Morning Habits: Did You Know About These 10 Weight Loss Morning Habits?

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There is a quote that says, “The man who strives to move a mountain begins with one stone at a time.”

The same thing could be said about losing weight. No matter how small the first steps are, they will show results in the long run if you stick by them. Looking for weight loss morning habits that work? 

Weight Loss Morning Habits

10 Weight Loss Tips

1. Stretch Your Body On Getting out of Bed:

Stretching the first thing in the morning as soon as you wake up will help relieve any tension in the body. Stretching will get the blood flow going. A ten-minute routine helps condition the body by providing a jump-start to get the calorie-burning on track. Of the many early morning habits to lose weight,  this would be important as it helps kickstart the day.  

2. Have A Protein-Packed Breakfast:

The most important meal of the day would be our breakfast. Unfortunately, that is the first casualty of our busy lifestyles.

Skipping breakfast won't be doing you any favours. You are better off changing that habit. It is recommended that you have a protein-rich breakfast. 

Preparing a protein-rich breakfast will help prep you for the day. An ideal protein-filled breakfast would include lean meat like a turkey sandwich, eggs, or even a smoothie. 

A high-protein breakfast helps curb cravings for unhealthy snacks and aids weight loss. Protein supports weight loss by preventing the release of a hunger hormone called Ghrelin, which increases the drive to eat.

2. Follow a Sleep Schedule:

Having a sleep schedule will do wonders as one of the early morning habits to lose weight. If not, you could always make a change and start now. Going to bed at odd hours of the night and then sleeping in late will make us feel lethargic the rest of the day. 

Getting enough sleep isn't just about sleeping the regulation 9 hours. It helps to sleep and wake at the same time daily, thus keeping the body’s circadian rhythm intact.

There is increasing evidence pointing toward sleep benefits accrued from a healthy sleep cycle. The main advantage is that it is one of the better weight loss morning habits that will complement your weight loss efforts

3. Staying Hydrated:

Our body is 70% water. If that balance is upset, then we feel dehydrated. When we sleep, we also go without water for that duration which is why we feel thirsty when we wake up. Drinking at least two glasses of water as soon as we wake will help control dehydration and is better for the morning habits to lose weight. Adequate water intake will help boost metabolism levels and reduce appetite. So chug away.

4. Get Some Sun:

Exposure to sunshine makes us feel happy almost instantly and is one of the better morning habits to lose weight. Did you know sunlight exposure can assist in your weight loss efforts too? A university study revealed that people exposed to moderately bright light in the morning have a lower BMI than those who skip the morning sun.

Anything between 20-30 minutes of morning light is enough to help reduce your BMI and improve overall health. Open those window shades and let the morning sun stream into your room. Park your car a little away from the office and take a walk in the sun. Additionally, you could even do your morning yoga routine outdoors to benefit from the morning sun. Yoga is a fruitful way to help your weight loss efforts and is an essential approach to early morning habits to lose weight.

5. Butter the Bottom of the Toast:

This isn't an attempt at humour. While buttering the bottom of the toast may seem like a weird suggestion, it can actually help weight loss. Toast tastes good with butter, and before we know it, we would have had too much of it. Less butter will only help in your weight loss efforts.

When you eat toast with the bottom side buttered, the flavour hits the tongue immediately. That way, you won’t end up eating more just for the sake of it, and it will help you cut down on your calorie intake.

6. Exercise Often:

Most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle due to social and work demands leaving us little time for exercise. We return from a long day at work too tired to do anything more than perhaps have a TV dinner and head to sleep.

This is an unhealthy lifestyle and will lead to lifestyle diseases such as obesity, which will cause increased BMI.  

Try and squeeze in at least thirty minutes of exercise every day either before you head to work or once you return, though morning exercise would be more beneficial in complementing your weight-loss efforts. Find a training buddy to join you on your morning workouts. This will give you added incentive to get out of bed and look forward to that morning jog.   

