Auric Drink Reviews Benefits and Uses

Auric Drink Reviews

Auric is a D2C brand with a mission to take Ayurveda to the world.

Operating in 5+ countries, with 50+ Ayurvedic based all natural products & 10 lac+ customers - we are still just getting started. Start with a healthier way of life today, check out our complete offerings here (Theauric).

Auric is building Ayurveda for Millennial Lifestyle. Quick read on what customers have to say about Auric variants - Skin Radiance, Weight Balance, Hair Boost and other Immunity Drinks.

Here is a compilation of some of the Auric drink reviews of our customers from Amazon. Hope these Auric drink reviews help you to understand more about your needs and if Auric can fulfill your requirements of clean, healthy nutrition through Ayurveda based drinks for the Auric drink benefits of Mind, Body, Skin, Hair, Weight & Immunity. You don't have to worry about Auric drink how to use as it is straightforward and easy. Just like you drink your juices, you can drink Auric anytime of the day. Ayurveda works best when consumed daily. 

In India, the maximum retail price (MRP) for a single bottle is printed on the neck as Rs 75. The company recommends and sells packs of 24 bottles on their own website. However, on Amazon and Flipkart you can discover smaller pack sizes also.

Outside India, Auric ships products through air. Just email them at and Auric will share the cost of air shipment which customer needs to pick up. Recently, Auric has started retailing on Amazon USA and also, have started distributor led operations in Australia and UK, which will help Auric drink benefits to reach the masses.

Auric Drink Reviews

Nikki, "When it comes to online shopping I'm very lazy. But I got to know about their subscription model then I took the yearly subscription and now there is no hassle. Every Month they delivered the fresh stock at my doorstep. Did I mention it’s a huge cost Saving."

Sahana, "This is a must have product in this busy & hectic life. It has loads of Auric drink benefits and good herbal ingredients that we cannot find in any affordable brands. I really appreciate the efforts of the brand Auric for creating such good quality healthy products."

Tanay, "A friend of mine recommended this to me claiming this is all natural, No added Sugar and No preservatives. After having 16-18 bottles, I wanna say only one thing: I'm a loyal customer of Auric."

Tarak, "I came across this product on Amazon and I'm so satisfied with the refreshing taste of the drink and Auric drink benefits. I didn't have to go with all the trouble of making the detox drink at home."

Esma, "I don’t know about the Auric drink benefits but I can surely say it’s the best alternative to the carbonated drinks"

Auric Drink Reviews Auric Weight Balance

Auric Weight Balance Drink

Parul, "It's a good product. Need to consume every day to feel the Auric drink benefits. As nature takes time to show results but eventually it will show. Have patience, consume every day and results are bound to come."

Ria, "Have been using this for a week now along with that, I have started doing surya namaskar as well. I don’t know which one is doing better in the case of my weight reduction. But my face has become clear now. Also it started glowing. PS: I liked the taste of this juice I feel lite throughout the day."

Miraan, "I have been consuming Auric Weight Loss juice for quite some time and it has really helped me in detoxifying. I consume it daily and it has been quite effective in resolving my overweight issue as it has Garcinia Cambogia."

Kiaan, "With the help of this drink and Intermittent Fasting I've lost 5 Kgs in 1 month. Great drink & so natural."

Rahul, "It will taste bitter and sweet in the beginning but you will get used to it. There are 24 packs in one container, it's good that they are making a whole package because this is part of fat loss program which has to be taken at least for a month with regular workout and defined meal. Garnica is very popular for fat loss and it has everything in that. And sweet tender coconut water also." 

Auric Drink Review | Auric Skin Radiance Drink

Auric Skin Radiance Drink

Udant, "I bought this drink for my daughter and she has been drinking this juice for almost one month now. It doesn't give a result very fast which I understand because it's an ayurvedic product but when used for long it is good. It has smoothened my skin and my acne marks have started fading a little bit."

