What Is Giloy Juice? How & When To Consume It?

giloy juice

Ayurveda is the alternative medicine for English medicine, and it is the oldest form of therapy dealing with natural herbs; and its origin is rooted in India. Some people opt for allopathy treatment; if it is ineffective, they go for the Ayurveda treatment. People are always looking for a treatment that doesn't have side effects to cure their ailments. Ayurveda medicine is not only focussed on preventing diseases but also has remedies for curing chronic diseases. Ayurveda treats the root cause of the illness and treats it using nature's healing process.

Nowadays, Ayurveda medicine is widely known worldwide as it combines modern science with nature's law of the healing process. Even Giloy juice is the talk of the town nowadays, which is an Ayurveda product, a natural herbal drink, and well-known for Giloy juice benefits.

Giloy juice has various health benefits and modern medicine also highly recommends Giloy juice for curing fevers, dengue, malaria, and various other diseases.

What is Giloy Juice?

Giloy plant is a natural herb that is a climber, and Ayurveda uses it to prepare the medicine. Another name for Giloy is "Amrita" in Sanskrit, meaning "the root of immortality," and scientific terminology is "Tinospora Cordifolia." It grows in the deciduous and dry forest regions in the Indian states of Bihar, West Bengal, Kerala, and Karnataka. The leaves are in the shape of a heart and resemble betel leaves—the leaves, roots, and stem of the plant help prepare Ayurveda medicines. The branch has alkaloids, glycosides, steroids, other compounds, and high nutritional values. Therefore, Ayurveda medicine uses stems for curing diseases. To obtain the maximum Giloy juice benefits, you can consume it in powdered form, juice, decoction, capsules, or as a soup. 

How to prepare the Giloy juice recipe to obtain the maximum Giloy juice benefits?

  • Take Giloy stems and cut them into pieces.
  • Grind them into a smooth paste by adding little water.
  • Strain them to get the Giloy juice.

What Are The Medicinal Properties That Give The Maximum Giloy Juice Benefits?

Giloy juice benefits are highly effective, and it cures people who have various disorders like fever, nervous problems, dengue, cancer, malaria, diabetes, malaria, etc. Giloy juice can be applied as a paste to cure skin problems too. 

Alkaloids: They are present in the Giloy Vati (the aqueous extract of the plant) that tastes bitter, which is highly effective in dealing with problems like body aches, waterborne diseases like malaria, the flow of blood, and stomach problems. Therefore, this compound also adds to the maximum Giloy juice benefits.

Terpenoids: This compound gives colour and taste and has some vital unique properties that help cure various health issues that arise from our body.

Lignans: They have anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants, and antimicrobial properties.

Steroids: It is constructive for curing wounds, inflammation, and skin, and it is beneficial in keeping the heart healthy; therefore, everyone can get Giloy juice benefits.

Giloy Juice Benefits to Maintain a Healthy Life

Giloy Vati helps in healing chronic fever

In the perspective of Ayurveda medicine,  the two factors that cause fever are 1) improper digestion causes the toxic particles to remain in the body; 2) due to foreign particles attacking the immune system of the body. Giloy Vati contains vital and essential properties, which build the immune system to fight against foreign bodies and reduces fever and helps speedy recovery. 

How to take Giloy juice

  • Add some Giloy juice with water. 
  • Stir well and consume this solution in the morning before eating anything to obtain the maximum Giloy juice benefits.

Giloy Vati cures Dengue

As mentioned earlier, Giloy Vati has an antipyretic property that increases the platelet count and reduces further complications during dengue fever. The patient affected with the dengue fever should take Giloy Vati regularly to develop the immune system in the body that fights and reduces the fever drastically.

How to take Giloy juice 

  • Prepare the Giloy juice recipe beforehand at home.
  • Take some Giloy juice in a bowl. 
  • Add some highly medicinal herb tulsi leaves 
  • Add a little quantity of water.
  • After boiling the mixture, consume it every day to enjoy the maximum Giloy juice benefits by increasing the platelet counts.

Giloy Vati helps in curing Hay Fever (allergic rhinitis)

Consuming Giloy Vati regularly fights the foreign particles and helps in reducing the symptoms of Vitamin C deficiency.

How to take Giloy Juice: 

  • Prepare the Giloy juice recipe beforehand at home.
  • Take a reasonable amount of Giloy juice in a small cup.
  • Add 2 teaspoons of honey to it and stir well. 
  • Consume this drink before every meal to get the maximum Giloy juice benefits in reducing the temperature.

Giloy Vati checks Blood Sugar in the body

Another name for Giloy is "Madhunashini," meaning "the destroyer of the sugar." As the name indicates, it maintains the blood sugar in the body by producing adequate insulin and relieves patients dealing with dialysis and other health issues related to diabetes.

How to take Giloy juice: 

  •  Prepare the Giloy juice recipe beforehand at home.
  • Take some small amount of Giloy juice and mix it with water 
  • Drink two times a day after every meal to obtain the maximum Giloy juice benefits in reducing blood sugar levels in your body.

Giloy Vati helps in boosting the immunity system in the body

Giloy juice's benefits lie in properly activating the immunity system in the body and increasing a person's physiological capacity and mental state. Giloy Vati comprises antioxidants that help release unwanted particles from your body. It gives a glow to your skin. It cures liver disorders, urinary problems, and cardiovascular issues.

How to take Giloy juice: 

  • Take some Giloy juice in a cup and add water; stir it well.
  • Prepare the Giloy juice recipe beforehand at home.
  • Consume it before taking food to get the maximum Giloy juice benefits.

Giloy juice uses to Improve Digestion

The properties of the Giloy Vati will help you in dealing with nausea, dysentery, etc. Regular intake of Giloy juice improves digestion in your body.

Giloy juice uses:

  • Prepare the Giloy juice recipe beforehand at home.
  • Add some Giloy juice to a glass.  
  • Add warm water to it. 
  • Drink two times a day to receive the maximum Giloy juice benefits.

Giloy juice uses to reduce Stress and Anxiety:

It builds your immunity to cope with tension and maintains the equilibrium of the body, and enhances your memory power.

Giloy juice uses:

  • Add a cup of  Giloy Juice with water and stir well.
  • Make it a practice to drink it in the morning. It will give better results if you consume it before eating anything. 

Giloy juice uses to improve eyesight:

It is highly effective for the eyes when you consume it regularly.

Giloy juice uses:

  •  Add Giloy powder or Giloy leaves in a boiled water
  • Leave for some 15 minutes and 
  • Apply the cool solution on top of the eyes.


Giloy can help in curing arthritis and respiration. Giloy is a natural herb, and it doesn't have any side effects. So it is safe to cure diseases, but it is better to avoid consuming Giloy juice during pregnancy and breastfeeding.Also try Auric women wellness juice 

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