Hidden Masala Tea Benefits Auric Masala Tea

Hidden Masala Tea Benefits | Auric Masala Tea

Masala tea is not just a great beverage but also has a number of health benefits. A good masala tea serves as a perfect immunity booster as it fights off your seasonal fever and soothes down your throat. People are consuming masala tea or masala chai worldwide, and it won’t be wrong to say that it has definitely become one of the most consumed beverages.

Coming from a typical North Indian family based out of Mumbai, I consider myself fortunate to have access to very high masala chai standards and masala tea benefits. The kids were not allowed to consume tea until their teens as it was an "adult drink". My mother made a separate batch of herbal tea for the kids and a different masala chai for herself and dad. Her herbal mix consisted of fresh lemongrass, fresh ginger, mint, green tea leaves, a pinch of black tea, tulsi and jaggery to sweeten it. Our morning ritual was reading newspapers and sipping on tea in complete silence (still is), Times of India for dad, Bombay Times for me, Navbharat Times for my mother, and Economic times for my brother. There is an unspoken silent arrangement within the family that morning teas are our "me time" despite being in each other's company. 

I take turns between coffee, masala chai or masala tea, and herbal tea during the day. I shifted into a rare phenomenon called "joint family" in 2009 and have been drinking the best cup of chai in all of India, offering top masala tea benefits. She has magic in her tea masala powder that she prepared and preserved with lots of love and warmth. Auric Masala Tea is made from loose leaf tea from Assam and masala consists of bay leaves, cinnamon, peppercorns, turmeric, and green cardamom, which allows masala tea benefits to reach to the consumers.

Helps Fight Cold and Nasal Clogging

The primary benefit of adding Kadak Chai Masala to your tea is that it has antibacterial and antifungal properties. If you are feeling under the weather, then it could be a good idea to consume masala tea. Kadak Chai Masala from Satvic Foods is a blend of clove, cinnamon, dry ginger, and other natural spices (yes, black pepper) that will do wonders in cough. We highly recommend you to give it a try.

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What is Masala Chai?

Masala chai is a popular Indian household spiced tea made with boiling water, whole milk (you may use almond milk or soy milk), sweetener and whole spices. It typically belongs to the Indian subcontinent and is now gaining fame worldwide, with some health enthusiasts even using oat milk to consume it. Families in India have their masala chai recipes unique to their style and tradition, and the consumption in Indian households goes up during the winters and monsoons, offering an abundance of masala tea benefits. Hot fried snacks or even baked ones (if you are someone who does not indulge in fried foods), biscuits or cookies are served with a cup of Auric masala tea. The chai wallahs prepare the most famous form of chai on the streets of Mumbai, India, where they use various types of ground spices to prepare this soul-satisfying drink.

Auric Masala Chai

How to Make Masala Chai?

Traditionally Auric masala tea is made with five components:

  1. Black Tea 
  2. Milk (optional)
  3. Water 
  4. Sweetener (optional)
  5. Whole Spices 

The use of spices and the ratio of milk to water varies depending on the recipe and individual taste. The most authentic styles include the top 7 ingredients to add to your cup of tea, including a mix of black pepper, cinnamon stick, star anise, cardamom pods, bay leaves, fresh ginger and cloves. 

You may use a grinder or a traditional mortar and pestle to prepare this tea powder mix. It's a lot of work for a generation that loves having the best of both worlds without having to move a finger, let alone source quality ingredients and tea from Assam or Darjeeling.

You can prepare Auric masala tea by boiling a cup of water, a spoon of pre-prepared masala tea mix, milk and sweetener as per taste after the first boil! 

Health Benefits of Black Tea

Improved Heart Health

Cinnamon is known to reduce blood pressure in various animal studies, and it is one of the main ingredients of Auric masala tea. Studies have also suggested that cinnamon reduces total cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDL cholesterol in some individuals. Reviews and various scientific literature showcase 120 mg of cinnamon per day is sufficient for heart-friendly effects. Such are the masala tea benefits that consumption of tea over an extended period enhances cardiovascular and metabolic health. 

Reduce Nausea

Ginger is a known ingredient used to alleviate nausea, especially during pregnancy. Having a cup of Auric masala tea with pounded ginger goes a long way to keep ailments at bay.   

Mental Benefits

There aren't enough controlled studies to establish a direct positive effect of tea on various neurodegenerative disorders. However, consuming more than two cups a day of black tea was observed in reducing the risk of Parkinson's disease in Asian countries. Auric masala tea can soothe you and provide all the masala tea benefits, including better mental health. Consuming masala tea is one of the ayurvedic tips to improve mental health.

Improved Digestive System

Masala chai benefits include keeping your gut healthy. Ginger and black pepper help release essential digestive enzymes that act as a catalyst in breaking down fats and proteins. These spices are also anti-inflammatory and deliver oxygen-rich blood to cells. 

Auric Masala Chai

Control blood sugar levels 

Auric masala tea is also beneficial for controlling blood sugar levels (thanks to fragrant cinnamon) and preventing weight gain (go low on the sugar, sweeteners for that). Most of India prepares chai in cow milk, an excellent protein source known to reduce hunger and initiate fullness feelings. Consuming a cup of chai minimises the habit of overeating throughout the day as it can be substituted for a snack, which is one of the masala tea benefits.

Some Tit-Bits on Tea

Most office breaks in India have the concept of a "chai break" or a "tea break"; the black pepper in tea masala also helps burn fat. However, do not consume more than three small cups a day as it can cause long term complications in certain diseases. One must also watch the amount of sugar used in tea if you aren't physically active. 

Masala chai is an emotion for most Indians, where we do not weigh in the benefits or side effects of consumption. We consume it as it is part of our culture for centuries. It's a constant companion of the commoner when they are too stressed, need a break, need to wake up, need to feel fresh or spend time by themselves or their loved ones sipping on this wholesome goodness. It scintillates your taste buds and your heart, especially the one made with love as a sweetener. 

Auric Masala Chai


The benefits of chai tea explain what makes tea a very popular hot beverage in many countries? Auric masala tea contains the goodness of moringa, other ayurvedic herbs, and powerful vitamins and minerals, making it one of the best inclusions in your everyday diet. It is 100% natural and contains no artificial additives. Auric masala tea contains such masala tea benefits that it boosts immunity and is great for skin, hair, and a healthy body. The moringa that it contains is sourced from West Bengal, while the first flush black tea is sourced from Assam and Darjeeling. 

Kerala is the place where the cinnamon and cardamom comes from, and Auric masala tea offers the goodness of ginger that comes from Sikkim. Star Anise is something not everybody is aware of, but it contains an abundance of health benefits. To bring masala tea benefits with star anise and moringa to you, Auric has mindfully sourced all ingredients and curated a perfect mix of Auric tea. People swear by the benefits of masala tea by Auric as it has affected their lives in a positive way. Get your pack of Auric masala tea delivered at your doorstep and witness your health bettering one cup at a time!


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