Hot Drinks To Consume For Burning Fat

Drinks to burn fat

Burning fats is the most trendy way to stay healthy in today’s world. Your fats need to be concentrated equally all over your body. If you are over-weighted, you need to burn calories from your body to reduce your weight. Drinking hot drinks to burn fats from your body is very helpful. It shall burn the calories from your body, thereby burning the fats and helping to lose weight.

There are several fat-burning drinks available in the market as well as you can prepare the fat-burning drinks at home. Nowadays, we find that most people are weight conscious. Some people maintain their body weight to stay healthy and disease-free. Heavy fat concentration in the body means an invitation to several diseases related to the heart, brain, digestion, etc. Several hot drinks help burn fats like ginger tea, honey, lemon hot water, hot coffee, etc. Homemade fat-burning drinks for weight loss are also beneficial. Most commonly, if you drink fat-burning drinks, you must prepare them fresh at home.

Drinks available in the market may also aid, but homemade drinks are healthier, fresh, and prepared as per your tastes. We do not add sugar or sugar supplements to the drinks. Sugar content might increase the calories. 

Hot Drinks To Consume For Burning Fat

  • Ginger tea

 Ginger tea is considered one of the most significant hot drinks contributing to weight loss. It contains potent diuretic and thermogenic properties. It helps in boosting metabolism and aids the body in burning more energy. You should make ginger tea a part of your daily life. Ginger has excellent effects on body weight as well as belly fat. 

Ginger tea contains compounds such as gingerols and shogaols. Several biological activities take place in our bodies after consuming ginger. It helps to reduce inflammation. Ginter as an antioxidant. It helps in protecting from cardiovascular disease. It is also noticed that people who consumed hot drinks, like ginger tea, stayed fuller. It can suppress our hunger. Hence acts as a fat-burning drink for weight loss.

  • Coffee

Coffee has also enlisted itself as one of the hot drinks. It is also listed in the list fat burning drinks. Coffee contains Chlorogenic acid. It helps in stimulating the body to burn and break down fats more efficiently. Caffeine contains lipase, an enzyme that helps break down fat during digestion. The blended mixture of caffeine and acid declares hot drinks such as coffee as fat-burning drinks. It is a different way of making coffee as well as burning fat. Drinking coffee helps suppress hunger, which in turn leads to weight loss. Hence, coffee is one of the best fat-burning drinks at home.

  • Lemon Tea

Lemon tea occupies a position since ages in the list of hot drinks for burning fats. Lemons are antioxidants and help to flush out toxic substances from the body. It helps in burning fats and thereby reduces body weight. A cup of hot lemon is also considered appropriate on the fat-burning drinks list. It also aids in digestion if drunk on an empty stomach. It is also considered an energy drink that boosts our metabolism and provides vitamin C. It also helps in keeping our body hydrated. Drinking lemon tea regularly also prevents heat strokes and controls blood pressure. As it burns fats, it can prevent other diseases by lowering cholesterol levels.

  • Carom seeds

Carom seed with hot water is also added to the list of fat-burning drinks. Carom means ajwain. You should add one teaspoon of carom seeds to one glass of hot water. It helps in burning fats, especially abdominal fats. It is therefore considered one of the best hot drinks which burn fats and result in weight loss. It is also entered in the lists of fat-burning drinks at home. It is among the fat-burning drinks for weight loss. As we lose weight, it can be observed by our reduced waistline.

  • Green tea

Green tea is gaining much importance nowadays to maintain a healthy body system. To further extend the list of hot drinks, we add green to it. Green tea acts like an energy drink as it boosts our immunity system. It is an antioxidant and has antibacterial properties. It flushes out the toxic substances from the body and protects us from several infections. It also helps in the digestion process. Therefore, hot drinks like green tea are multi-advantageous. Acting as fat-burning drinks,  they also serve several other healthy purposes. 

