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women wellness drink benefits

How would you like fruits that are tastier and more convenient to consume? And then how would you like to add a little more flavour and health? Imagine a bottle filled with all these, the perfect blend of fruits dipping your soul in the ocean of freshness and aroma and making your cells happy by smothering them with nutrients. Sounds too westernized, right? Well, it is not. Auric believes in nature and its capabilities to do wonders for the body. This brand of Ayurvedic juices claims to be super healthy and full of nutrients and elements that will not just provide you yummy flavour and freshness but also help build stamina and improve immunity over time and not just that, some of its products are suitable to include in weight loss diets. Auric, founded in 2018, strives to bring you the healthiest combination of fruits most safely and naturally to help you keep your system healthy by improving digestion and relaxing your mind and body. Also read All About Ensuring Wellness in Women

Auric Women Wellness Drink - A Women Wellness Juice

For everyone but especially women it is extremely important to maintain our health. The fluctuating hormone levels and the problems that it brings along with it like weakness, deficiencies and more needs to be tackled in the most natural way possible that lasts long. As crucial as it is to look after ourselves, it is also equally difficult to do so. That’s where Auric Women Wellness Energy Drink For Women comes in acting as the knight in shining armour we all need. 

This women wellness unique blend of fruits and other elements that we will shortly discuss, the auric women wellness juice is one such product that has made its mark in the world of women health by coming up with this brilliant formula as a drink that will provide us with a million nutrients and overall health to fight the issues we all dread and most suffer from. This women wellness drink or women wellness juice by Auric is a solution to so many health problems that women face. 

Auric Women Wellness Drink targets the primary health concerns of a woman with the goodness of Ayurveda inside a trendy bottle to be consumed daily to avail maximum benefits of an organic women wellness drink.

Auric Women Wellness Drink is a naturally peach flavoured refreshing women wellness juice with the goodness of fruits along with other beneficial elements added to it like coconut water and Ayurvedic herbs such as Shatavari which is known to balance the female hormone cycle, Moringa which is a good source of vitamin B1, B2, B3, and Manjistha which is a super herb for regulating periods. 

This 100% natural women wellness drink with no added flavours or colours is completely free of harmful additives. Auric Women Wellness Drink can be consumed daily at any time of the day, preferably morning for best results. One bottle a day of Auric Women Wellness Drink keeps your problems at bay!

women wellness drink benefits

Best Benefits of Auric Women Wellness Drink

Coconut Water

Auric Women Health Drink has coconut water as its primary ingredient so we can say for sure that this women wellness juice benefits are healthy in nature and plenty in number. Coconut water is rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium and potassium which are an essential part of our diet as they help maintain the electrolyte level in our body, it is low in calories and has no unhealthy fats, super hydrating and refreshing and studies have shown that it may prevent kidney stones by preventing the attachment of crystals, provide strength (very important especially for a woman), it promotes beautifully moisturized skin, may improve digestion, very good for managing weight and is also known to lower blood pressure due to the presence of potassium that keeps the sodium in limit thus keeping the heart-healthy. 

We understand the importance of a healthy weight and of the struggles a woman can face losing the undesired fat. Coconut water is not such a favourite among millions for no reason. Did you know that our body stores fat to maintain the temperature required for its proper functioning? Once you are dehydrated this needed temperature is disturbed and our body to counteract this disturbance will start storing fat. 

So, now you know the role hydration plays is not just limited to beautiful, healthy skin, it is also weight management and coconut water provides you so much hydration that will satisfy not just your skin’s beauty, glow needs but also your body’s health needs.Also read Coconut Water - Scientific Benefits

Women wellness drink


Another magical ingredient present in Auric Women Wellness Energy Drink For Women is Shatavari, a common herb in Ayurveda known for being astoundingly beneficial for the body. 

  • The presence of Shatavari in Auric Women Wellness Juice does a brilliant job in stabilizing hormonal levels in females.
  • Auric Women Wellness Drink contains incredible herbs- Shatavari is super rich in minerals and vitamins like A, B1, B2, C, E, calcium, magnesium, and folic acid that effectively cures weakness in females. This women health drink is known to be beneficial in improving immunity as well as giving a boost to female libido (that will also help with infertility and ovulation) owing to the presence of various alkaloids like Asparagamine A, Saponins, and Sarsasapogenin. 
  • The women wellness drink or women health drink because of the presence of Shatavari helps with oxidative stress by fighting off free radicals that are a cause of almost everything that is wrong with the body. 
  • The presence of Shatavari in Auric Women Wellness Drink boosts serotonin production in the body thus solving the persistent problem of  headache as well during periods every month. 
  • PCOS is something every woman fear because it is more than just irregular periods or extreme blood loss, it is acne, weakness, problems in weight management and so much more including putting your heart at risk by imbalanced sugar levels and blood pressure problems. But the presence of Shatavari herb in Auric Women Wellness Drink owing to its hormone regulating properties is a blessing for this horrid issue too. And since we know it takes care of the blood sugar level and blood pressure levels as well, we may accept it as a miracle herb in a magical drink popularly known as Auric Women Health Drink.


