10 Benefits Of Drinking Shikanji

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The Indian lemonade or Shikanji is popular across the length and breadth of the country. The shikanji recipe may be simple, but the goodness that comes with it is innumerable. You can make shikanji with items available in your kitchen. It is an instant and refreshing summer drink. The shikanji recipe is made with lime juice, water, salt, ginger and cumin powder. This is the base ingredient for the shikanji recipe. As far as the shikanji recipe is considered, you can identify it with nimbu pani. Moreover, you are not entirely wrong if you call it Indian lemonade because the shikanji recipe stems from nimbu pani.

India is a land of diverse climatic conditions, blessing our country with diverse seasonal fruits. People here get to enjoy the goodness of various fruits in different seasons. Lime is available throughout the year, though the best season is between January to April. Because of its affordability and availability year-round, it is India's most popular fruit juice. Shikanji is also known as Shikanjbeen and Shikanjvi. You can find shikanji summer drinks in every nook and corner of North India. It is so common that it is even called the staple summer drink in India.

Summer is here, and no one can escape the scorching heat! But we have a way to beat the heat. Yes, try the time-tested summer drinks – Shikanji. In fact, shikanji is a healthy summer drink that everyone must try. While drinking water is helpful in summer, we all know that it contains only nutrients and minerals which don’t help in weight loss in any way. Shikanji is one of the tastiest summer drinks that also help in detoxification and weight reduction.

It is common in North India to see vendors storing litres of Shinkaji summer drinks in a large earthen pot covered with red cloth to keep it cool all day. The earthen pots keep shikanji cool. It is sold for less than Rs 20. Depending on the additional ingredients like skinaji powder or shikanji masala, the price may vary. Due to the ingredients, it is also a healthy summer drink.Also read 5 Health Benefits of Coconut Water - Scientific Benefits

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Shikanji Recipe

  1. In a jug, pour two glasses of water
  2. Squeeze a lemon in the water directly
  3. To it, add cumin seeds powder, sugar and black salt
  4. Stir the shikanji masala well till all the ingredients dissolve
  5. Your summer drink is ready
  6. Pour in a glass and serve chilled

The shikanji recipe is very easy! All you will need are some of the basic ingredients such as lemon along with water, sugar, mint leaves, cumin seeds, etc. Just mix the juice of the lemon, along with a glass of water and a spoon of sugar. This will make one serving. Mix all the ingredients until the sugar is dissolved. Then add a pinch of cumin powder and some leaves and serve it chill. It is the tastiest healthy summer drinks anyone can think of!

Please note that sugar is optional. You can make shikanji without sugar as well. Add some shikanji masala to your nimbu pani and shikanji is ready. This is not all; it comes with amazing health benefits.

Shikanji – Weight Loss and Detox

Intake of the summer drinks – shikanji – will help to flush out the toxins in the body. The vitamin C in the lemon will help boost immunity and detoxify the body. Lemons also have the ability to help in digestion and clean the liver. Besides this, it will help get rid of joint pains and improve skin tone.

Cumin, used in the summer drinks, Shikanji, also helps weight loss, controls diabetes, and checks inflammation.  Cumin is always considered an important ingredient in summer drinks as it keeps the body cool and efficient.

Mint is very often used as an ingredient in summer drinks. Adding mint leaves to the shikanji recipe is very popular for weight loss and detoxification. Its flavour and taste are certainly refreshing during the hot summer.

Shikanji Powder

While making healthy summer drinks like Shikanji is very simple and easy, there are many brands of shikanji powder readily available in the market. This makes the preparation of the summer drinks even easier. 

Shikanji Masala

Shikanji masala, also readily available in the market, can be prepared at home as well. Drinking shikanji masala will work against acid reflux in the stomach region. Further, the spices will ensure that the body is replenished and detoxified immediately. While this is one of the tastiest summer drinks, it also makes sure the body is cooled instantly, giving a major relief from the summer heat. Summer drinks will provide a refreshing feel and propel you to get back to work instantly. So, the shikanji recipe is not only the best of summer drinks but also a favourite digestive drink.