  • Haldi tea

Prolonging the list of hot drinks, one more to add to the list of fat-burning drinks: Haldi tea. Haldi tea is considered another energy drink that has antibacterial properties. Haldi is a detoxifying drink. It refreshes our senses, and its aroma calms down our minds so that it helps to focus on our work constantly. It has also entered the fat-burning drinks. Haldi being an antioxidant, not only helps in burning fats but also helps in healing wounds.

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  • Ginger with hot water

Drinking hot water and adding ginger to it also ranks good for hot drinks, also known as fat-burning drinks. Ginger is usually used in the treatment of upset stomachs. It is also an antioxidant, fights free radicals, and reduces the risk of diabetes and cancer. Potassium is another mineral found in ginger. It helps in flushing out toxic substances. It also acts as an energy drink by boosting our immunity system. It also adds several necessary minerals to the body, providing energy to the body, which helps in working the entire day freely.

  • Jeera water

You need to add one teaspoon of jeera to one glass full of water overnight. In the morning, bring the water to a boil and drink it. Regular consumption of jeera water is helpful. In research, we have also found that cumin water ( jeera water) is one of the best hot drinks for burning fats. Jeera itself is very low in calories as well as it is an antioxidant and an energy drink. It helps in burning calories, flushes out toxins, and acts as an energy booster by providing energy to work throughout the day.

  • Black tea

Black tea is considered to have the highest amount of caffeine in it. It is a weight-loss-friendly drink. It is also considered an energy drink. More caffeine means an extra energy boost that helps burn more calories. Drinking two cups of black tea regularly may help in burning fat and help in reducing your waistline. It is therefore considered useful as other hot drinks to burn fats.  

  • Water

Drinking hot water helps to burn fat healthily. The hot water helps in burning fat molecules in the diet. It works better when drunk on an empty stomach. As it burns calories, it also acts as an energy drink, which boosts our immunity system and provides several essential minerals to our body. It also prevents us from several diseases by flushing out the toxic substances from our bodies. It also keeps our body hydrated throughout the day. It works as the best hydrating agent during the summer to save from the scorching heat. Warm water is also added to hot water drinks to burn fats. It also ranks well in fat-burning drinks as it is a natural fat burner. Water helps blood circulation and digestion and prevents several other diseases.

  • Vegetable soup

Vegetable soup is one of the healthiest ways to lose weight. Vegetable soups increase the metabolism rate and are considered vital energy drinks. Vegetable soups must contain a lot of veggies, which may provide several necessary minerals and energy supplements. As it has low calories, consuming it might keep you full and suppress hunger. It works better if we prepare them at home. At home, we do not add sugars or any calorie-increasing ingredient. Thus, vegetable soups are fat-burning drinks at home. 

  • Fennel tea

Fennel is commonly known as saunf. Fennel has diuretic properties. Drinking fennel tea helps in the removal of toxins from our body and thereby helps in burning fats. As it helps in burning fats, it is considered an energy drink. Being an energy drink, it provides the body with the energy to burn fats and the necessary energy to work throughout the day with focused attention.

  • Hot lemon water

    Hot water drinks such as simple warm water also top the block of fat-burning drinks. Adding a few drops of lemon to it will work more efficiently in losing fat. As warm lemon water helps in burning fats, it also provides the necessary energy to burn fat. It is also considered an energy drink. Lemon being antioxidant and citrusy helps to burn fat, thus proving itself correct in the list of fat-burning drinks for weight loss. It is one of the hot drinks proven efficient for ages for burning fats.


We all have heard that dieting, exercising, yogas, pranayama, etc., aid in losing weight. These are all indeed works to do, but we also need to consume fat-burning drinks, which will aid in burning fats faster. Once the fats are burned, we can practice Pranayama and other agents easily to keep ourselves healthy. It is essential to replace high-calorie beverages with low-calorie drinks, which might burn fats and provide energy to the body. 

Authored By: Poorvi Chhajer

About the Author: Poorvi is a psychology graduate with a knack for writing and a belief in Ayurveda.

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