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Indians love their chai, especially the masala chai; they make the masala chai powder, store it, and consume it many times a day. This masala chai powder and the tea itself are consumed in India and many other countries worldwide. The popularity is extremely deserved as it is delicious as well as there are many good reasons for consuming it. So here’s all you should know about chai masala powder and what it is made of. 

What is Masala Chai?

The chai masala powder is made by blending black tea with spices. To make the Kadak masala chai recipe, buy masala chai or make it at home by brewing it with water and adding milk and sugar. There are many variations of the Kadak chai masala powder recipe where you can add herbs like Tulsi and pudina to it. Every household has a way of using the Kadak chai masala powder recipe to suit their tastebuds. The spice combination, amount of water and milk varies as per personal taste. This mix determines the taste, flavour, and strength of the chai. 

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Reasons for having Masala Chai

The masala tea has a unique aroma and taste. If you look at the ingredients of chai masala powder, it contains ingredients that can prevent many kinds of illness. So instead of buying all those immunity boosters, buy masala chai powder and get rid of any unwanted symptoms of illness you have. Here are some of the benefits of using masala chai powder. Also read How To Make The Best Kadak Masala Chai?

Reduces Inflammation

The chai masala powder is made of many spices, and one of the most prominent is ginger. Ginger is known to have anti-inflammatory properties along with various other beneficial properties. So just like the benefits of black coffee, you can also enjoy the antiinflammatory benefits of tea. Another predominantly used ingredient is clove, which reduces inflammation and acts as a painkiller. If you are making this chai masala powder at home, ensure that you use them in the right quantity. On the other hand, if you buy masala chai, make sure these species are present to make the most of it. There are many Kadak masala chai recipes that you can use at home to reduce inflammation.

It is Rich in Antioxidants

Black tea is a basic ingredient, along with many spices in a chai masala powder, black tea is a basic ingredient. Like the benefits of black coffee, this black tea is rich in powerful antioxidants. This effectively removes toxins from the body and can be considered a weight-loss tea. Additionally, in a Kadak masala chai recipe, Elaichi and cloves are used, due to which the tea made from this chai masala powder has high cholesterol levels. That, in turn, prevents plaque formation, which is the cause of blockages that lead to cardiovascular issues. What's more, the Kadak masala tea recipe has ingredients that can keep the heart rate and blood pressure in control. 

Black tea is the basic ingredient of masala tea, and it has powerful anti-oxidizing properties. 

Boosts Digestion

A classic Kadak masala chai powder recipe contains clove, tulsi, and Elaichi, along with other spices. This combination of spices helps in boosting the digestive process. Add ginger to this mix, and the effect is similar to the benefits of black coffee. Additionally, it has a calming effect on the body and refreshes the mind and body, hence you can see people having more than a few cups of this tea; if you have digestion issues, add more Elaichi as it improves saliva production. This can also be called a good weight loss tea that aids digestion. 

Improves Immunity

The chai masala powder contains good amounts of clove and cinnamon, which is traditionally known to boost immunity. These, when used together in your Kadak masala chai recipe, enhance the medicinal effect of each other's compounds. When they work in synergy, it acts as the first line of defence against infections similar to the benefits of black coffee and does not allow infections to weaken the immunity. To get the best results, buy masala chai of a reputed brand or make it at home. 

Link You To Your Roots

Like the benefits of black coffee, you can get many health benefits from making tea using chai masala powder. Another important reason to buy masala chai is that it is deep-rooted in Indian culture. Of the various teas available globally, the chai masala powder and the Kadak masala chai recipe are authentic and originated in India. It is also strongly associated with the culture and this part of the heritage. So the many blends of masala chai you buy represent the cultural heritage of various parts of India. 

Combination of two of the most loved ingredients

When you buy masala chai powder of your favourite brand, it has a blend of two of the most loved ingredients, tea and spices. Most Indians cannot start the day without having a cup of tea. Club it with the goodness of spices to make your Kadak masala chai recipe; you get a blend of tea and spices. Additionally, it is a weight loss tea which makes it hugely beneficial to health.