Using shikanji powder in summer drinks, according to nutritionists, will cause a digestive bubble in the stomach that will break down the complex food particles, particularly the proteins in the meat. This will ensure the digestion process happens much faster. 

While Shikanji is one of the popular summer drinks, research in America has proved that its intake in moderate quantities works well in controlling osteoarthritis and rheumatoid.

Summer Drinks - Peach Iced Tea

Another very popular summer drink in India is peach iced tea. The recipe for the peach iced tea is very simple, and it is easy to make. First, we have to make simple peach syrup.

The ingredients of the peach syrup are as follows:

1 cup organic cane sugar

1 cup water

2 ripe peaches sliced thin

The ingredients of the peach iced tea are as follows:

2 to3 tablespoons of loose leaf black tea

8 cups of water

To make these summer drinks, first, make the syrup by boiling the peaches in water with cane sugar. Remove from heat when it reaches a syrupy consistency. Then brew your tea, strain out the tea to get the decoction, and add the syrup. Your peach iced tea, the best and most efficient summer drink, is right there!

The Benefits of Shikanji

Digestive Summer Drinks 

Healthy summer drinks, shikanji, are loaded with health benefits. Though shikanji has adorned our streets for years, not many are aware of its goodness. When you are out in the scorching sun, shikanji is your cooling partner. Did you know that shikanji helps in digestion? Lemon is loaded with ascorbic acid and pectin fibre, and these two facilitate digestion. The spice mix contains ginger, pepper and cumin powder, all three of which aid in digestion.

Nutritious Summer Drinks

Shikanji is the default summer drink for many, but little do they realise the nutrient value in summer drinks. Lemon is the powerhouse of Vitamin C. The alkalinity in the lemon guards from cell oxidation. Fresh ginger is loaded with Gingerol, a bioactive compound protecting against infections. Gingerol has sedative, antibacterial, analgesic and antipyretic properties, making it a superfood. Ginger protects your gums from diseases like periodontitis and gingivitis. It stops the growth of oral bacteria.

Cool Summer Drinks

Shikanji drink cools your body. During summers, when the temperatures reach their peak, you need to keep your body hydrated. For this, you need to consume energising, healthy summer drinks like Shikanji. It helps prevent sodium chloride loss and retains iron content in the body. Due to sweating, the loss of these elements is common. Beat the heat with cool Shikanji summer drinks.

A Weight Loss Drink

Reach your weight loss aim with a glass of cool shinkaji. Lemon is loaded with pectin fibre that keeps you away from hunger pangs. With less eating, you are bound to gain less weight. Moreover, lemon has detox properties, a major ingredient for weight loss. To add to this, ginger is a superfood for digestion. Cumin seeds also aid in digestion. With all these valuable ingredients, Shikanji is sure to top the list of weight loss drinks.

Summer Drinks

This summer, the scorching heat will be a testing time for people at home and those venturing out. To combat the heat and keep our bodies cool, it is essential to have summer drinks regularly. Shikanji, Sattu sherbet, peach tea, Aam panna, Kokum sherbet are some of the few drinks that will help immensely to beat the heat. These summer drinks are certainly healthy and pave the way for many more benefits like detoxification, weight loss, digestion, hydration etc.

This summer, do not let hydration take the best of you. Get the utmost benefits of shikanji summer drinks by taking them regularly. Boost your immunity with an iced summer drink. The desi lemon juice is sure to provide immense health benefits; apart from using it as a detox drink, it improves your immunity system helping you live a healthy lifestyle. Add shikanji to your diet regularly to keep you fit to shoo away diseases. 

So, go ahead and enjoy this healthy drink to get all the health benefits and respite from this scorching summer. So be it any season; you can also try other great Ayurvedic drinks or coconut water which are readily available in packs. They are packed with all the benefits needed to keep you hale and healthy.

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