Top 7 ingredients to add to your cup of tea

Top 7 ingredients to add to your cup of tea

A significant part of the routine for the majority of the population, the consumption of tea has proved to have the potential to heal, cure, and boost our overall health effectively. Indian homes, particularly, face a tough time without the presence of a cuppa filled with astonishingly refreshing flavors that fill the air with an enticing aroma.

Tea per se is a revolutionary beverage that only gets healthier with every addition of a healing ingredient. Expand your taste buds and inculcate in your lifestyle the versions of tea that boost your immunity and heal you from the inside.

Lo and behold! The following top 7 ingredients to add to your cup of tea will make you healthier by sevenfold.

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Top 7 Ingredients to Add to Your Cup of Tea

Bay Leaves (Tejpatte)

Bay leaves are used in various forms and bring out their signature bitter flavor and floral fragrance when added to the tea. With the richness of enzymes, vitamins A, and vitamin C, bay leaves cure indigestion and improve overall well-being. Loaded with minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium, Bay leaves are the go-to ingredient for turning your tea into magic. This natural wound healer is also heart-friendly, which makes it irresistible to include in your hearty beverage. With the ability to reduce migraines, these bring you the utmost comfort.

One of the top ingredients for that healing cup of masala chai, sensational bay leaves force its aromatic fragrance to your beverage, which you will cherish with every slurp.

Black Peppercorn (Kaali Mirch)

Usually used in dry form, black peppercorn can offer a hint of spicy flavor to the tea. It helps in losing weight by stimulating digestion and is rich in healthy minerals. Being labelled as the 'king of spices', it activates metabolism and boosts body immunity. Upon being added to a cuppa, the loaded nutritional content of black peppercorn mounts the quality of tea, making it eligible for being branded as medicinal. It is one of the ancient treasures and is a natural antioxidant having anti-inflammatory properties, making it the perfect ingredient to enhance the benefits of your masala chai.

Cardamom (Ilaichi)

An ingredient used for its medicinal properties, cardamom adds magic to your everyday cup of tea. From treating bad breath and preventing cavities to improving respiratory function and reducing anxiety, a cuppa with the goodness of cardamom is the ultimate beverage for maintaining your health. With the presence of bioactive ingredients, Cardamom has proved to prevent and cure indigestion, elevate skin quality, and cure nausea rapidly, making it an indispensable ingredient for your masala chai recipe.

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Cinnamon (Dal Cheeni)

An ingredient with not-so-basic properties, Cinnamon is commonly found in Indian households and is one of the richest antioxidant spices to be added to your everyday tea. It helps remarkably in losing body fat and reducing menstrual cramps. Utterly delicious and applauded for offering innumerable health benefits, Cinnamon effectively improves the risk factors causing heart diseases. An active component of Cinnamon, cinnamaldehyde helps in fighting fungal and bacterial infections, and with its curative anti-diabetic effects, it lowers blood sugar levels. Be it a steaming hot cuppa or a gigantic glass of iced tea, cinnamon is pervasively at your service!

Ginger (Adhrak)

The most commonly used ingredient in tea, and rightly so, Ginger is an ancient herb whose healing properties are backed by scientific evidence. Ginger tea is one of the best home remedies for treating the common cold and rejuvenating the human body through its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Effective in lowering hypertension and cholesterol, Ginger has antiproliferative effects on pancreatic and colon cancer and is a well-known arthritis reliever.

Consume naturally stimulating Ginger tea any time of the day and observe the long-lasting effects on your body.


Moringa (Sahjan)

Moringa is extracted from the miracle tree and treats fungal infections, viral, depression, and inflammation with its medicinal properties that work like magic. Rich in vitamin C and low on fats, consuming Moringa every day in your tea can surprisingly improve your energy levels and promote fat loss. This multi-beneficial ingredient is capable of reducing the risk of heart diseases by creating cholesterol-lowering effects. With the perfect sharp flavor, Moringa positively affects brain chemistry and competently maintains blood glucose levels. With an addition of a few Moringa leaves, just a cuppa can open the ultimate gateway to a healthy lifestyle.

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Star Anise (Chakra Phool)

This star-shaped Chinese spice is used in different forms and can fulfill complex human body requirements. Star Anise with a potent licorice flavor adds wonders to your regular tea. The presence of antioxidants and organic compounds adds the necessary shine to this star spice. Never before a cup of tea could balance your hormones, ease the discomfort of bloating and help you fight deadly cancer, but with Star Anise, all this is possible with the signature sweetened flavor. It constructively fights digestive issues like constipation, gas, and free radicals responsible for ageing and diabetes. Regular inclusion of the spice can keep you away from malaria and dengue, given its insecticide property. Add this star lookalike to your masala chai and change your life for the better!

While it is a common practice to include a few of the aforementioned ingredients in your everyday cuppa, why not amalgamate all of them, forming superchai?
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Authored by: Bhavishya Pahwa

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