10 Benefits Of Drinking Shikanji

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The renowned Indian beverage, Shikanji or Indian lemonade, enjoys widespread popularity across the nation. Though Shikanji preparation is straightforward, the benefits it offers are abundant. Shikanji can be easily concocted using common kitchen ingredients, providing an instant and revitalizing summer refreshment. The key elements for the shikanji recipe are lime juice, water, salt, ginger, and cumin powder. Shikanji is closely associated with nimbu pani, and indeed, referring to it as Indian lemonade is not entirely inaccurate, as the origins of Shikanji can be traced back to nimbu pani.

India boasts diverse climatic conditions, resulting in a rich variety of seasonal fruits that grace our nation. The populace relishes the goodness of these fruits, each unique to its respective season. Lime, being available year-round with its prime period from January to April, stands out as India's favoured fruit juice due to its cost-effectiveness and widespread accessibility. Shikanji, alternatively known as Shikanjbeen and Shikanjvi, pervades every corner of North India during the summer months, earning the title of India's quintessential seasonal beverage.

The summertime has arrived, and the relentless heat is inescapable! However, there's a solution to combat it. Indeed, opt for the age-old summer beverage - Shikanji. Shikanji proves to be a nutritious summer drink worthy of everyone's attention. While water is beneficial during summer, it merely provides essential nutrients and minerals without contributing to weight loss. On the contrary, Shikanji stands as one of the most delightful summer drinks that support detoxification and weight management.

In North India, it's a frequent sight to find vendors storing ample Shikanji beverages in an earthen container covered with red cloth to maintain their coolness throughout the day. The earthen pots effectively preserve the refreshing qualities of Shikanji. This beverage is usually priced below Rs 20 and may fluctuate depending on added components like Shikanji powder or masala, which also contribute to its healthiness as a summer drink.

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summer drinks

Shikanji Recipe

  1. In a jug, pour two glasses of water
  2. Squeeze a lemon in the water directly
  3. To it, add cumin seeds powder, sugar and black salt
  4. Stir the shikanji masala well till all the ingredients dissolve
  5. Your summer drink is ready
  6. Pour in a glass and serve chilled

The shikanji preparation is effortlessly simple! You'll require fundamental components like lemon, water, sugar, mint leaves, cumin seeds, etc. Blend the lemon juice, water, and sugar to create a single serving. Stir thoroughly until sugar dissolves, then add a dash of cumin powder and mint leaves before serving chilled. It represents a delightful and nutritious summer beverage!

Kindly be informed that sugar is discretionary. Shikanji can be prepared sans sugar too. Combine shikanji masala with nimbu pani, and your shikanji will be prepared. That's not all; it offers incredible health advantages.

Shikanji – Weight Loss and Detox

Consumption of summer beverage - shikanji - aids in eliminating body toxins. Lemon's vitamin C enhances immunity and detoxifies. It also aids digestion and liver cleansing, relieving joint pain and improving skin tone.

Cumin, a key element in shikanji, promotes weight loss, manages diabetes, and reduces inflammation. It is essential for its cooling and efficient effects on the body during summer.

Mint is a common ingredient in summer drinks. Its addition to shikanji is popular for weight loss and detoxification, offering a refreshing flavour during hot weather.

Shikanji Powder

Preparing nutritious summer beverages such as Shikanji is remarkably straightforward. Additionally, a plethora of Shikanji powders from various brands are readily accessible in the market, further simplifying the drink's creation.

Shikanji Masala

Shikanji masala, readily available in the market, can also be prepared at home. Consuming shikanji masala aids against acid reflux in the stomach area and promotes immediate body replenishment and detoxification. This delightful summer beverage offers instant cooling, providing substantial relief from the heat and a refreshing boost to resume work promptly. Therefore, the shikanji recipe stands as a premier choice for summer drinks and a favoured digestive tonic.

Utilizing shikanji powder in summer beverages triggers a digestive reaction in the stomach, effectively breaking down complex food particles, particularly proteins found in meat, expediting the digestion process.

Although Shikanji is a well-known summer drink, research conducted in America indicates that moderate consumption can be beneficial in managing osteoarthritis and rheumatoid conditions.

Summer Drinks - Peach Iced Tea

Another very popular summer drink in India is peach iced tea. The recipe for peach iced tea is very simple, and it is easy to make. First, we have to make simple peach syrup.

The ingredients of the peach syrup are as follows:

  • 1 cup organic cane sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 ripe peaches sliced thin

The ingredients of the peach iced tea are as follows:

  • 2 to 3 tbsp loose-leaf black tea
  • 8 cups of water

To create the summer beverages, commence by boiling peaches with cane sugar in water until it thickens. Then brew tea, strain the decoction, and mix it with the syrup. Enjoy your peach iced tea, the perfect summer drink! 

The Benefits of Shikanji

Digestive Summer Drinks 

Nourishing summer beverages like shikanji offer an array of health advantages. Despite its long-standing presence on our streets, the true benefits of shikanji remain relatively unknown. In the blistering heat, shikanji serves as an excellent refresher. Interestingly, shikanji promotes digestion. Lemon, rich in ascorbic acid and pectin fibre, supports this process. The blend of ginger, pepper, and cumin powder further aids digestion.

Nutritious Summer Drinks

Shikanji is widely preferred during summer, yet its nutritional benefits often go unnoticed. Lemon is a rich source of Vitamin C and its alkalinity helps protect cells from oxidation. Fresh ginger contains Gingerol, a bioactive compound that safeguards against infections, showcasing sedative, antibacterial, analgesic, and antipyretic properties, making it a remarkable superfood. Moreover, ginger shields gums from periodontitis and gingivitis, effectively inhibiting oral bacteria growth.

Cool Summer Drinks

Shikanji aids in body cooling, ensuring proper hydration during hot summers. It is an energizing and nourishing summer beverage that helps retain essential minerals like iron while preventing sodium chloride loss due to sweating. Stay refreshed with the delightful Shikanji drink.

A Weight Loss Drink

Achieve your weight loss goal with a refreshing glass of Shikanji, containing lemon rich in pectin fiber to curb hunger. This aids in reduced calorie intake and promotes detoxification, essential for weight loss. Additionally, ginger and cumin seeds enhance digestion, making Shikanji a top choice among weight loss beverages.

Summer Drinks

This summer, coping with the intense heat will be a challenge for both homebound individuals and those going outdoors. Regular consumption of summer beverages like Shikanji, Sattu sherbet, peach tea, Aam panna, and Kokum sherbet is crucial to stay cool and hydrated while combating the heat. These drinks offer various benefits such as detoxification, weight management, improved digestion, and hydration.

Stay hydrated and make the most of the benefits of Shikanji summer drinks by incorporating them into your routine. Boost your immunity with refreshing iced summer beverages like the traditional lemon juice, known for its health advantages and immune-boosting properties. Including Shikanji in your daily diet will help you maintain fitness and prevent illnesses.

Embrace these nutritious drinks to enjoy a refreshing respite from the scorching summer heat. Moreover, explore other excellent Ayurvedic beverages or packaged coconut water suitable for all seasons, offering a multitude of health benefits to keep you fit and well.

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