Lockdown – Waking or Shaking you up?

Lockdown – Waking or Shaking you up?

You see yourself cleaning your house, and bam! There appears the lost button of your favourite grey shirt that you had been searching for, for weeks. Lockdown is bringing us discoveries in ultimate forms!

The unwanted imprisonment of lockdown has changed our beliefs to huge extent. Except one – pictures! People now have grid screenshots instead of selfies – man, we need to show others that we’re happy. Vanity over unity. Jk, only slightly.

The world is addressing a lot of problems which you didn’t even want solutions for, like:

  • How to dress up while working from home

  • Setting boundaries with family

  • Timings of work, etc.

Yet the world fails to address the most important problems, like:

  1. How not to finish a dabba of aloo bhujiya while watching home workout videos

  2. How not to watch all episodes of two seasons of a Netflix special while “working” on a concall

  3. Most importantly, how to sleep more! We all needed it so badly in pre-lockdown days, and here we are, getting no advice about it!

Don’t worry; we will solve all your real problems here. The best part is: you can execute all those solutions in your favourite pyjamas and tees; you don’t need to change into a formal shirt for a Zoom call.

However there’s a question I want you to consider: Are they really problems?

Or are they simply nudge from nature to understand the importance of most valuable things in life?

Every single person who wants the lockdown to get over actually loves it. They just want this freedom along with the freedom to get out. They are worried, of course about the Stray Dog Association which is consistently holding meetings about where all humans have been caged and taken away.

To take care of stray dogs, and to take care of the mind that used to stray in those work days, let’s take the beautiful lessons of lockdown that are bringing us down to our basics:

  1. Fun is Family: Aren’t video calls the most important invention ever? You cook a nice dal rice, click its pic, eat it and then share it with your Mom – only to know that dal needed to contain lesser water, and rice needed to be soaked beforehand. Not vice versa.

  2. Hygiene – Well, the way we all are cleaning up every nook and corner of our homes, it shows just one thing. That we will drive Odomos / mosquito repellant industry out of business. So people, to keep their economies growing, keep your home untidy. Okay?

  3. That spa you had been waiting for – Remember that visit to spa on your Sikkim / Goa vacation? If you can’t go there right now, do it in your home. Please, do not take an online course in it. Just follow what your grandmother did. What you always want to do in your PPT presentations – follow your intuition and ignore it. Follow your intuition and massage your feet with ghee just before going to bed. Take care of yourself like you take care of a baby. Few more days in, and you have to become a Baba again and get out of your Baba suit.

  4. O, thou evil exercise: Tell us something, don’t you really want to go to those workout from home kind-a-people and have a cheese pizza with them? Of course not! Who would want to share their pizza? Yet you do want to know from where they get it in the first place. It’s a habit for them because they hit the gym consistently. Now that you finally “have the time” to workout, you don’t know what to do. More so, those “workout from home” are another level of torture altogether. Why not abandon those and do something basic? Like five rounds of surya-namaskar. Few minutes and you’re done! It’s like saying a hi-five to sun, and then starting the day with a bright light. Which brings us to our fifth and final point.

  5. Nature, it will go away: During pre-lockdown days, most of our days looked like:

Wake up -> Breakfast -> Leave for work -> Meetings you don’t know why are they happening -> Leave at night super tired -> Dinner -> Bed time

In lockdown days, our days look like:

Wake up -> Breakfast-> Check email -> clean utensils -> Snack -> Purposefully do not send that email -> Lunch -> Power nap of two hours -> Wash clothes -> Email at EOD: Send that email and close work -> Snack -> Phone -> Dinner -> Bed time -> Snack in the midnight.

Do you see how busy you are now! And I want you to enjoy nature! Not really. I just want to give you a perspective. Your freedom to go out, your freedom to eat, shop, have fun – all will come back. What won’t come back is this spring. The freedom to step out into the balcony and have that breath of fresh air that happens just once a year – is the real freedom. Nowhere to go, no traffic jams to navigate, no honking to give you an attack, just you and nature. Make some do-nothing time, and see how much this nothingness of nature does to you.

Bonus Point: Next time, before counting the number of holes in the Monaco biscuit, count the number of unread chapters in the books you wanna be reading.

And maybe at the end of this period, we shall realise that all that we had been looking for, for so many years, running around, spending thousands for an Instagram post – could have been done just by going within our homes – and to our balconies. Bonus points if you invested those thousands for FDs. If you really want to make silly choices, let’s make by putting money in FDs. It’s way better than putting mind into negativity and money into validation.

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