What is the best time for beauty sleep ?

Beauty Sleep

When the body is in a deep, restful sleep, the skin's metabolism increases and cell turnover and renewal escalates,” Dr. Engelman says, noting that this happens between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m.

The key to beauty is adequate sleep. You need to give your body the amount of sleep it requires. Your body needs to be kept hydrated throughout the day so that the glow is consistent on the face. If you use many branded products to increase your beauty, do not eat enough nutrients, and do not have a sound sleep, you will look dull and tired, decreasing your beauty. Here are some benefits of beauty sleep as well as benefits of sleep for your skin.

Benefits of Beauty Sleep

  • Fewer Wrinkles

The skin makes new collagen when we are asleep. It is therefore listed as the benefits of sleep for your skin. When we are asleep, the skin rejuvenates itself and prevents the skin from sagging. More collagen means the skin becomes softer and plumper.  

  • A glowing complexion

The benefits of sleep for your skin can also be reaped as proper sleep leads to blood circulation. You will have glowing and radiant skin when you have a sound sleep. If you apply some make-up over your naturally glowing skin, you shall look even more beautiful. The benefits of beauty sleep are highlighted by applying make-up to your skin.

  • Brighter, less puffy eyes

There are benefits of sleep for your skin related to getting relief from under-eye bags. If you do not have a proper sleep, the first thing that explains it is the eyes. Your eyes carry heavy melanin bags. Another reason, if you did not sleep properly and keep your skin hydrated, you would also have glowing skin. Melanin is a dark-colored pigment produced by the skin. If there is overproduction of melanin, it may lead to dark skin.

Genetic issues can also cause dark circles. If it is a genetic problem, the benefits of beauty sleep can reduce it but not altogether remove it. 

  • Healthier, Fuller Hair

The beauty of a person also lies in the growth of hair. The blood circulation increases when we fall asleep. The hair follicles gain nutrients and minerals from blood flow. The benefits of sleep for your skin can be seen in the thickness and length of hair. The benefits of beauty sleep provide lengthy, shinier, and thicker hair. Sleep deprivation leads to increased production of cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that leads to hair damage and hair fall. So it is better to sleep appropriately.

  • Happier, Healthier Appearance

When you do not get adequate sleep, you shall feel tired and have a frown on your face, which shall be a decreasing point in your beauty. The benefits of sleep for your skin lie in our happiness too. When you sleep in appropriate amounts, you will be stress relieved; there will be zero amount of sadness in your facial expression. A healthier and happier face will be seen now. Thus, this perfectly answers the question: What is beauty sleep.

  • Products work better

The benefits of sleep for your skin can mainly be observed at night. Skin repairs itself at night rather than during the day. Skin products work even better at night. At night the skin absorbs more water, so the benefits of beauty sleep are seen better at night. If you apply a night cream moisturizer, it will be more effective. It helps your skin to help to replenish itself. After observing the benefits of sleep on your skin, we can follow the benefits of beauty sleep by applying the night cream moisturizer.  

  • Fewer Breakouts 

 Beauty sleep is natural. The benefits of sleep for your skin are utilized in our sleeping hours than daytime. The skin repairs itself by covering the open pores on the skin, which may lead to pimples. The skin absorbs the vitamins and minerals needed as nutrients for the skin and therefore keeps the skin healthy and glowing. Pimples are primarily observed in youngsters. They usually run the entire day for their studies. They have a stressful life. The benefits of beauty sleep can be observed; once they go to sleep after a tired and hectic day, the benefits of beauty sleep play a significant role now. It explains what beauty sleep concerns youngsters.

  • Skip the salt

The benefits of beauty sleep can be gained by skipping salt at night. If you are a night reader or work as per shifts, you should avoid salt intake at night and have some fruits or snacks without salt. Salt increases our eyes and facial swelling after sleeping. It now tells us well the explanation of what is beauty sleep. 

Collagen is an essential ingredient needed to repair the skin. It contributes the greatest to reap the benefits of sleep for your skin. While you sleep, there is an increase in the production of collagen. There is also a production of melatonin at night. It accelerates skin regeneration. It helps skin repair and enhances the glow. As a result of this, there is a direct link between sleep and skin.

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  • Maintain Blood pressure 

The benefits of beauty sleep can be seen in regulating blood pressure. After a good night's sleep, your stress level is also decreased, resulting in normal blood pressure. Thereby giving a glow and radiant skin. It shows the benefits of beauty sleep and offers the benefits of sleep for your skin.

  • Protects from heart disease

The benefits of beauty sleep can also be seen in the heart. Once you have a sound sleep, the heart muscles relax, allowing the cardiac muscles to work the next day properly. It prevents us from heart disease. It answers well to what is beauty sleep when our heart is concerned.

  • Benefits of beauty sleep on our immune system

Proper sleep gives the body complete rest increasing the power of functioning of the different systems. It increases the power of vaccines and increases immunity power. As the immunity power increases, we are prevented from viral diseases. As a beauty sleep increases the immunity power; so we can easily answer what is beauty sleep. 

  • Control over diabetes

The benefits of beauty sleep are observed in controlling sleep. On sleeping, the pancreas gets activated and secretes insulin, and if insulin is injected, the pancreas helps it to work fast.

It is proven to show what is beauty sleep about diabetes.

  • Promotes the endocrine system

The benefits of beauty sleep are observed in the endocrine system and also get promoted by adequate sleep. The endocrine system helps grow your hormones like the production of pituitary glands. These hormones encourage the production of female reproductive hormones like testosterone and female reproductive hormone like estrogen to show the benefits of sleep for your skin pituitary gland also further defines what is beauty sleep.

  • Affects the digestive system

The benefits of beauty sleep can be observed in the digestive system. Sleep affects the levels of two hormones, leptin and ghrelin. These two work together to signal the brain that it has had enough food and controls obesity. The other hormone signals the brain to secrete cortisol and promotes sleep. Hereby, the digestive system can also redefine what is beauty sleep. The digestive system can also define what is beauty sleep, as the digestive system signals the brain as well, which is possible only by sleep.

  • Affects the respiratory system

The benefits of beauty sleep are observed in the respiratory system. As you are sleep deprived, you are more likely to be affected by diseases like the common cold, flu, fever, etc. These diseases, in turn, affect the lungs. It also answers what is beauty sleep. It Is because sleep is also essential for the respiratory organs, which get clogged during the daytime. At night during our sleep and away from pollution. These organs can regain their ability and start with a fresh day.

Sleep and Skin are linked as inadequate sleep can give the skin wrinkles, dark circles, dull and dark skin, and dry skin. One night of poor sleep can cause hanging eyelids, swollen eyes, pale skin, and droopy corners of the face. 

There are certain skin care tips: to get youthful skin; you should take a healthy sleep, without any disturbances, to get wrinkle-free skin. Once you get wrinkle-free skin, you can now easily increase its glow.

 A few more skincare tips include taking care of the skin to have a fresh look: You should sleep well and keep the skin hydrated at night, as most of the water is absorbed by night. The skin is a good absorbent at night. It mostly absorbs all the moisturizers and creams at night. 

Therefore you are asked to keep your skin hydrated and apply many cold creams or night creams before bedtime. It explains well what is beauty sleep concerning a good absorbent. 

Skin Care Tips also tell us not to take care only of facial skin but also the entire body. Skin Care Tips also advises us to take a healthy diet for glowing skin.


There are several benefits of beauty sleep to health as well as to our skin. So, as food is important for our work, in the same way, sleep is also important for our work.

Authored By : Poorvi Chhajer

About Author : Poorvi is a psychology graduate with a knack for writing and belief in ayurveda.

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