Busting COVID-19 Vaccine Myths

Busting COVID-19 Vaccine Myths

The only hope to end this Covid -19 pandemic is the vaccine. Everyone must get vaccinated. But people are hesitant to take vaccine shots. And the main reason behind this is misleading information. The spread of misleading information is not a new thing. But in the social media era, the unfurling of misleading information is faster than you can imagine. Accurate information can help stop common myths and rumours about the vaccine. 

It is tough to trust any sources of information. When you search for any vaccine-related information, check if it comes from a reliable source or not. It will help you to decide if you should get vaccinated or not. Well, to fight back the spread of misleading information about the vaccine, we are "Debunking Covid-19 Vaccine Myths."

The Covid-19 Vaccine developed quickly, and it is unsafe.

COVID Vaccine

Several pharmaceutical companies have used various resources for the rapid development of vaccines. We required an emergency solution for these emergency circumstances. But it doesn't mean pharmaceutical companies haven't followed the safety protocols and failed to perform the proper testing.

Did you know that the technology used to create the new mRNA COVID-19 vaccines is decades old? The COVID-19 vaccines are developed in record time. Some other pharmaceutical companies use a weakened adenovirus, which has been studied widely for other vaccines.

COVID-19 Vaccines: Myth Versus Fact

Before launching it to the common public, science experts run trials of vaccines on study volunteers. I recommend the use of those vaccines that you are sure are safe. 

Also, the FDA examines vaccine safety. In addition to this, the Advisory Committee on Immunization has convened a panel of vaccine safety experts to evaluate the safety data from the clinical trial independently.  

Various authorities like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the FDA are keeping their eyes on the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine.

I had COVID-19 earlier, so I don't need the vaccine anymore.


If you are thinking like that, then you are entirely wrong. Because there is no clear evidence about the duration of immunity that natural infection of COVID-19 provides. Previous studies show that innate immunity does not last for a very long time. Also, Some scientists think that the vaccine gives a better shield for coronavirus than natural infection. There are various reports submitted where individuals get reinfected with the Covid -19.

For recovering COVID-19 patients, the CDC recommends getting vaccinated after 90 days of being infected. If you had COVID-19 earlier, you should take the vaccination.

The COVID-19 vaccine can be a reason for infertility in women.


Research shows that many women who participated in the vaccine trials get pregnant quickly after vaccination. This information is entirely false, even though this misleading information spreads like wildfire.

Hence it is proved that the COVID-19 vaccine doesn't impair fertility., The Covid -19 vaccine helps the body produce copies of the spike protein discovered on the coronavirus's surface. The vaccine trains the body's immune system to combat the virus that has specific spike protein.

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Women must get vaccinated who are pregnant or are speculating about getting pregnant. Because if pregnant women get covid, the risk of drastic results is higher.

The coronavirus vaccine invades our cells and modifies our DNA.

COVID-19 Vaccine

If you heard something like that, then please don't believe it. The Covid-19 vaccine only helps the body's immune system to fight back the coronavirus. It does not modify or communicate with your DNA in any way. The mRNA and viral vector COVID-19 vaccine

does enter your cells. But they never enter the nucleus of the cells where DNA is present. Both of them give guidance (genetic material) to your cells. So that cells start building protection against the COVID-19 virus. The mRNA does its business, and then it quickly eradicates itself without altering your DNA.

I'm vaccinated, now I don't have to wear a mask. 

No Mask

Even after getting vaccinated, it is essential to wear a mask. India is one of the populated countries. And it will take a lot of time to get all the people vaccinated. The COVID-19 vaccines shield you from getting severely ill. 

Science experts are not sure that you can transmit the virus to others around or not after getting vaccinated. A lot of things are still under observation, and further research is going on. It is better to take precautions. If you can save yourself and other people around you by taking simple precautions, you shouldn't think for a second. Just follow; mask-wearing, hand washing, and social distancing.

You have to follow it until more and more people get vaccinated.

The coronavirus vaccine's side effects can take my life. 

The coronavirus vaccine's side effects are not life-threatening. Yes, people experience some side effects like body ache or fever. It lasts for two or three days. There is no long-term side effect of the coronavirus vaccine. In case the symptoms last for more than three days, you must consult your doctor. There are some indications that the vaccine is working to boost your immune system. Some people even feel more energetic after taking the vaccine. It depends from person to person.

Before you get vaccinated, share your medical history; if you encounter allergies, especially severe ones. It is important to share such information to get vaccines safely.

If you're breastfeeding your baby after getting vaccinated, then there are chances that your baby could die.

This information is entirely misleading. There is no such finding that supports this information. If we shed some light on how vaccines work, there is no basis for assuming that the vaccine could hurt mom or baby.

Some studies show that if women get vaccinated while breastfeeding, they can shield the breastfeeding baby from COVID-19. You might be wondering how it is possible? It is due to sharing the antibodies through their breast milk.

Every piece of information is not trustable. So never trust any information that you are seeing or reading online related to COVID-19 vaccination. Always look for verified sources. Also, before believing anything, consult your doctor. You can read articles and blogs from healthcare providers or government sources.

Authored by: Vijeta Rana

About the Author: Vijeta Rana is a Wellness and Fitness Blogger from Punjab, India


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