Is Ashokarishta An Ayurvedic Medicine?

What is Ashokarishta

Have you heard about the concoction Ashokarishta for ladies?

If not, we will tell you ten shocking facts about Ashokarishta ayurvedic medicine. If you have come across the term before, you will learn more about Ashokarishta's uses in the blog. Stick around till the end to discover some mind-blowing facts about Ashokarishta.

Ashokarishta is an Ayurvedic medicine. You need it for hormonal health and the hormonal well-being of women. Ashokarishta for PCOS ensures hormonal balance and improves reproductive health.

Ashokarishta Ayurvedic medicine has powerful properties. Besides, the herbal concoction treats heavy menstrual periods. It gets used for hormonal imbalances and uterine cysts. Ashokarishta uses to let you fete menopausal osteoporosis and uterine polyps.

What is the source of Ashokarishta?

  • You need to extract the bark of the Ashoka tree obtained and make it into a decoction.
  • Other medicinal Herbs will get processed. It gets left to ferment with the decoction to produce Ashokarishta.
  • You need to shift the decoction into a powder bark of Ashoka with a large amount of water.
  • You need to boil the mixture and filter Ashokarishta ayurvedic medicine.
  • You need to take the other ingredients mentioned above and make them into a powdered form.
  • You need to add the powdered Ashokarishta for PCOS to the decoction.
  • Close the container using a lid.

  • Select the temperature for the fermentation process.
  • Fermentation will happen in a few days.

  • Ashokarishta ayurvedic medicine will get formed.

Is Ashokarishta an Ayurvedic medicine?

As the name suggests, the Ashoka tree is the primary ingredient in Ashokarishta. Ashokarishta, also known as Ashokarishtam, gets used for curing health-related problems. Ashokarishta for PCOS will help you manage heavy menstrual bleeding called menorrhagia.

The bark of the tree gets mixed with other herbs. It has Sandalwood, Mustak roots, vibhitaki, and heritage. Besides, it has Agar ingredients like mango seeds and jaggery. It is a part of Ashokarishta ayurvedic medicine.

Ashokarishta uses its kashaya and site properties. It helps to control bleeding in women. The site property in Ashokarishta also helps treat piles.

Ashokarishta for PCOS will help you get relief from burning sensations. It eases your discomfort in piles.

What are some ingredients and minerals in Ashokarishta?

Many herbs make Ashokarishta rich in Flavonoids, carbohydrates, glycoside, tannins, and alkaloids. Ashokarishta, the Ayurvedic medicine, also has calcium which is good for bones.

What are the benefits of having Ashokarishta?

Ashokarishta Ayurvedic medicine addresses many health issues. 

It helps women who suffer from gynecological problems.

Ashokarishta is one Ayurvedic medicine. It offers many benefits for women and makes their lives easier. Ashokarishta uses for skin and offers health focussed use for measurement.

Ashokarishta ayurvedic medicine has potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It has the Ashoka tree component in the med. The ingredient in Ashokarishta for PCOS will strengthen your bone.

Ashokarishta is beneficial for women suffering from osteoporosis. It has the herb Dhataki which contributes to healing properties.

Ashokarishta ayurvedic medicine seems to be beneficial for women of all ages. In elderly women, Ashokarishta uses will help you manage their post-menopausal symptoms. Besides, Ashokarishta for PCOS has Vata-balancing properties.

How does Ashokarishta help with PCOS?

Ashokarishta for PCOS is an effective treatment option. It will help you relieve symptoms like heavy menstrual bleeding and increased inflammation. Ayurvedic medicine will also help you maintain the function of the ovaries. It gets impaired during PCOS.

Ayurvedic medicine will nourish the uterus and will keep it healthy. Ashokarishta's uses are quite effective in tackling PCOS. It is more so when used under strict medical supervision.

Consuming the medicine will also help you prevent bone loss linked with PCOS.

How does Ashokarishta help in treating female infertility? 

One of the prime reasons for female sterility is hormonal inequality. It will offer due to PCOD, which is short for Polycystic ovarian disease. As per Ayurveda, all three doshas get involved in female infertility. It sometimes results in the accumulation of toxins in the body.

Ashokarishta for PCOS gets prescribed by doctors and ayurvedic practitioners. It gets used in times of female infertility. Ashokarishta uses will support and help the affected person. It lets you get rid of toxins by a process known as shodhana.

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How does Ashokarishta keep your skin healthy?

