It’s the time to get smeared in colours with water balloons and pichkaris, eat Gujiyas & dance on vintage songs. Oh, who doesn’t wait for Holi each year? This year we’re celebrating a safe, symbolic, eco-friendly and dry Holi using a few precautionary measures.

The Oil Barrier

When grandma said, “oil it up”, she was right. Putting on a 10 step skincare regime is cool, but it may not help in keeping those Holi chemicals at bay. From eyelashes, brows, hair to body – OIL IT UP. Doing this right means avoiding the aftermath of trying to scrub off all the stains (it ONLY irritates the skin more).

Au Naturale Colors

They say prevention is better than cure. So why not make home made colours? Henna for a green, turmeric for yellow (For everyone who wants some ‘pakka rang’ fun haha), dried beetroot powder for red, and a tbsp of indigo (neel) + water for blue. For the ones who like short cuts, just use some organic food colouring.

Holiday Nibbles With Immunity

Festive season doesn’t mean you over-stress about extra rolls in the middle. There’s no reason for you to shy away from Holi Special menu. Almond Saffron Rabris, Gujiyas, Tikkis or even Oats Idlis, enjoy and savour the festive food but avoid catering from outside. Keep your immunity high with citrus fruits, ginger or even the Auric Body Defence.

Loose sustainable clothing

We’re using our cotton pants, salwar kameez, bandahani dupattas and linen dresses. Transparent, synthetic and clingy clothes that cannot later be reused are not only unsustainable but also extremely uncomfortable. Comfortable and sustainable is the way to go. 


Hope you kickstart Spring with a fascinating rainbow of hues and keep safe. Happy Holi!

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