Top 10 Fat Burning Juices You Must Have for Quick Weight Loss

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The internet is filled with tips and tricks for losing weight. Some of them are myths, while some of them really do work. A trending weight loss trick these days is to consume weight loss drinks. Many fitness enthusiasts, including renowned celebrities, swear by the progress they have seen while having weight loss drinks and have also shared their secret weight loss juice on their social media handles or blogs. The science behind the success of weight loss drinks is that these weight loss juices are filled with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and fibre- all of which help amp up your slow metabolism and burn fat.

In this article, we have researched and curated a list of the top 10 weight loss drinks that you can incorporate into your diet. Each weight loss juice is all-natural and made of fruits and vegetables without any added artificial flavours or sweeteners. We have also shared the recipes alongside each weight loss drink to help you on your weight loss journey. Also read A Guide to Weight Loss: Losing Weight With Weight Loss Ayurvedic Drink

Celery Juice

    A popular weight loss drink is the celery juice which is low in calories and contains more than 95% of water. The celery drink for weight loss is hailed because of its high content of anti-inflammatory antioxidants called apigenin and luteolin. It is especially useful for those people suffering from inflammatory disorders like PCOS who gain weight quickly and find it difficult to lose weight easily. Celery juice also heals the gut by restoring hydrochloric acid, which helps us digest stuff faster and more easily. This weight loss drink is also known to reduce glucose levels, thus preventing the increase of insulin levels and allowing weight loss.


    • Use a bunch of preferably organic celery. Cut off the base and separate the stalks.
    • Wash them in clean water 2-3 times to remove dust or mud particles.
    • Without adding water, just insert these stalks into a juicer. If using a blender, cut these stalks into small pieces of 1 inch each. Add a quarter cup of water and blend them until smooth.
    • Make fresh and drink immediately. For best results, drink daily, in the morning on an empty stomach in the morning.

    Carrot juice 

    1. Carrot juice is a bright orange-coloured weight loss drink which is high in fibre and low in calories. It is rich in compounds called carotenoids, and Vitamin A. Studies have proved that regular consumption of carotenoid-rich weight loss juice has helped reduce belly fat. A glass of carrot drink for weight loss also works wonders as it helps one feel full for longer. This weight loss drink aids in the production of bile, consequently burning fat and helping in weight loss. Add in orange, apple and ginger and create a detox weight loss juice to flush out all those toxins from your body. 


    • This recipe blends carrots instead of juicing them to maximise fibre intake and increase the feeling of fullness. 
    • Take 250 g of carrots, rinse well and peel them if you like. Chop them into pieces.
    • Take 1 inch of fresh ginger and peel it.
    • Take 3 large oranges, wash them and deseed them.
    • Put the carrots, ginger and oranges in the blender, add 1 cup of water and blend them until smooth.
    • Strain the blended mixture using a strainer and press a wooden spoon to extract the maximum juice. 
    • Serve the carrot weight loss juice fresh and immediate.

    Pomegranate juice

    The pomegranate juice drink for weight loss is a time-tested successful recipe. It is a favourite amongst fitness enthusiasts as it's refreshing, delicious and low in calories. This weight loss drink is beneficial because it prevents blood sugar spikes and falls that otherwise lead to increased hunger cravings. The pomegranate juice is rich in antioxidants, polyphenols and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which boost our metabolism and facilitate fat burning, making it an ideal drink for weight loss. 


    • Take 2 medium-sized pomegranates, rinse them and cut each pomegranate into 6 portions. 
    • Place the 12 portions in a bowl and immerse them in water.
    • Remove the pomegranate arils with your fingers. While the seeds settle down, the white pith floats. Remove the pith and discard.
    • Drain all the water.
    • Wash the pomegranate seeds thoroughly.
    • Add the pomegranate seeds to a blender or juicer.
    • Blend until smooth. 
    • Strain the blended mixture using a filter. Use a wooden spoon to press on the strainer and extract the juice.
    • Pour in a glass and drink up! If you wish, you could refrigerate the juice for a while before drinking. 

    Watermelon juice

    This summer's favourite fruit is ideal for juicing up and creating a fat-burning and effective weight loss drink. Watermelons are loaded with carotenoids, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds, minerals and vitamins, making watermelon juice possibly the best juice for weight loss. A cup of watermelon juice contains only 48 calories, no cholesterol and a good deal of fibre and protein. This helps us quench our thirst, enjoy the deliciousness and feel full for longer. A study conducted at the University of Kentucky also found that drinking two glasses of weight loss juice every day for 8 weeks helped people lose weight, especially by burning their belly fat.


    • Take half a watermelon. Peel it and deseed it. 
    • Chop it into big pieces.
    • Use a grinder/blender/juicer to blend the chopped watermelon.
    • Strain the blended mixture.
    • Drink up the sweet watermelon juice while fresh.

    Green juice

    The benefits of green juice are many as it is made by using a variety of green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach and cabbage. Green juice is a great fat loss drink as it contains a high amount of fibre and low sugar content and is packed with anti-inflammatory oxidants. The green weight loss drink improves our metabolism, boosts our immune system and flushes out toxins from our body, including unwanted fats. The best part is that it can be made using any green vegetables that may be available in your fridge. 