The benefits of Ashokarishta for the skin are noticeable as it positively affects the tissue. Ashokarishta uses helps you improve your skin tone as it helps in the elimination of toxins from the body.

It is not only advisable to take Ashokarishta for PCOS.

But, Ashokarishta uses helps you absorb nutrients by enhancing digestibility. Ashokarishta, the Ayurvedic Concoction, will cause the absorption of nutrients to improve digestion. PCOS is known for causing adverse effects on the skin like excess hair growth, acne, and more. When you get to manage PCOS, it will help you enhance your skin tone.

How does Ashokarishta help in weight loss?

Ashokarishta for weight loss will benefit you, especially if the weight gain is due to PCOS. Ashokarishta for PCOS will trigger some weight loss by helping you improve your metabolism.

What are the uses of Ashokarishta?

Ashokarishta's uses will include stabilizing the period cycle and resolving hormonal issues. Ayurvedic medicine is also gets used to relieve stomach aches and pains caused due to gas.

Besides, Ashokarishta's uses include controlling pelvic inflammatory disease. Most women suffer from one or more premenstrual problems. Ashokarishta, the Ayurvedic medicine, will lower your menstrual cramp. It does so by reducing uterine contractions and eliminating ischemia. In this case, ischemia refers to the insufficient blood supply to the uterus. Ashokarishta uses will facilitate gentle removal of the uterine lining during periods.

Ashokarishta will give relief from backache associated with periods. Ashokarishta uses will improve your digestion and bowel movement. Finally, Ashokarishta helps you treat piles.

How does Ashokarishta help you cure piles?

Bleeding piles are also known as hemorrhoids. These are swollen veins present in your rectum and anus. It occurs due to chronic constipation. It has tannins and cooling properties. Hence, it will help you eliminate the burning sensation and discomfort caused due to piles.

It is how Ashokarishta gives you relief from bleeding hemorrhoids.

As per Ayurveda, piles happen due to the impairment of three doshas, Vata dosha. An aggravated Vata will lower digestibility and lead to chronic constipation. It will cause pain and swelling around the anal region if left untreated.

Ashokarishta will help you get relief from swelling of pile mass by balancing Vata dosha. Ashokarishta has a hemostatic property. It helps you get rid of piles.

How does Ashokarishta help you treat menopausal syndrome?

The menopausal syndrome is a chain of signs associated with physiological changes. It takes place in a woman's body as the menstrual cycle ends.

It may include hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and weakness. Ashokarishta is an effective classic medicine. It can help manage the symptoms of menopausal syndrome.

Ayurvedic textbook claims that menopausal syndrome can get correlated with rajonivrutti. It happens due to the aggregation of Vata. Ashokarishta's uses will help you control the dosha. It has it's Snigdha and Vata balancing properties.

It will work against the Raksha (dry) nature of Vata. It will provide you relief from the symptoms of menopausal syndrome.

What dosage of Ashokarishta is good for health?

The suggested dosage for Ashokarishta for PCOS will vary from person to person. Ashokarishta uses depend on the patient's condition, age, and severity. One needs to consult an Ayurvedic doctor and practitioner About Ashokarishta.

You need to consult a professional before consuming Ashokarishta. He will be able to guide you on the amount and proportion in the best way possible. Still, the ideal amount will be 1 to 2 tablespoons after a meal. You need to have an equal quantity of water after meals.

About Stamina

Ashokarishta is a blend of essential herbs like Guda, Ajaji, Amrashti, and Chandana. Ashokarishta syrup uses to support healthy and stamina in women.

Safety information

  • Read the label of the medicine before consuming it.  
  • It is better not to exceed the recommended level.
  • Keep it out of your kid's reach and sight of children.

Is Ashokarishta ideal for white discharge?

It is better not to panic if you have abnormal vaginal releases. It is normal, and Ashokarishta Ayurvedic medicine will help you with white discharge. You can consult a gynecologist first if you happen to have any health complications.


Ashokarishta is a natural remedy for selected women's problems. Ashokarishta turns out to be beneficial in many ways. Doctors will suggest weight loss for the skin. Experts ask you to have Ashokarishta for PCOS. It will help you improve your immunity.

Also, Ashokarishta will help you improve hormonal balance and ease menstrual cramps. It will also treat pelvic inflammation.

The analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of Ashokarishta will make it an effective tonic. It helps you treat your health difficulties. You have more than one reason to add Ashokarishta to your daily routine. 

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