Auric Super Blends: Why You Should Try Them

Auric Super Blends:

Self care comes in many forms, and one of them is nourishment. That bottle of coke is better off being used as your toilet cleaner. If anything, it’s addictive, zero in nutrient value and in fact, lowers your energy.

Ever flipped the packaging of your mid-evening snack? We’re talking about those cookies, pringles, noodles and all the other chakna. We bet you can’t pronounce 50% of those ingredients.

Fun fact: Food and beverage brands mention ingredient names in the order of concentration. Read the labels and you’ll never shop the same again. Now, it’s understandable that living a bachelor life (travelling, working hours, house chores and all that jazz) is tough and you CAN reach out for the familiar (toxic) drinks, but honestly the times are changing. We have evolved with better options to consume, and here’s a gentle reminder for you to evolve too.

Non toxic, natural & vegan - here’s a lowdown on the Auric super blends.


Perfect for when you’re having a stressful day at work, are overwhelmed or need to de-stress. Let’s just say that this good guy will push you to make better decisions and view things from a broader perspective. A Coconut Water blend with Gotu Kola to energise the nervous system, Shankhapushpi to regulate stress hormones & Brahmi to regulate neurological system. In other words, let it do it’s job while you do yours.


AURIC BODY DEFENCE:                                

We all have our days. On a day you’re feeling exhausted and low on energy, it’s a good idea to slowly build resilience and strengthen your immunity. This baby is a concoction of Coconut Water for hydration, Ashwagandha for strength and immunity, Moringa for Antioxidants, Haldi for anti-inflammatory properties, Amla to fight free radicals & Gotu Kola for overall health benefits. Honestly, with all the coronavirus, we’re stocking up the most on this one for now.


Did someone say soft, supple skin with a natural glow? It’s established that Coconut Water, Aloe Vera, Haldi and Amla are skin superheroes. But did you know when these combine them with Gotu Kola, some Anti-Ageing benefits come free?

All that skincare and makeup is great, but you know if you know, nothing replaces skin care that comes from within. And that comes with great care and a tiny bit of effort.


We get it that making an all-natural home made hair mask can be SO taxing. And honestly who has the time? So here you go. Don’t worry, you can thank us later. Brahmi, Amla, Aloe Vera and our usual coconut water. Basically your new FUSS-FREE hair mask in a bottle. One that you can carry and consume anywhere and everywhere. No stickiness and no special calendars for you to make time for this one. Easy peasy.



Garcinia Cambogia - that one ingredient you can’t pronounce the best, but oh boy, it’s a superherb for weight loss. It also has Beetroot, which is amazing for detoxification & turmeric for fat burning properties.

FYR: While it aids weight loss, nothing does all the job on its own. We recommend one bottle a day with regular workout and plenty of beauty sleep. Also, do avoid junk. Eat Clean & Drink Auric.

With all these natural, easy and portable solutions, are you going to choose to pick up that fizz bottle or some yummy Ayurvedic blends? The choice is always, yours.

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