Benefits of Drinking Hot Chocolate With Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha benefits

Imagine a winter day, looking out your window, the peaceful snow-covered roads and the surreal sheet of snow on trees or if you don’t live in the beautiful mountains it's foggy roads and cold rains for you and this could last for days. Either way, as gorgeous as winter is, it can be equally painful for some, not just physically with the swollen, blood-clotted fingers but also emotionally when the sun doesn’t show for days. For such days, hot chocolate with ashwagandha is the way to go!

The cold days and chilly nights without the warmth of the sun comforting us can be tough to deal with and so, we must find comfort in something else. Something tasty, something warm, and something that will benefit our body in a variety of ways along with appealing to our taste buds and calming our mind. 

Now imagine a cup of delicious hot chocolate, yes, you love it don’t you? Hot, brown, creamy chocolate, and then what if this luscious drink could be made healthy? Yes, I write this in complete sanity of mind; hot chocolate can be made to benefit your body in the best way possible. 

Let’s introduce you to our super healthy ingredient, Ashwagandha which comes into the picture to change the perception of hot chocolate for life. You have heard of Ashwagandha, perhaps. It’s quite a common name in the world of Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicines and has been used for its numerous benefits for centuries! But have you heard of Ashwagandha Hot Chocolate as a beverage? Let’s dive into this health and wellness drink - ‘Ashwagandha Hot Chocolate’. Also read All About Auric's Ashwagandha Hot Chocolate

Ashwagandha benefits

Ashwagandha Hot Chocolate

Ashwagandha, also known as Indian ginseng or winter cherry, is a herb whose roots and fruit have been used for its medicinal advantages for thousands of years as an addition to tea, in powder form or as a supplement, and even in its raw form. It has been accepted for its amazing medicinal properties by researchers around the world for the treatment of various problems like Alzheimer’s, reducing stress levels, for anxiety problems and it may even be useful in cancer. 

The benefits of Ashwagandha as an ayurvedic medicinal herb are popular wide and far, however, this might come as a surprise to some but drinking hot chocolate too has multiple body and mind benefits for an individual. Hot Chocolate apart from tasting extremely good and being a highlight for the winter season, hot chocolate powder has several health benefits too that make drinking hot chocolate a healthy lifestyle trend. Hence, Ashwagandha Hot Chocolate as a beverage for the body and mind is a hit amongst health and wellness lovers who don’t want to compromise on their taste buds. Also read Ashwagandha - The Ayurvedic Immunity Drink

Benefits of Drinking Hot Chocolate With Ashwagandha

  • For Mental Health Issues - Anxiety and Stress

Hot Chocolate With Ashwagandha can help you to manage your anxiety levels.  Anxiety is one of the most prevalent mental disorders that is seen in people of all ages and it has a loyal companion, stress. Stress is bad and we know it. From sleeplessness to issues with the stomach, stress can trigger them all and result in a decline in overall health with time making our lives miserable. 

Ashwagandha has been recognized as very effective in fighting this problem of anxiety by reducing cortisol levels (stress hormone), and eliminating problems like insomnia it is an adaptogen which means it aids in adapting to stress. This property of ashwagandha is backed up by the delicious taste of hot chocolate that ensures that a cuppa of Hot Chocolate With Ashwagandha can be the best to tackle your anxiety naturally.

  • For Heart Health, Inflammation, and Regulating Blood Pressure Levels In The Body

Studies say that chocolate is beneficial in reducing the risk of heart disease owing to the presence of various antioxidants, flavonoids, and phytosterols that can keep LDL (bad cholesterol) in check and the process reduce the risk of clot formation. The nutrients present in a cup of hot chocolate with ashwagandha can maintain blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels owing to nitric oxide which is a popular vaso-dilator in a much better manner because Ashwagandha aims directly at inflammatory pathways in the body. 

Ashwagandha hot chocolate can be extremely useful in reducing the inflammatory marker, C-reactive protein in the body. Moreover, a cuppa of Hot Chocolate with Ashwagandha for Covid-19 treatment along with the reduction in the presence of inflammatory markers CRP, IL-6, and TNF- α was observed in several studies. Hence we can conclude that Hot Chocolate with Ashwagandha helps fight inflammation, improving the function of immune cells and keeping you healthy in every way possible.

Not just this but this beverage due to the presence of Ashwagandha has quite impressive benefits for the heart as it lowers cholesterol, and high blood pressure and also helps with chest pain.