Next Ayurvedic herb in Auric Women Wellness Drink for the overall wellness of beautiful and strong women is Manjistha. This herb has been valued in Ayurveda for hundreds of years for its incredible body cleansing properties. 

  • Manjistha present in Auric Women Health Drink is known to play a crucial role in getting rid of toxins from our lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a very important part of the immune system. The lymphatic system must function smoothly to get the unwanted harmful elements out of the body. No matter how clean our diet is, the toxins find their way somehow and sometimes this can pressure the lymphatic system and the body leading to problems like skin and digestive problems, mood swings, allergies, weight management problems, etc. 
  • Auric Women Wellness Drink helps to purify the blood and other organs as it is loaded with Manjistha which has anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory properties and is a potent antioxidant. It has also been known to relax muscles and reduce stress and be beneficial in arthritic pain.
  • Auric Women Wellness Drink has numerous beauty benefits too since it has Manjistha that has super antimicrobial properties effectively preventing skin infections. It purifies the blood and improves circulation to the face giving you the desired glow. 
  • Manjistha has also been used in ancient times for dark circles, blemishes and signs of ageing thus Auric Women Wellness Energy Drink For Women is the best women wellness juice for skin.


The third extraordinary herb in this women wellness energy drink for women by Auric is Moringa. Also known as horseradish or drumstick tree, Moringa is a famous name in traditional medicine.

  • Auric Women Wellness Energy Drink For Women has Moringa that contains vitamins like A, B, C and E. These vitamins are important to fight off infections and to keep the body cells overall healthy. 
  • Vitamin E present in Moringa in particular is known to benefit in PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome), which can cause bad mood swings, weird cravings and fatigue. 
  • The presence of Moringa in Auric Women Wellness Juice has beneficiary effects on the mood owing to its capability of interacting with neurotransmitters (chemical messengers that help the brain function) that are responsible for mood and stress. 
  • The incredible Moringa present in Auric Women Health Drink is extremely helpful in improving iron deficiency which is one of the most common problems in women that leads to breathing problems and weakness. 
  • Moringa in Auric Women Wellness Energy Drink for women is also excellent for mothers that are breastfeeding their babies as it helps to enhance lactation by not just increasing breast milk but also providing more nutrients..

Auric Women Wellness Juice protects your heart by managing blood sugar levels and being super-rich in antioxidants like quercetin that is known to lower blood pressure and chlorogenic acid which also helps to manage blood sugar levels. 

Auric Women Health Drink is vitamin-rich in nature that helps to boost energy levels while reducing stress levels which ultimately is proven to benefit sexual life by increasing blood flow to the required organs in the body. Auric Women Wellness Drink also helps to calm down cough and cold symptoms. This women health drink is known to provide healthy youthful skin by promoting collagen production in the body. 

All these beneficiary herbs present in Auric Women Wellness Energy Drink for women with their superpowers heal our body in unimaginable ways. The women wellness drink by Auric provides many essential nutrients all amalgamated in a way that complements each other and our system in the best way. 

Auric Women Wellness Energy Drink For Women is the justified example that multiple anti-inflammatories, anti-microbial, purifying, hydrating, curing, and protecting features to help women around the world can be present in one product. Auric Women Health Drink is no less than a magic potion carefully formulated to suit the woman’s body and treat its issues with ease and affordability in a natural way without any harmful additives or fancy chemicals.

We are well aware of the role of fruits in maintaining an ideal body weight but sometimes eating a fruit could also feel like a tedious task, especially when you have a heavy working schedule or you are a lazy person in general. Auric Women Wellness Drink is here to save you all from doom. 

Choose women wellness juice or women health drink by Auric for your overall good health. Enjoy the natural women wellness energy drink for women by Auric promoted as women wellness juice and specifically formulated to target the primary health concerns of women around the world. 

Auric women wellness drink



Authored By : Poorvi Chhajer

About Author : Poorvi is a psychology graduate with a knack for writing and belief in ayurveda.


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