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With Gen Z-ers taking over society, the perception towards health and nutrition is also changing. It has become fashionable to consume nutritious food. The majority of people have started tracking their food and calorie intake as per the standards of nutrition and dietetics. Nutritionist food entails all such food items that are nutrient-rich and provides necessary vitamins and minerals in a balanced manner. The focus has shifted towards bodybuilding nutritionist food items that aim at gaining protein and losing weight. Nutrition and dietetics say that the best technique for weight loss is through a balanced meal with a proper intake of nutritionist food, especially bodybuilding nutritionist food. This method can be more effective than workouts for weight loss alone. Having a slim and fit body is in trend, which can only be achieved by adding healthy, natural and organic items to your meals.

Role of protein-rich nutritionist food items in weight loss: 

Protein is one of the main bodybuilding nutrients. A diet which is high in protein diet leads to an increase in metabolism, a decrease in the hunger hormone and other weight-controlling hormones. Protein instantly fills you up and keeps you satisfied for a long period. Consuming nutritious food which is high in protein also reduces the post-meal releases of the hunger hormone ghrelin. This causes a large decrease in appetite, which is the fundamental reason protein helps people lose weight. It can make you instinctively consume fewer calories.

Protein also requires more energy to break down and promotes lean muscle mass. It leads to burning more calories during digestion which aids in boosting metabolism. Increasing your protein intake can balance your calorie intake. Therefore, protein is highly nutritious for weight loss. This makes for a natural method to reduce weight.

Bodybuilding nutritionist food that must be your new addons

Nutrition dieticians recommend that for a healthy and sustainable weight loss plan, cutting calories abruptly is not ideal as it may lead to deficiencies. It, therefore, becomes important to incorporate nutritionist food items in your diet.

To achieve the optimum meal of nutrition and dietetics, you do not have to change your entire meal structure. You can enhance your everyday meals by just adding these items which are nutritious for weight loss.

1. Avocado

Avocados are a type of fruit which is dense in fibre and contains a good amount of healthy fat. This makes it an excellent hunger suppressant. Avocado, however, is a high-calorie food due to its fat content, thus portion control is essential. The right proportion of consuming avocados helps in weight loss and reducing belly fat. This nutritionist food item does not only help lose weight but also reduces your risk of high blood pressure, and lowers your cholesterol levels.

The most common uses of avocado are in breakfast recipes in the form of avocado smoothies, avocado toast or tacos. It can also be consumed in the form of avocado dip or guacamole.

2. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are one of the most nutritious foods among all nuts and seeds. Its nutritional profile is extremely diverse as a single ounce contains 11 gms of fibre, as well as large amounts of magnesium, manganese, calcium, and other minerals. Nutrition and dietetics have studied the effects of chia seeds in aiding weight loss. It is high in protein and thereby acts as a bodybuilding nutritionist food item. 

Chia seeds are really simple to include in your diet. Because they have a mild flavour, you may use them in almost any recipe. You can eat them raw, soak them in juice, or incorporate them into oatmeal, smoothies or puddings. You may also use them as a garnish on cereal, yoghurt, veggies, and rice meals. 

3. Turmeric

Turmeric or Curcumin is known as a popular home remedy for weight loss. Its nutritional value and medical properties aid in losing weight. Nutrition and dietetics say that curcumin can reduce fat tissue formation. It also aids weight loss by controlling blood sugar levels and decreasing insulin resistance. This results in a decrease of excess fat in the body.

When ingested in moderation, turmeric increases bile production in the stomach. Bile is a digestive liquid that helps with fat emulsification and metabolic management. Therefore, it is the nutritionist for weight loss.

Turmeric can be consumed as a nutritious food item in the form of turmeric tea or turmeric milk. It is a spice and can also be added to various dishes. 

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4. Eggs

Eggs are another highly nutritionist food item that should be added to your meal plan. They contain a bundle of vitamins, proteins and healthy fats. It is a must-have bodybuilding nutritionist food as it contains quality protein which is high in essential amino acids in the right portions. They are the most satiating macronutrient and make your stomach feel fuller. This directly affects the amount of calories you intake. Consuming fewer calories allows you to reduce weight faster.

Eggs can be consumed in different forms and recipes such as omelette, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, egg curry etcetera.


5. Lean Protein

There are various sources of lean protein available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Lean protein sources like chicken and turkey help your stomach stay full as well as reduce cravings, along with maintaining blood sugar levels. Plant-based proteins, such as legumes, beans, and lentils, have similar benefits and are high in fibre, promoting satiety. Peanuts are also a source of lean protein and act as a high nutritionist food. Nutrition and dietetics claim that the right quantity of consumption of peanuts helps in weight loss due to their high protein nutritional value. 

6. Fruits

Fruits are one of the best bodybuilding nutritionist foods you can consume in the most accessible and easy manner. Amongst fruits, apples and berries are must-haves as they are high in fibre content and vitamins. Bananas are loaded with healthy fat and are thus helpful in reducing calorie intake. Other fruits like oranges, grapes, kiwis, mangoes, pineapples etc are also such nutritionist foods that should be included in your daily diet plan.

7. Cheese

Cheese is a nutritional food made by treating milk from various farm animals with acid or bacteria, and then processing the solid portions of the milk. The nutritional value and flavour of cheese are determined by the method of production and the type of milk used.

Cheese is a great source of protein, calcium, and a variety of other nutrients. Cheese consumption may help with weight loss and the prevention of heart disease and osteoporosis. Feta cheese is the most effective in reducing body fat and improving body composition as it provides conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).

It can be consumed by adding it to salads or vegetables.

8. Green Tea

According to nutrition and dietetics, green tea is one of the healthiest items one can consume.

It's high in antioxidants and other plant chemicals. Green tea is a nutritious item for weight loss as it increases fat burning, particularly during exercise. Caffeine and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), two bioactive compounds found in green tea, have significant metabolic effects. Green tea compounds raise the amounts of hormones that tell fat cells to break down fat. Fat gets released into the bloodstream and can be used as energy as a result. Green tea extract or catechin supplements may aid in the reduction of visceral fat, which is very hazardous to your health. 

Regular consumption of green tea is bound to show long-term effects of fat reduction.

9. Oats

Raw oats are high in resistant starch, which is a kind of starch that resists digestion and is good for weight loss. Studies of nutrition and dietetics show that resistant starch produces byproducts during digestion that can make your cells more insulin responsive, assisting in the reduction of stubborn fat around your waist. This nutritionist food item should be included in your diet as that helps in considerable and effective weight loss.

Oats can be consumed with breakfast cereal or in the form of oats cookies or snack bars. It can also be included in South Indian dishes.


Nowadays, food nutrition and dietetics suggest lightweight and healthy diets following the rainbow meal pattern. It contains all such colourful nutritionist food items which each contribute to a necessary nutrition for bodybuilding and weight maintenance and management. Your bodybuilding nutritionist would also recommend the above-stated food times to keep track of your health. These items not only help in weight loss but also preclude the possibility of nutrition deficiencies. Add these protein-rich nutritionist food items to your meal from today and you will achieve that summer body goal before you know it.

Authored By: Bhavishya Pahwa

About the Author: Bhavishya Pahwa is a budding writer who has always confided in a pen. He believes that art is a cure-all and that introspection followed by writing can add to the sanity of the world.

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