Choosing the tea for your Kadak Masala Chai recipe

As many mentioned earlier, masala chai is made from a combination of tea and spices. However, there are many types of tea, and hence it is essential to choose the best tea to get the right flavour. You can use any type of tea for your Kadak masala chai recipe, but here are a few best types of tea to get that colour and taste. Even if you plan to buy masala chai powder, check the ingredients to choose among the below types of tea. 

  • Nilgiri tea is ideal for those who like their tea to be strong and brewed for a long time. They need to be brewed longer so that tannins are released. The same is the case if you are adding chai masala powder. Simmer with spices and milk to make this Kadak masala chai recipe. 
  • Assam tea is good for those who like their tea to have a strong flavour and a deep colour. This is ideal for making the Kadak masala chai recipe.
  • Darjeeling tea is another type of tea that has a fruity flavour, buy masala chai with Darjeeling if you like this type of tea. 

Any type of black tea can be used in your chai masala powder if you don’t access any of the above. Traditionally masala chai was made using loose tea leaves, but these days black tea is used in powdered or granular form and has benefits similar to the benefits of black coffee. 

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Spices used in Chai Masala Powder

Everyone has their unique chai masala powder ingredients, which are a blend of spices. You can buy masala chai made of the ingredients you like or prepare at home. Some of the common ingredients used are: 

  • Fresh ginger: This is a pungent herb that is added to the chai masala powder that has a warming quality. It has many health benefits like curing nausea and morning sickness. It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and aids digestion. 
  • Cardamom: A green cardamon in the chai masala powder gives that sweet fragrance that comes from the Kadak masala chai recipe. You can use the whole green pods or powder it. It acts as a mouth freshener as well as aids digestion. 
  • Cloves: Add this spice to your chai masala powder to get a pungent but sweet taste to your Kadak masala chai recipe. It has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that make it a good weight loss tea as well. 
  • More herbs: Apart from the above spices, you can add more ingredients to your chai masala powder like nutmeg, pepper, fennel seeds, and herbs like lemongrass and mint leaves. 

Other ingredients

Milk: Apart from the spices and black tea, the other ingredients to add are milk as per taste. Ensure that you add the right quantity of milk so that it does not spoil the taste. Too much milk causes acidity, while too little makes the Kadak masala chai recipe watery. The ideal ratio of milk to water ranged from 1:1 to 1:3, depending on the kind of milk used. 

Sweetener: Traditionally, the Kadak masala chai recipe calls for jaggery as an unrefined sweetener. But you can also use sugar as your choice of sweetener. Also, if you buy masala chai powder, make sure it is not sweetened. 

How to make Kadak Masala Chai Recipe

There are two ways in which you can make the Kadak masala chai recipe. One is to buy masala chai powder and use it, and the other is to make it using black tea. 

Method 1: Making black tea

  • Pour water into a teapot, add tea leaves or powder, and add them. Simmer the black tea on low flame. 
  • While you are simmering the tea and water, get the spices of your choice ready. 
  • To make an instant chai, add the whole spices to a spice grinder or mortar pestle. Crush them so that it brings out the flavour. You can also buy masala chai powder and ginger for it.
  • Add sugar to this combination as per your taste.
  • Pour milk into the simmering tea, ensure that you add milk before ginger so that it does not curdle. 
  • Boil until it turns dark. Add fresh herbs like mint or tulsi as a variation. This variation can also be added when you buy masala chai from a store. 
  • Filter the tea of the chai masala powder and serve hot.

Method 2: Making chai masala powder

This is another type of making this weight loss tea. If you make this type of tea regularly, then you can buy masala chai powder in bulk or make it in larger quantities and store it in a container. 

  • Add masala chai powder, fresh ginger, and water and simmer. to make this tea That will enable it to infuse flavours. Add an equal quantity of milk to it and simmer for some more time. 
  • Add sweetener like sugar or jaggery.
  • Filter the contents and serve masala chai warm or hot. 


The masala chai is one of India's most enjoyed and popular beverages. This is not only a pick me up for people but also a go-to remedy for all types of ailments. So enjoy this warm or hot beverage and get all the benefits. There are online stores like Auric where you can buy masala chai made from pure and natural ingredients, or you can make your own. 

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