Copper Bottles And Their Many Benefits

copper bottle benefits

Were you aware that a significant portion of the human body, approximately 60%, is comprised of water? Multiple scientific studies and publications in the field of biological chemistry have confirmed the composition of the human body:

  • The brain and heart contain approximately 73% water
  • The lungs contain about 83% water
  • The skin contains roughly 64% water
  • Muscles and kidneys consist of approximately 79% water
  • Bones contain around 31% water
  • Human blood is composed of nearly 90% water

It is imperative for our overall well-being and proper functioning that we maintain a sufficient intake of clean water on a daily basis.

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The Important Functions Of Water In Our Body

This clear, odorless, and tasteless liquid serves multiple functions within our bodies. Health experts recommend daily consumption of at least eight glasses of water to:

  1. Regulate body temperature
  2. Maintain lubricated and flexible joints
  3. Facilitate the production of mucus and saliva
  4. Help stabilize blood pressure
  5. Assist in kidney functions
  6. Aid in the elimination of toxins through urine, sweat, and feces
  7. Promote oxygen circulation through the bloodstream
  8. Support the digestive system
  9. Promote healthy and radiant skin
  10. Provide cushioning to vital internal organs, such as the brain, tissues, and spinal cord.

The key to maintaining good health is simply to ensure regular hydration of our bodies.

copper bottle benefits

Enhance The Goodness Of Water While Storing It

Water, a versatile fluid, conforms to its container and undergoes changes based on temperature. Properly storing drinking water, considering temperature and container, yields added benefits. In modern times, the convenience and extended shelf life of water bottles in plastic packaging are favored, but this choice comes with environmental and health repercussions.

Consuming water from disposable plastic bottles may result in chemical leaching and toxicity due to the presence of harmful substances like phthalates. Elevated temperatures can cause these chemicals to be released into the water, posing health risks. While manufacturers tout BPA-free plastic bottles, traces of BPA can still be found in Type 7 plastic, mimicking artificial estrogen and affecting fertility in both men and women. Moreover, the true source and purity of the water remain uncertain, questioning the accuracy of the labels.

Fortunately, numerous eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bottles address these concerns and offer potential healing properties. Among these options, the straightforward use of copper bottles for water storage stands out.

History Of Copper

The utilization of copper dates back over 10,000 years, finding widespread application in ancient societies across various domains. Even during the Neolithic period, the oldest artifacts showcased the use of copper in jewelry, currency, sculptures, lamps, tools, and vessels, reflecting its popularity as a shiny reddish metal. Diverse ancient civilizations, such as Rome, Greece, Incas, Aztecs, and Indians, prominently incorporated copper into items ranging from currency to cooking vessels, recognizing its strength, durability, and versatility in daily life. Moreover, the discovery of copper and its alloys as the sole metals with inherent antimicrobial properties expanded its application in therapeutic and healing practices.

Ayurveda, the ancient science of life, has long extolled the benefits of using copper vessels or bottles, placing copper among the most significant metals. Pioneered by the Ayurvedic philosopher Acharya Charaka, the practice of storing water in copper vessels or Tamra Patra for its innate healing properties gained popularity. Consequently, the tradition of consuming water stored overnight in pure copper vessels, known as Tamra Jal, emerged in India. Allowing water or "jal" to rest in copper vessels overnight led to the positive charging of water with copper ions, effectively eliminating harmful bacteria and unsafe microbes.

Given its numerous advantages, copper has become the most favored metal for cooking vessels and copper water bottles in contemporary times.

What is a Copper Water Bottle?

Copper vessels are either coated with or made of copper, such as the copper water bottle, which offers great convenience for on-the-go use and numerous benefits. Though not suitable for large water storage, the copper water bottle is perfect for daily drinking water.

Here are the top 10 benefits of using a pure copper water bottle:

  • Antibacterial Properties

Copper, being an oligodynamic metal, can eliminate nearly 1 million bacteria per millilitre. Its antimicrobial properties effectively combat harmful bacteria like Salmonella, E. coli, and S. aureus, making it valuable for travellers to safeguard against waterborne illnesses.

  • Collagen and Melanin Production

Copper's antioxidant properties aid in preventing skin wrinkles and aging by supporting collagen and melanin production. Hydrating with water from a pure copper bottle facilitates the release of beneficial copper ions.

  • Enhanced Immune System

Copper is essential for optimal immune system function, as it contributes to red blood cell formation and nerve cell maintenance. Storing water in a copper bottle allows the water to absorb copper ions, benefiting the immune system.

  • Blood Pressure Regulation

Copper helps reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels, contributing to better blood pressure management and preventing heart-related issues.

  • Weight Loss Support

Consuming water from a copper bottle aids in digestion and fat breakdown, making it beneficial for weight loss goals.

  • Thyroid Gland Regulation

Copper deficiency is common in thyroid patients, whether suffering from hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. Drinking water charged with copper ions from a copper bottle can help regulate thyroid imbalances.

  • Potential Cancer Prevention

Copper's free radicals act as antioxidants, preventing oxidative damage and reducing the risk of cancer formation when integrated with DNA.

  • Arthritis Relief

Copper's potent anti-inflammatory properties help alleviate aches and pains associated with arthritis and joint inflammation.

  • Anti-Aging Effects on Skin

Water from a pure copper bottle, rich in copper, provides the skin with a natural antioxidant and cell-forming element, contributing to a youthful glow and reduced wrinkles.

  • Wound Healing

Copper's antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral properties promote faster natural wound healing.

In summary, using a pure copper water bottle can bring numerous health benefits, making it a valuable choice for daily hydration.

    How To Clean A Copper Water Bottle

    Maintaining a pure copper water bottle is easy with regular cleaning using appropriate methods. Here are some tips:

    • Gently wipe the outside with a soft cloth.
    • Disinfect and remove impurities by leaving a mix of boiling water, lemon slices, salt, and water inside for 15 minutes. Shake and rinse thoroughly.
    • Avoid harsh chemicals for cleaning.
    • Use the copper water bottle only for water, avoiding other liquids.
    • Don't store water at extreme temperatures.

    Copper water bottles offer numerous body benefits and are convenient for daily use, work commutes, or vacations. Trusted brands like Auric provide high-quality copper water bottles that balance body pH and bio energies. Store water overnight in copper bottles to enhance it with copper ions. Make the switch from plastic to copper for a healthier lifestyle.


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