A Guide To Herbal Amritdhara: Benefits, Uses, Side-Effects and More

A Guide To Herbal Amritdhara: Benefits, Uses, Side-Effects and More
Ayurveda is no more just an alternate medicine system but a whole lifestyle that is becoming more popular and relatable amongst the young masses around the world. This is due to the effectiveness and increased scientific evidence of ayurvedic notions. Herbal amritdhara has been talked about in ayurveda. Amrut dhara ayurvedic medicine is highly recommended in ayurveda due to the multifarious Amritdhara ayurvedic medicine benefits. Let’s dig deep into all there is to know about Amrut dhara ayurvedic medicine

Herbal Amritdhara is an ayurvedic preparation which was used as a household remedy for a range of health issues, including cold, stomach issues, vomiting, insect bite, and whatnot! It is a natural remedy that deserves a comeback for ensuring the healthy living of humanity. Ayurveda has provided an abundance of knowledge for the upkeep of our health. Make sure everything you need to know about a purpose led ayurveda. 

About Amritdhara Herbal Amritdhara Pocket Doctor

Amritdhara Herbal Amritdhara Pocket Doctor acts as a first aid at home for all children and adults. It is a helpful remedy for treating diarrhoea, indigestion, gas, stomach ache, cuts and bee stings.
    Key Benefits:
    • Helps to treat severe cold and tonsil problems
    • Provides support in reducing joint and muscle pain
    • Remedy for stomach related problems, gastric, digestion and vomiting

    Safety Information:

    • Read the label carefully before use
    • Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight
    • Keep out of reach of the children
    • Do not exceed the recommended dosage

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    Ayurvedic Amritdhara Key Ingredients

    Amrit dhara is made of numerous things. The following are the ayurvedic amritdhara ingredients.

    Ayurvedic amritdhara ingredients 1: Ajowan Extract

    Ayurvedic amritdhara ingredients 2: Pudina (Mint) Extract

    Ayurvedic amritdhara ingredients 3: Eucalyptus Oil

    Ayurvedic amritdhara ingredients 4: Clove Oil

    Ayurvedic amritdhara ingredients 5: Camphor

    Amrutdhara Benefits and Uses

    Herbal Amritdhara or amrut dhara ayurvedic medicine has various amrit dhara uses and benefits, and its versatility has provided many people with a strong remedy for their problems. Also, it uproots any problem and does not let its haunting appearance over the people. The following are the amrit dhara uses and amritdhara ayurvedic medicine benefits.

    Amritdhara Benefits and Uses #1: As A First-Aid Remedy

    Herbal Amritdhara or amrut dhara ayurvedic medicine is a type of remedy that every household possesses. It works wonders on adults and children but has to be kept out of their reach. Amritdhara is made of three components, namely ajwain, mint, and camphor. Do you know the top 9 benefits of carom seeds (Ajwain)?

    These natural extracts when ingested as a cure for any diagnosed ailment in children, provide an instant result. It has an extremely fast and terrific working process, especially for ailments that are related to the hot weather. This natural remedy acts as a decent, satisfactory and effective first-aid remedy for all adults and children, making amritdhara ayurvedic medicine benefits evident.Also read the top 9 benefits of carom seeds.

    Amritdhara Benefits and Uses #2: As An Antidote For Upset Stomach 

    The Herbal Amritdhara or amrut dhara ayurvedic medicine consists of various natural extracts which are an effective remedy in themselves. When brought together, amritdhara ayurvedic medicine benefits become such that these natural extracts become a powerhouse of a versatile and more effective medicine that cures a variety of ailments, like stomach ache, indigestion, dysentery, and diarrhoea. Active enzymes in Ajwain extract improve the flow of stomach acids, which in turn helps in relieving indigestion, bloating and gas.