  • For Regulating Blood Sugar Levels In The Body 

Hot Chocolate with Ashwagandha, according to several studies, seems to have both the impeccable taste of hot chocolate powder and the benefits of Ashwagandha root. The health and wellness drink lowers blood glucose levels in the body and also helps to increase insulin levels thus aiding in managing diabetes effectively. 

The enriching cocoa present in hot chocolate with Ashwagandha is known to be rich in polyphenols and surprisingly also works to improve levels of insulin in the body as a result of which the sugar levels can be brought under control. 

  • For Muscle Strength and Stamina In Men

A cuppa of Ashwagandha hot chocolate powder can be effective in increasing muscle size and strength in the arms and chest in men. One of the prime benefits of consuming Hot Chocolate with Ashwagandha is the natural boost in energy levels increasing stamina and endurance in an individual for the long term. 

Ashwagandha hot chocolate powder increases testosterone production ( primary male sex hormone) for good reproductive health and there have been medical shreds of evidence that suggest Ashwagandha can increase sperm motility as well as quality naturally. Also try Auric men's energy drink.

  • For Treating Cancer

Hot Chocolate with Ashwagandha plants is used extensively for the treatment and cure of various ailments because of the presence of certain compounds known as phytochemicals in them. These phytochemicals are important for the Ashwagandha but they also have the amazing ability to interfere in our pathways when consumed, providing a variety of health benefits. 

One such Phytocompound known as Withaferin A can be considered a potential therapeutic agent in the treatment of cancer as it can stimulate the death of cancer cells and thus help prevent different types of cancers such as breast, lung, colon, brain cancer, etc.

  • For the Brain

Ashwagandha Hot Chocolate powder helps to increase brain power due to the presence of cocoa in it which is the hub of most of the useful nutrients chocolate contains. Drinking hot chocolate with Ashwagandha causes a rise in the oxygen levels of the brain thus boosting the metabolism up there and consequently improving its efficiency. 

Many studies have been conducted to understand the effects of cocoa present in Ashwagandha hot chocolate powder on Alzheimer’s and the results came out positive showing that it does improve cognitive function and holds immense potential in this area of research for the future.

  • For Mood Swings & Regulating A Healthy Body Weight 

Full of antioxidants, Ashwagandha Hot Chocolate powder helps in boosting metabolism which prevents the storage of fat (triglycerides) as well as reduces cholesterol levels thus keeping your weight in check and improving overall health along with being yummy. As for the chaos within you, Hot Chocolate with Ashwagandha will calm your mind and lighten up your mood by stimulating the release of happy hormones in the body.

Ashwagandha Hot Chocolate powder proves that combining healthy elements can be super beneficial for the body and mind of an individual.  Ashwagandha being an adaptogenic herb helps manage stress, keeps the immune system healthy, fights off inflammation, and is super good for health overall. Ashwagandha when combined with the delicious hot chocolate powder which has some impressive health benefits of its own, the power of the two increases and sort of a synergistic effect is displayed. 

These two complement each other so beautifully that it makes us think about the wonders of nature and its magical ways of working. Together they can protect your heart, mind, and soul and keep your functioning stable so that you can lead a healthy and happy life!

Auric hot chocolate with Ashwagandha

Auric Ashwagandha Hot Chocolate Powder

Produced from the best, high-quality, aromatic cocoa in Indonesia, this creamy hot chocolate powder combines with the goodness of Ashwagandha (FDA certified) providing immense benefits to the body by increasing immunity and calming the mind in these stressful times in the form of Hot Chocolate with Ashwagandha. 

Auric brings to you its Ayurvedic drinks without any compromise in the purity of their products with the motive to provide health in taste. Made from 100% natural cocoa powder with no added sugar or artificial flavours, it's vegan, completely gluten-free, and appropriate for your keto diet. This very versatile premium hot chocolate powder can be used to satisfy your taste buds along with giving you the health dose in other amazing ways too, such as in a cake or other bakery items. 

To enjoy it as a drink, just add 1 spoon of Auric hot chocolate powder in 1 cup (200 ml) of warm milk, add sweetener as per your taste, and indulge in the rich, creamy, warmth of the magic cup as your all factory senses appreciate the fresh, comforting aroma of drinking hot chocolate with Ashwagandha that is also healthy for your body and mind.

Auric hot chocolate with ashwagandha



Authored By: Poorvi Chhajer

About the Author: Poorvi is a psychology graduate with a knack for writing and a belief in Ayurveda.

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