts with the fixed caffeine content offered by various instant gourmet coffee brands, allowing consumers to choose according to their caffeine requirements.

                  • Cost-Effective Option

                    For regular consumers of more than two cups of coffee, the cost of purchasing and brewing ground coffee can be considerable. In comparison, instant gourmet coffee provides a more budget-friendly option, albeit with a slight compromise on quality.

                    • Time Efficiency

                      Utilizing ground coffee demands time for brewing, cleaning the equipment, and discarding used coffee grounds before enjoyment.

                      Conversely, preparing instant coffee involves a straightforward process of pouring the coffee into the chosen liquid and stirring, eliminating the need for any additional time or effort.

                      While the taste may differ, the convenience offered by instant gourmet coffee is undeniable. The ability to swiftly order gourmet coffee online further reinforces its appeal, making it a compelling option for coffee enthusiasts seeking efficiency and flavor in their daily caffeine fix.

                      Buy Gourmet Coffee Online

                      Purchasing gourmet coffee online provides a convenient alternative to visiting physical markets. The online platform offers the advantage of reviewing detailed specifications and customer feedback before making a purchase.

                      Auric stands out as a notable brand offering competitively priced gourmet coffee with the unique addition of turmeric, enhancing its appeal. The blend of freshly roasted coffee and the goodness of turmeric contributes to a delightful and aromatic coffee experience, akin to that of a premium café.

                      Embrace this opportunity and place your order for Auric's gourmet coffee today, eliminating the need to visit a café for an exceptional coffee indulgence.

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                      Auric gourmet coffee


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