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Hair Growth Drinks

An inherently important aspect of a healthy lifestyle is the presence of healthy hair that is not just lustrous and soft in texture but also voluminous and thick in quality. Healthy hair makes us happier as the added shine and volume puts extra stars on our personality that let us stand out in the crowd. Good hair is a sign of a good personality, therefore to outshine your persona, it is a must to maintain your hair. 

We are well aware of the fact that the texture and quality of your hair can either add laurels to your existing beauty or put a strain on it, therefore it is a must to look into these aspects while following a hair routine and consuming hair growth drinks.

Everyone desires lustrous, thicker and longer hair but not many are aware of how to naturally stimulate hair growth and that their dietary habits can make or break their dreams of having the finest quality hair in the room. Both the common hair phenomenons, be it hair fall or hair growth is hugely impacted by our diet and lifestyle alike. 

But as we all know it is usually much tougher to bring lifestyle changes compared to changes in one’s diet. Hence a change in dietary intake and inclusion of hair growth drinks can be an easier and effective way to battle the hair loss problem faced by the majority of the population. 

What Causes the Persistent Problem of Hair Loss?

An individual can face hair loss issues because of multiple underlying and front-facing reasons. In the contemporary world where the man-made quality of life is at its best but the natural quality of life is facing a shocking downfall, it is tough to maintain healthy hair without putting in enough effort for the same. 

As it happens with our face, even our hair is always out there in the open facing tough turbulences of everyday routine, like - harsh sun rays, chemically layered hair products, styling tools, dust, degraded quality water and more. 

The common causes of the persistent problem of hair loss in both men and women are as follows.

  • Heredity condition amongst men and women that speeds up with ageing cause most hair fall problems that can be predicted and are usually gradual  
  • Hormonal changes in the body due to various reasons that consequently affects the hair and leads to sudden hair fall problem
  • Severe medical conditions that people undergo throughout their lifetime affect hair growth severely also leading to temporary hair fall problems                                                                              
  • The intake of medicines, supplements or additives that bring the side effects of the ingredients used to manufacture them leading to hair loss problem
  • Seasonal changes that affect a particular hair type more than the other at a particular season causing more than normal hair fall during that time
  • General lifestyle changes that cause physical or emotional stress upon individuals leading to a temporary problem of hair loss amongst them, thus requiring hair growth drinks.
Top 5 Hair Growth Drinks to Battle Hair Loss

How Effective Are Natural Hair Growth Drinks For Hair Fall?

The power of natural ingredients cannot be neglected at any cost especially when we are dealing with complex problems like hair fall. The problem of hair fall persists equally amongst men and women that start early in their youth. 

The hair fall issue despite being common is exceptionally complex because the root cause of the problem varies with a variation in the scalp, lifestyle and diet of an individual. Therefore to fight this issue, the natural healing power of hair growth drinks is a must along with 10 ayurvedic tips for beautiful hair.

Top 5 Natural Hair Growth Drinks to Battle Hair Loss

  • Amla Hair Juice

Amla or Indian Gooseberry is one of the finest natural herbs that are widely popular amongst the general masses and health experts alike because of the multiple health benefits it possesses. Amla in the liquid form as one of the hair growth drinks can be beneficial for your hair especially if you face the constant problem of hair loss. 

Amla hair juice is full of Vitamin C making it one of the best choices for the health of your hair. The hair growth drink loaded with Amla promotes natural hair growth extensively while reducing the hair fall problem permanently. 

Amla juice is said to be one of the hair growth drinks that naturally stimulate blood circulation in the scalp leading to healthy hair in people. Apart from boosting hair growth, Amla juice tends to affect the texture and quality of the hair too because of the presence of essential fatty acids that makes your hair softer and shinier in the long run. 

Loaded with antioxidants and iron, the inclusion of Amla hair juice in your daily routine is the perfect hair care routine you need to boost your hair growth while battling the hair fall issue at the same time with equal conviction.

  • Beetroot and Carrot Hair Growth Drink  

This thick red juice is loaded with multiple vitamins and essential minerals that come in the category of hair-friendly ingredients widely popular for combating hair loss problems. Both carrot and beetroot work wonderfully for your hair because of the natural goodness present in them. The enriching hair growth drink is full of Vitamin A that is considered to be a natural conditioning element for damaged hair. 

Vitamin A present in this hair juice reduces hair fall rate in individuals successfully as it prevents the hair from breaking easily, making them stronger and thicker with every sip. Make the combination of Beetroot and Carrot juice a part of your regular liquid intake and observe the improvement in the health of your hair naturally as it is one of the best hair growth drinks.

