A Gentle Reminder About Balance

A Gentle Reminder About Balance


Let’s get one thing out of the way. I could share the ratio of the time I give to work, family, friends, my health, my time, traveling, reading and so on - but honestly, this ratio differs for each one of us. Just like a balanced diet, life demands a little of some things and much more of a few other things to make a wholesome meal.

Hustle & Align

Familiar with the notion that if you’re hustling and working hard, life’s all good? Here’s the truth. Success doesn’t have to come hard, and it does not have to mean an all-time hustle. There’s success in rehabilitation too. I realized it the hard way that my balance means the luxury of having time with myself, watching a movie, joining my dance class and saying bye-bye to work after a certain hour.

Salads & Pizzas

They say eating salad in a bad mood is much unhealthier than eating pizza in a good mood. If the Sunday cheat meal doesn’t work for you, you’re not alone. It’s all about being mindful and knowing what your body really (reaaalllly) wants. For me, balance in nutrition means getting ‘nuff protein, carbs, food fats, and fiber. I have my big fat vegan burger or pasta probably thrice a week.

Building Habits

This one tops MY LIST. When I’m sliding towards the not-so-good days, these habits keep me going. For some people it may be their early morning gym, a smoothie in the morning, a hot shower, a good chat with homies, for me - it’s my morning Auric drink, my bi-weekly dance class and cooking every single day.

Being Organized

The most underrated habit ever. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to know where your nail cutter or every single piece of the utensil is. It could mean having a journal, planner or even an app, you fill every day, every week or even every month. Not to be preachy, but it’s a fast-paced life and if we’re in touch with ourselves or our goals, it makes it much more fun.

There’s no right or wrong answer, or a set guideline to achieve balance and finding the balance you enjoy makes all the difference.

* The author of this blog is a famous digital media influencer who believes in inspiring people to lead better lives.

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