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Copper Bottle

Are Copper Bottles the best Eco-Friendly water bottle

As we are all aware, the human body is made up of about sixty percent of water. Not only is water the most abundant source of life, but all organisms depend on it. We have learned the various virtues of water in our school days, but somehow, we tend to neglect it with our busy lifestyles.  

Let us look at some of the essential benefits of consuming sufficient water. Being the principal solvent, water flushes waste and toxins from our bodies. It carries oxygen and nutrients to cells. Additionally, water insulates the brain, organs, fetus and spinal cord. Therefore, staying hydrated is enormously vital as it supports our mental wellbeing and health.

With the many benefits that water offers, we must track how we store our water and the amount we intake. You must have heard the well-known sentence about water consumption: drink eight glasses of water a day. But have you wondered the plethora of benefits that you can gain if you drank those eight glasses from a copper bottle

At present, while the world is searching for ways to consume alkaline water, shift to healthier diets and focus on their wellbeing, copper bottles have emerged as the healthier option. If you are searching for an alternative that says bye-bye to toxins while making you feel rejuvenated, you need to invest in a copper bottle. Don’t fret about the copper bottle price, as there are plenty of feasible options that will not burn a hole in your pocket. Here is why:

Benefits of Copper Bottles

1) Balances Hypertension 

Deemed as a ‘silent killer’, Hypertension is a grave medical condition that affects many. According to extensive research, copper bottles are renowned for decreasing triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Moreover, if a copper deficiency has emerged since childhood or in adulthood, it leads to the development of hypertension. Therefore, a set percentage of copper is essential for our health, and consequently, drinking from a copper water bottle can be helpful.

2) Averts Anemia 

Keeping a pure copper water bottle is beneficial for those who suffer from Anemia – a condition in which there is a deficiency of healthy red blood cells in the blood. This is because the copper from the copper water bottle helps the body absorb iron and the breakdown of food to make haemoglobin. Therefore, if you know a dear one who can benefit from investing in a copper bottle, share the benefits with them.

3) Regulates Ageing

For years, we may have been on the lookout for the perfect anti-ageing remedy. We might have tried our hands on everything, from a huge range of beauty products to facial treatments. But what if a copper bottle could aid us? Being an anti-oxidant, copper bottles assist in regulating ageing. They work as a natural remedy for fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing. In addition, they put up a strong fight against free radicals responsible for aged skin. Hence drinking from a copper water bottle aids one in feeling younger and refreshed. Check out the copper bottle price before buying one.

4) Aids Weight Loss

While consuming healthier diets with abundant fresh fruits and vegetables, a copper bottle is your best friend. Moreover, water stored in a copper bottle is alkaline and anti-inflammatory. This is because drinking from a pure copper water bottle allows the excess fat deposits to be dissolved in the human body, resulting in weight loss.

5) Helps Digestion

While we embark on our fitness and mental wellbeing journey, digestion plays a pivotal role. This is because our gut health is crucially important for our mental health. A copper bottle assists in digestion and ensures your stomach is cleansed. Commonly known as the ‘Tamra Jal’ in Sanskrit, it balances the three doshas in our body: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. In addition, a copper bottle detoxifies the stomach and reduces inflammation in the stomach lining. They are known to aid underlying stomach issues such as ulcers, poor digestion, stomach infections, and constipation due to the pure copper water bottle.

6) Enhances Brain Efficiency

Copper aids the cells in easier communication by carrying out electrical impulses. This makes the brain work competently. Therefore, if one consumes water from a copper bottle regularly, it will enhance their brain efficiency and, in turn, result in a better lifestyle and replenished mental health.  

7) Prevents Stroke

A stroke typically occurs when blood supply to the brain is blocked completely or reduced; this prevents brain tissue from getting the necessary nutrients and oxygen. Due to the anti-convulsive and anti-oxidant properties in copper, it can prevent seizures. 

8) Friendly for the Environment

A good conductor of heat and electricity, copper, is a cheap metal that can be recycled easily or made into solar panels. It is one of the friendliest metals in the environment, and consequently, when you buy a copper water bottle, you are contributing to the environment.

9) Remedies Arthritis and Inflamed Joints

Apart from the many benefits that a copper water bottle holds, it additionally can offer relief to arthritis patients due to its bone-strengthening properties. 

10) Opposes Infection

Often we are faced with life-threatening water-borne diseases here; we have a powerful substance that wards off germs. It is naturally effective against bacteria, E.Coli, Cholera Bacillus and other waterborne diseases. Moreover, this copper water bottle is free of microbial. 

Tips For Utilising A Copper Bottle To Store Drinking Water

Now that you are aware of the myriad benefits that a copper bottle has to provide, ensure to invest in a pure copper bottle. How, you may ask? Well, a pure copper bottle is essentially one that gives out a reddish glow when you apply lemon juice on it and rinses it afterwards with water. So try it out and observe the colour. That is how you will know if your copper water bottle is the right one. 

Here is the most important step: After you fill your bottle, leave it overnight. This will ensure the oligodynamic process occurs naturally. Drink the water at room temperature and on an empty stomach to imbibe the maximum benefits. This creates a smooth digestion process and enhances metabolism.

If you are wondering how to clean a copper bottle, remember to use the copper bottle for a maximum of three months and then take a break from it. Then, clean your copper bottle every three months and let it dry naturally. 

Another important tip is not to fret if you don’t drink from the copper bottle throughout the day. It is completely fine to drink just once in the morning or before bed. 


Auric copper bottle

How To Clean Copper Water Bottle? 

If you are ready to ditch the plastic bottle and shift to a more sustainable product, it is important to learn how to maintain it. Like any other bottle, a copper bottle must be washed before consuming water from it. If you are confused about how to clean copper water bottle, here is an easy guide catered for you. 

1) Use normal water to wash your copper bottle

2) To clean the inside portion of your copper bottle, use an amalgamation of lime, salt, and vinegar

3) To clean the outer surface, use mild soapy water 

4) Rinse the copper bottle with normal water and let it naturally dry 

There you have it. These are the precise steps on how to clean a copper water bottle. 

Here is an important tip: Make sure you do not use any harsh scrubs, detergents or soaps on the inside or outside, as this can damage the surface. 

We hope you are pleased to learn the vital benefits of a copper bottle and know how to clean it now. But, unfortunately, with all the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we tend to forget the most important aspect of our lives: our health. 

So, take a pledge to begin today. Invest in what allows you to work on yourself. Even if it is merely five minutes in the day, sit with yourself and meditate. The copper bottle price is also very nominal. As you focus on drinking more water, you will find your skin and mind to be clear. Free yourself from all toxins, germs, impurities, stress and anxieties. Nonetheless, as you integrate these essentials into your life, you will start to see a difference. 

To decipher, if you are on the lookout for a healthier alternative, the copper bottle is the one for you! With the copper bottle price matching your budget, and its umpteen benefits making you feel refreshed, you know you have taken a step towards bettering your well-being. So there we have it, imbibe the many benefits of a copper bottle, consume your daily eight glasses and focus on being a better you. 

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