    Amritdhara Benefits and Uses #3: As A Treatment For Insect-Bites 

    With amrit dhara uses like treatment for stomach ailments, amrut dhara ayurvedic medicine is also used for the treatment of insect bites. The camphor extract present in Amritdhara is FDA approved to use on the skin as a painkiller. One or two drops of amrut dhara ayurvedic medicine on a cotton ball and its application on the affected area may also reduce the size of mosquito bites. It can also be used on various other rubs- on ailments like cold sores, minor burns and haemorrhoids.

    Amritdhara Benefits and Uses #4: As A Cure For Heat Strokes 

    Heatstroke or sunstroke is an ailment that is very common mostly in hot regions. Heatstroke can be cured by amrutdhara ayurvedic medicine as it is one of the amrit dhara uses. The cooling effect of mint provides instant icy relief and a mind-numbing progressive performance.

     Although it is generally advised that the affected person must be taken in a cool and air-conditioned place, and bathed with cool water or shrouded with cool and damp sheets, giving amrutdhara benefits firsthand can improve the situation a lot better than displacing the person from here to there. It might take 1-2 days to recover and more than 2 months to a year, in case of an extreme effect on internal organs, whereas amrutdhara ayurvedic medicine makes the recovery short, in half time than regular medicines.

    A Guide To Herbal Amritdhara: Benefits, Uses, Side-Effects and More

    Amritdhara Benefits and Uses #5: As A Remedy For Cold and Cough

    Amrit dhara medicine uses include it being a remedy for cold and cough. People often suffer from common colds and coughs, and it generally takes more than a week to recover. The congestion that resides in the nasal passage or in the chest area during these tough times, can be cured through 2-3 drops of amrut dhara ayurvedic medicine on a handkerchief as it is one of the amrutdhara benefits and uses. The vapour and pungent scent of amrut dhara ayurvedic medicine help in relieving the congestion in the nasal passage.

    Amritdhara Benefits and Uses #6: As A Treatment For Vomiting 

    Amrutdhara benefits and uses include include treatment for vomiting. A teaspoon full of herbal amritdhara or amrut dhara ayurvedic medicine for children and a spoon full of it in the case of adults helps in providing relief in the state of constant vomiting. The Ajwain extract helps in relieving any digestive problems and on the other hand, the mint extracts provide a calming and numbing effect in case of any irritation in the oesophagus due to constant acidic vomiting.

    All in all, herbal amritdhara or amrut dhara ayurvedic medicine is an effective remedy for ailments related to the stomach and common cold, etc. Amrutdhara benefits and uses include providing instant relief and effective results in case of any ailment. Works faster than most medicines claim to be. 

    Amritdhara Benefits and Uses: How to Use it? 

    Amrit dhara medicine uses are diverse due to the multitudinous amrutdhara benefits and uses. Due to multiple amritdhara ayurvedic medicine benefits, it is literally known as the healing herbal amrut dhara oil. For different problems, herbal Amritdhara is available in different forms, each suitable for a distinct purpose and amrutdhara benefits and uses. However, the most common form of this ayurvedic medicine is liquid, also known as amrut dhara oil.

    Amrut dhara Oil is extremely easy to use. It can be used directly for inhaling through handkerchiefs for cough and cold, whereas for internal stomach problems a few drops of amrut dhara oil mixed with warm water, sugar syrup or any other sugar solid works quickly and efficiently due to the amrutdhara benefits and uses. As an ailing medicine, herbal amritdhara is also available in tablets or capsules form which can be gulped down quickly with water to keep away the heat strokes and other such ailments. Amrutdhara ayurvedic medicine, possibly in the form of amrut dhara oil, can effectively be applied directly on minor cuts, wounds and insect bites to reap the amrutdhara benefits and uses.



    A Guide To Herbal Amritdhara: Benefits, Uses, Side-Effects and More

    Side-Effects of Herbal Amritdhara

    A classic Ayurvedic tincture, amrutdhara ayurvedic medicine has many amrit dhara uses but side effects too. Where its natural formulation has amrutdhara benefits and uses for many, its ingestion in some cases may lead to some extremely serious internal damage.