Sona, "Superb result on my face is glowing. Fully satisfied with this product."

Preeti, "It brings glow from within as it has aloe vera amla gotu kola and coconut water you will see the difference within first week of use."

Ishu, "This is by far the best healthy juice I have consumed. It worked excellent in nourishing my skin, helped build my immunity, and treated my hair problem."

Auric Drink Review | Auric Hair Boost Drink

Auric Hair Boost Drink

Shravani, "I bought this for my daughter as she has hair fall issues. Auric products are amazing, and could see reduction in hair fall. She drinks it everyday."

Dev, "Received in good packing condition, prompt and sincere delivery. Customer service is fantastic."

Aakrati, "I was having a very bad hair fall, unstoppable you can say, I trimmed my hair and started having this early morning with warm water. This worked like a miracle."

Raju, "It works wonders for me for my skin and hair. Surprisingly I've noticed weight loss also. So its win-win for me."

Deepesh, "Its sweet in taste. I think it's because of coconut water and its very delicious. One of the best Ayurvedic drinks in the market I must say I've tasted so far. Refreshing also."

Auric Drink Review | Auric Giloy Tulsi Lemonade

Auric Giloy Tulsi Lemonade

Mayur, "I have ordered Auric Giloy for Immunity (250 ml X 24). It got delivered within one day. Packaging was nice. Product was properly sealed. I have chilled it before drinking. It has a rich taste of the Ayurvedic herbs without the bitterness. Sweetness due to coconut water made it very delicious. One of the best Ayurvedic drinks tasted so far. It's so rejuvenating. Must buy."

Praduman, "Amazing Drink. The flavour is literally lemonade and it doesn't taste bitter at all. A Unique blend of Giloy Tulsi ashwagandha and Lemon. A healthy option for everyday life."

Kasis, "The product is really great for a healthy lifestyle. I have been using this for a long time now and this has worked like anything. Since I have started drinking it every morning I have not had any digestion problem"

Faraj, "I'm using 2 bottles daily. Its really good for your health, boosts immunity, helps in digestion. Go for it's not completely sweet in taste but good for health"

Neysa, "Tastes authentic giloy lil bitter but good quality bottle. Helpful in family health and wellness."

Auric Drink Review | Auric Body Defence

Auric Body Defence Drink

Moni, "This juice is very beneficial for your health as it helps to build your immunity, good for the skin, removes toxins from the body and also improves your digestion system. Where amla has all the goodness of detoxifying your body, aloe vera improves your skin. So if you're looking for herbal juice for a healthy lifestyle, you should definitely buy it. Taste of this juice is a little sour which is obvious as its herbal."

Jolly, "Each one of us knows the benefits of Ashwagandha. It is a great immunity booster. The best thing I like about this juice is that it has no added sugar and is made from 100% Natural"

Banjeet, "My Mother-in-Law is now a big big fan of Auric Body Defence. The entire monsoon and winter she managed to have us daily. The drink also helps us to stay safe from viral and flu."

Venkat, "It is like chawanprash in a bottle, i feel stronger from inside, allergies and cold cough reduced. Low calorie goes well with my walking routine"

Auric Drink Review | Auric Women Wellness

Auric Women's Wellness Drink

Ashwani, "Currently, I'm a college student and I am suffering from PCOD. My skin is very sensitive. After having this drink I feel so comfortable in my natural bare skin. Thanks to Auric."

Jaynil, "I have tried all Auric variants. My favourite is Body defence and Weight balance. Women wellness & Hair boost is loved by my wife and daughter. I love the innovation and the category that they are creating. I had never tasted tasty Ayurvedic infused beverages before Auric. Though somehow I think it would be better to have them in glass bottles but guess logistically and economically the brand would have constraints doing it."

Tahira, "I got this product after watching a fittuber Video. Now I'm writing an Auric drink review after using it for more than a week because it's really really effective."



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