Auric Chilli Tea with Spices

Dear LinkedIn Family

While it is true that Millennials are eager to experiment, but will they experiment at the cost of their taste?

While it is true that India is the land of exotic & hot food, but red chili is better reserved for food than a tea. Isn't it?

If ever want to make a "strong" impression on your future mother-in-law, then better to make another version of Yashraj Mukhate's 'Rasode Mein Kaun Tha' rather than serving her Chilli Tea

While it is true that Auric always presses the accelerator on innovation but this time the innovation was in our content and not in our product!

April Fool's Day came a day early because my chartered accountant decided to make a fool of me today while asking me to pay such high taxes.

Since you are here, don't feel shy to look at our best sellers including Moringa Masala Tea which definitely does not have red chilli and will make your mother-in-law proud


Deepak Agarwal

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