Free Ayurveda Dosha Analysis Vata Pitta Kapha Profiling

Yoga Ayurveda Dosha Vata Pitta Kapha

Ayurvedic Body Type Free Ayurveda Dosha Analysis Vata Pitta Kapha Profiling - Auric .The VPK (Vata Pitta Kapha) analysis reveals which dosha or “bioenergy” is the strongest in you. In Ayurveda, the personal constitution of the person is the starting point for all recommendations towards holistic wellness. This constitution is our "prakruti" which expresses itself as an individual manifestation of the three doshas or bioenergies or life forces: vata, pitta, and kapha.

The vata dosha consists of the elements of space and air, the pitta dosha of fire and water, the kapha dosha of water and earth. For a harmonious living environment, it is necessary to have these five elements in balance.
Skin - Dry Skin is an attribute of Vata. Soft Skin with a tendency for Acne is Pitta. Smooth, Clean and Clear Skin is Kapha
Weight & Appetite - Not able to gain weight in spite of eating a lot is a sign of Vata. Ability to gain and lose weight easily is typical of pitta. Gaining weight easily in spite of not eating anything is most of the times a sign of Kapha
Attitude - Being cheerful, lively and enthusiastic is most likely a Vata. Being focused and passionate is a symptom of Pitta. Relaxed, faithful and social is very much a trait of Kapha.




  • Pavani

    I have pigmentation around mouth ,darking skin ,dark circles and acne on my face please tell me which body type iam

  • Deepak Agarwal

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