    • For this recipe, we are using 1 cup spinach, 2 celery stalks, ½ cucumber, ¼ inch of ginger and ½ lemon. 
    • Take all the vegetables and rinse them thoroughly.
    • Take a blender and add chopped pieces of celery to the jar. 
    • Add a piece of peeled ginger and a spoonful or two spoonfuls of lemon juice.
    • Add slices of cucumber to the blender.
    • Blend until smooth. 
    • Add in chopped spinach leaves, pour a cup of water and blend again.
    • Now strain the blended mixture and use a spatula to press the contents and extract the maximum juice.
    • Throw away the pulp and consume the juice left behind.
    • Make and consume fresh. 

    Bottle gourd juice 

    Bottle gourd is a fine example of a weight loss Ayurvedic drink. As per Ayurveda, it is said to reduce flab as it contains fewer calories, high fibre and no fat, improves our digestion and controls our blood pressure. It is an ideal summer weight loss drink and is relatively easy to make. 


    • Take 200-300 grams of bottle gourd and 6-7 mint leaves, and ½ a lemon.
    • Wash them thoroughly.
    • Peel the bottle gourd and cut it into small pieces.
    • Blend the small pieces of bottle gourd and mint leaves in a blender.
    • Extract the juice using a strainer.
    • Mix the lemon extract, add salt and drink this refreshing weight loss juice. 

    Beet juice 

    This weight loss drink is also a commonly preferred drink by athletes looking to boost their performance. This is because beet contains beneficial compounds like nitrates, which help reduce blood pressure by dilating blood vessels as well as help to increase muscle efficiency and endurance. Beets form a good drink for weight loss as they are loaded with fibre which makes one feel full for longer and suppresses food cravings. The only problem is when they are juiced; they end up losing a lot of their fibre content. Even after eliminating fibre, beet juice is still a good weight loss juice as it is low in calories and high in nutrition. So if you’re an athlete or an amateur training for athletes looking to get fit, the beet juice is amongst the best juice for weight loss. 


    • Take half of a medium beet, rinse it, peel it and chop it. 
    • To add more flavour and nutrients, add 4 peeled and chopped carrots.
    • Put the chopped beet, carrot, and 1/4th inch of ginger into the blender. Squeeze in half a lemon.
    • Blend until the mixture is smooth. 
    • Strain the mixture and extract the juice. 
    • Drink the beet-carrot fat loss drink immediately. 

    Karela Juice 

    Karela or bitter gourd is well-known for its amazing health benefits, especially for people with diabetes, as it controls blood sugar levels naturally. Although people do not like its better taste, they should have a glass of karela juice every day as it is one of the best juice for weight loss. It stimulates the liver to secrete bile acids, which are important to metabolise fats in our body. This powerful weight loss drink contains only 17 calories and is a great combination of antioxidants and Vitamins A and C. 


    • Take 1 cup of deseeded roughly chopped karela. Rinse well.
    • Add the chopped karela pieces to a blender, pour ½ cup of water and start blending until a smooth mixture is formed.
    • Strain the smooth mixture using a strainer.
    • Add a teaspoon of lemon juice and salt to the juice as per your preference.
    • Pour the karela weight loss ayurvedic drink into your glass and have it immediately.

    Cucumber Juice 

    Cucumber juice is a natural fat loss drink as it contains high water and fibre content and is very low in calories. It forms a great drink for weight loss as it helps keep one hydrated and full for a long time. It also helps to lose weight by acting as a detox which eliminates toxins from our body. This amazing fat loss drink contains only 15 calories per cup. Cucumber juice acts as a great substitute for sugary sodas and drinks that are high in calories and low in water content. 


    • Take a whole cucumber, some mint leaves, a quarter-inch piece of ginger, turmeric, iced water and half a lemon. 
    • Rinse the vegetables and chop them. 
    • Blend the chopped vegetables with iced water until a smooth and fine mixture is formed.
    • Strain using a fine-mesh sieve, and then squeeze in your lemon.
    • Pour the juice into your glass, add ice cubes for a more refreshing feel and gulp down the cucumber weight loss juice.

    Pineapple juice

    Last but not the least, it is everyone’s favourite- the pineapple juice, which is possibly the best juice for weight loss as it is healthy and delicious and refreshing. This tropical fruit is sweet and tarty and contains various nutrients. Pineapples are said to boost fertility as well as burn excess belly fat. Pineapple juice contains an enzyme called bromelain, which has anti-inflammatory properties and corrects bowel movements to improve digestion. Pineapple juice is especially good for those following a high-protein diet as bromelain helps metabolise protein and works with the enzyme lipase to digest fats. 


    • Peel the pineapple and chop it into small pieces.
    • Add the chopped pieces into a blender along with half a glass of water.
    • Blend well until you get a smooth mixture.
    • Strain the mixture to extract the pineapple juice.
    • Add more water to adjust the consistency of the weight loss drink to your liking.
    • Pour the fat loss drink into your favourite glass and drink up this elixir of weight loss.

    We hope you found this article informative. Try out these recipes and kick start your weight loss journey with these refreshing fat loss drinks. Do let us know which one worked for you!

    Authored By: Divya Shankar

    About Author: Divya Shankar is a multifaceted content writer with 7+ years of experience. She has exclusive writing expertise in ayurveda.

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