    Side-Effects of Herbal Amritdhara #1: Constipation

    A regular intake of herbal amritdhara may cause constipation and some serious emergencies. Proper knowledge of its natural extracts like ajwain, mint, clove, eucalyptus and camphor is necessary for its appropriate use. It is strongly advised to keep it away from the reach of children, and from the eyes because direct contact to the eyes and nasal cavity can cause irritation and inflammation. It is also not meant for children below the age of 2 years and for women during pregnancy.

    Side-Effects of Herbal Amritdhara #2: Headaches

    Overdose of herbal amritdhara or amrutdhara ayurvedic medicine may cause headaches and various other internal injuries including diarrhoea and dizziness. And unnecessary dosage leads to constipation. The camphor extract present in Amritdhara acts as a neurotoxin that allows easy penetration of the blood-brain barrier. It also has irritant properties of skin and mucosa and over-consumption leads to vomiting and diarrhoea.

    Side-Effects of Herbal Amritdhara #3: Heartburn

    Peppermint extracts in herbal amritdhara or amrutdhara ayurvedic medicine can cause heartburn, dry mouth, nausea and vomiting. Though it soothes the digestive tract when consumed at irregular intervals it can also lead to some serious internal injury. The mint extract can usually be mild or minimally toxic, which can cause gastroesophageal reflux, heartburns, allergic reactions and diarrhoea. High doses could be hepatotoxic and nephrotoxic, in other words, it causes damage to the liver.

    Side-Effects of Herbal Amritdhara #4: Damage to Nervous System

    Eucalyptus extract in herbal amritdhara or amrutdhara ayurvedic medicine may cause some serious damage to the nervous system. High dosage or overconsumption can lead to stomach pain, dizziness, muscle weakness, feelings of suffocation, drowsiness, seizures and coma.

    Clove oil in herbal amritdhara or amrutdhara ayurvedic medicine when inhaled in the times of common colds and coughs sometimes may cause breathing difficulties, burning in the nose and throat, upset stomach and diarrhoea. It has various side effects and can also cause lung infections. 

    Side-Effects of Herbal Amritdhara #5: Damage to Nervous System

    Sometimes, ingestion of herbal amritdhara can lead to mouth sensitivity, irritation, and damage to the dental tissues. It is considered a toxic ingredient for it may also lead to agitation, declining consciousness and coma. Though an Ayurvedic alternative does not have any side effects, its irregular dosage and consumption without a doctor’s prescription can have some adverse results. So, rather than benefiting from it, people might affect their health adversely. 

    Additional Info On Herbal Amritdhara

    Amrut dhara ayurvedic medicine or amritdhara ayurvedic medicine benefits apparently outnumber all the side effects, but the studies clearly point out a few but some serious types of internal injuries that may be caused by overconsumption or a heavy dosage without any doctor’s prescription or advice.

    Amritdhara ayurvedic medicine benefits is a cure-all remedy for multiple health problems faced by an individual. However, it is a must to consult expert advice before consuming or applying it mindlessly to ensure no side effects are observed or experienced by you. It should always be kept in mind to never indulge in the overcompensation of herbal Amritdhara, no matter how beneficial it is as ayurvedic medicine for you. Moreover, always keep the herbal Amritdhara at room temperature as instructed at the back of the product so that you don’t face any negative consequences. With the supreme goodness of three distinct but equally enriching ingredients, namely - Camphor, Ajwain and Mint, amritdhara ayurvedic medicine benefits is a one-stop solution for multiple everyday health issues an individual faces. Herbal Amritdhara can take away all your health problems in a sway and systematic way!

    Take Away

    To prevent health ailments to come near you, consume Auric Body Defence Juice regularly as it has the goodness of ashwagandha, giloy, and tulsi which boost your immunity immensely, thus keeping you healthy and fit. So, boost your immunity with our fighter: Auric Body Defence.



    Authored By: Divya Shankar

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