Weight Loss Morning

7. Use Measuring Cups and Spoons

It's relatively easy to pack more calories into our diet when we don't measure our portions. Measuring high-calorie foods like sugar for our morning tea or coffee so that only the correct amount is poured in will help you in your weight loss efforts and is one of the early morning habits to lose weight to lose weight worth pursuing.

8. Weigh Yourself:

Do not avoid the weighing scale like it's the devil in disguise. We may be apprehensive about stepping on the scale because we are afraid we may see something we do not like. 

But, you should make stepping on the scale one of your weight loss morning habits. When you weigh yourself daily or on a schedule, it will help you monitor any weight gain, even if gradual. This habit will help you put the brakes on any unhealthy eating habits and propel you to better weight loss morning habits

Keeping up this routine for at least six months will see you shedding those extra pounds and is one of the early morning habits to lose weight worth following.

9. Drink Your Juice From a Tall Glass:

Most reach for that glass of orange or apple juice in the morning. This seemingly healthy habit could hamper our efforts to follow better weight loss morning habits.

Even the ones marked sugar free do contain alternative sweeteners, which could very well reduce the effectiveness of our morning habits to lose weight. 

Drinking juice in a taller glass created the illusion that it holds more juice than a wider one. So this way, you would drink less juice which means less sugar consumed, which translates into lower weight gain.

10. Pack Your Lunch:

When you pack your own lunch for your day at work, you will consume that instead of heading out for lunch. This would be an excellent way to complement your weight loss morning habits. Food from restaurants can have extra calories, especially if you indulge in unhealthy options such as that doughnut or the not so ideal burger from around the corner. 

Following this regimen will help make sure your early morning habits to lose weight do not go to waste. Eating out often is unhealthy and will counter the positive effects of your morning habits to lose weight.


weight loss tips

Additional Lifestyle Changes to Lose Weight:

If you are on the lookout for more ways to improve your morning habits to lose weight, there are more positive ways to aid weight loss. These are some of the less obvious ways in which weight loss can be encouraged. Yet they are equally beneficial as the tips shared earlier.

We are sharing more beneficial ways to help you on your weight loss journey, which will help you follow weight loss morning habits.

Change the Way You Commute: 

We value convenience more than anything else. Let’s face it; it is easier to get into that car and head to work instead of cycling, walking or using public transport. Using alternatives to your vehicle will help boost the effectiveness of your weight loss morning habits and fuel your other morning habits to lose weight.

When you cycle or walk to work or that grocery store, you will lose weight and prevent obesity and diseases linked to it. Not to mention reducing your carbon footprint and further encouraging your weight loss morning habits.

Even using public transport will help you to lose weight as to reach the bus or train you would have to walk some distance. Another advantage would be that you would not have to face rush hour traffic on your commute to work. Doing so will increase the efficacy of your weight loss morning habits.

Avoid Dressing Up your Coffee:

Apart from sugar, there are alternatives to add flavour to coffee. Whipped cream and syrups are two of those. Sure, they make your morning coffee taste better. But, they also tack on extra calories to your already existing calorie-rich diet. Have your coffee black or switch to green tea to gain the benefits of weight loss. 

Make a Healthy Shopping List:

Make a healthy shopping list when you need to go to the grocers. Buy oats instead of cereal, fish rich in Omega-3 like salmon and sardines or lean meats like turkey, which are low in calories. 

Avoid the snack and the processed food section as it will only put a dampener on your weight loss morning habits.


Following a successful weight loss plan is more than just going to the gym or dieting. Certain lifestyle adjustments are also required that aid in weight loss.

In this blog post, we have shared tips on early morning habits to lose weight that, if followed, will result in you experiencing substantial weight loss that is both gradual and healthy.

Start with small changes that will promote a healthier lifestyle, and soon they will become second nature for you, and not a day will go by without you including these changes in your daily routine.Also try Auric weight balance 


Authored By : Poorvi Chhajer

About Author : Poorvi is a psychology graduate with a knack for writing and belief in ayurveda.

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