  • Kiwi Hair Juice

Kiwi or Chinese Gooseberry is nutrient-loaded fruit that can be a superfood for your hair because of the immense enrichment provided by it. This small fruit is power-packed with boosting nutrients for your hair. Kiwi Juice successfully stimulates hair growth in both men and women as it is full of Vitamin E, an essential for a healthy hair routine. 

The regular consumption of Kiwi Juice as one of the healthy hair growth drinks minimizes the hair fall rate in individuals as it is loaded with essential minerals that help in the faster growth of your mane. 

Top 5 Hair Growth Drinks to Battle Hair Loss

This green-coloured enriching drink is known for improving the blood circulation levels of the scalp that ultimately helps in preventing baldness in individuals. Full of zinc, Kiwi juice tends to facilitate hair growth thus boosting the thickening of hair along with maintaining the supreme quality and texture of the hair too. Let all your hair loss problems rest at bay with the goodness of Kiwi Juice ready to boost your hair growth naturally at full pace. 

  • Cucumber, Lettuce and Lemon Natural Hair Growth Drink

The greens combination to fight hair loss is just what you need as a hair-boosting drink for your healthy hair. This natural hair growth drink combines the goodness of Cucumber, Lettuce and Lemon in one with a teaspoon of honey that gives the natural sweetness to the tangy taste of this nutritive drink. All the three ingredients used to prepare this hair juice are ailment in nature. 

Loaded with Vitamin E and C for speedy hair growth and antioxidants for detox leading to reduction and prevention of hair loss. This green drink is tangier and tastier when consumed than it appears to be. The best combination for the best growth of your hair, Cucumber, Lettuce and Lemon Juice is here to take away all the hair loss problems with every nutritious sip intake of this magical juice combination.

  • Milk 

One of the best natural hair growth drinks is milk. Dairy products are said to promote the idea of healthy hair as they are loaded with nutritive elements that can be the superfood for the hair. Full of proteins like - Casein and Whey that work wonderfully to strengthen the hair from inside naturally, Milk is magically beneficial for your hair. One of the best liquid sources of calcium, Milk promotes effective natural hair growth in men and women alike along with minimizing and preventing hair loss. 

An excellent source of Vitamin B7 or Biotin that is widely popular to fight hair loss effectively, Milk is a must for healthy hair. Loaded with hair-friendly ingredients, Milk is said to boost hair growth by efficiently solving the problem of hair loss with its nutritive amalgamation of nutritious elements. Delicious in taste and beneficial in health, Milk is one of the best liquids to consume under your natural hair care regime. 

Along with the regular intake of the above mentioned natural hair growth drinks, there is also a need of reducing the intake of these liquids to make the natural hair growth journey easier and more convenient, namely.

  • Alcohol
  • Carbonated Drinks
  • Diet Soda
  • Artificially-Sweetened Drinks and more.

The natural hair growth drink available in the market in different flavours can be extremely beneficial for hair growth when consumed regularly along with other lifestyle changes. The goodness of nature boosted in the hair juice battles hair loss like a pro. 

The positive additives present in the natural liquids advised for boosting hair growth works wonderfully for the health of the hair. The regular consumption of hair growth drinks to battle hair loss is one of the best ways to fight the persistent problem of hair loss efficiently and effectively.


Auric Hair Boost Drink 

This ready to drink hair growth drink is a dermatologically tested product that promises a reduction in hair fall rate in 30 days given the regular consumption of this hair growth drink. As everyone is aware of the fact that healthy hair is not only important from the hygiene perspective but also they tend to give better impressions of ours on others because hair is a big and significant part of one’s personality. 

Top 5 Hair Growth Drinks to Battle Hair Loss | Auric Hair Boost Juice

Auric Hair Boost for strong nourished hair is there to take away all the hair problems faced by an individual and brings in a super nourishing treatment for the hair that makes them voluminous, thicker and shinier in every way possible. Auric hair boost is made up of a 3-in-1 unique formula of Ayurveda that brings the brahmi benefits for hair and more, Aloe Vera and Amla together to treat your hair from within. 

The nutrition in the form of a hair growth drink not only reduces the common problems of hair fall, dry and dirty scalp but also promotes shine and bounce in the hair along with making them longer and voluminous. 

The hair juice brings in the deliciousness of Guava in the form of an Auric Hair Boost Drink for people who love their hair extra. Auric Hair Boost Drink is a gender-neutral hair growth drink formulated with natural ingredients that are also suitable for all scalp types. This nutritive hair juice is one of the hair growth drinks which can be used by anyone, men or women, regardless of gender. It works efficiently well on both. 

Witness salon-ready hair every single day without loads of effort and expense by engaging in the regular consumption of this delicious hair juice by Auric.

Authored By : Poorvi Chhajer

About Author : Poorvi is a psychology graduate with a knack for writing and belief in ayurveda.

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