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The big question remains, can you really lose those extra pounds that are clinging to your body despite all your efforts to shoo them away by just making dietary changes?

Losing weight is not just a common desired goal but also an essential way of lifestyle in order to maintain a fitter and better body to cope up with the surroundings that are drastically worsening in quality. The global connect has added better options to our existing knowledge of weight loss and its extraordinary benefits. There are multiple ways used by people all around the world to lose weight which have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

The three most popular and rational ways to lose weight are:

  1. Dietary changes
  2. Increased physical activity
  3. A combination of dietary and physical changes

Calorie Count for Weight Loss

The bodyweight is actually the balance between the calories you consume and the calories you lose, or calorie intake versus calorie burn. Calorie counting, as a regular practice, is carried out by fitness enthusiasts sincerely with an aim to keep a strict check on the calorie intake by their bodies. A calculative study of calorie in vs calorie out can prove to be extremely beneficial for people looking to lose weight. Calories are an essential element for the body but in specific proportions only, therefore, it is a must to keep a sincere check on the calories consumed and burned by your body on a regular basis in order to understand the mechanism of your body. Every body functions differently and the calorie requirement and effect on weight also vary. However, the very fact that calories affect the bodyweight more or less cannot be denied. Therefore, the calorie count for weight loss is a convenient and affordable way to keep a check on the increasing weight. Calorie plays a major role in bodyweight both positively and negatively, so the right calorie intake is a must for maintaining ideal bodyweight.

Benefits of Losing Weight With Dietary Changes Alone 

Devoted Attention to Your Everyday Eating Habits

One of the major benefits of losing weight with dietary changes alone is the devoted attention paid to your everyday eating habits for an overall healthy lifestyle. Losing weight with dietary changes alone allows you to shift your focus to the nutritional aspects which affect the body immensely.

The Best Option for People With Busy Schedule

Another major benefit of losing weight with dietary changes alone is the liberty of time and having a personalized schedule. Losing weight with dietary changes alone is the best option for people who have an irregular schedule and therefore cannot invest time in exercising or ways that can help lose weight.

Losing weight with dietary changes alone for people with busy schedule

However, despite the considerable benefits of losing weight with dietary changes alone seem extremely appealing, it is not possible for every body type to observe the concretely beneficial results from a calorie-reduced diet on their bodyweight. A lot of factors determine the bodyweight in an individual, hence losing weight with dietary changes alone is not for everybody.

Unable to Lose Weight With Dietary Changes Alone? Here’s Why!

  • The inherited traits of weight gain are because of your genetics, which are difficult to reverse or mould.
  • Irregular schedule or extremely hectic lifestyle with no proper sleeping, eating, or daily life pattern, resulting in poor hormonal health.
  • A poor metabolic system of the body that restricts the diet that works in the favor of your body.
  • An imbalanced hormonal system that negatively influences or affects the bodyweight. Therefore, one must consume the 5 herbs that can balance your hormones.

Drawbacks of Losing Weight With Dietary Changes Alone

Temporary Weight-Loss

One of the major drawbacks of losing weight with dietary changes alone is the short-term weight-loss sustenance period. The weight loss that is done with dietary changes alone does not sustain for a long time as other factors which affect the weight of the body are side-lined in this dieting discipline. The metabolism of the body and hormonal secretion is cornered while focussing just on dietary elements that can have damaging effects on the body, mostly resulting in quicker weight gain when gone off the diet. The weight-regain is one of the worrisome downsides of a weight-loss plan carried out with just dietary changes.

Excessive Loss of Muscle Mass

Losing weight with dietary changes alone entails the drawback of excessive loss of muscle mass. The amount of muscle in your body affects your general well-being as a high muscle mass is surely an indicator of good health. The regular consumption of a restricted diet leads to loss of muscle mass. The calorie-reduced diet followed by people desiring a weight loss results in the loss of muscle mass that ultimately affects the strength and stamina of the body negatively.

Moreover, the weight-loss plan focussed on dietary changes alone is looked down upon because no other significatory changes in mental health are observed that lead to no or insufficient hormonal changes in the body. Also, primarily focussing on just dietary changes for your weight-loss journey keeps you far away from the metabolic effects of exercise that can exceptionally help to enhance the overall functioning of the body.

Importance of exercise for weight loss and muscle maintenance

Metabolic Effect of Exercise

A regulated metabolic system is essential for an overall healthy body. The metabolic speed of your body is directly correlated to calorie burn, hence an efficient metabolic system is considered super beneficial for an easy weight loss process. Apart from being drastically mood uplifting, exercise can also have significant metabolic effects on the body that makes people reconsider their decision of only sticking to dietary changes for their weight-loss journey. The following are a few major metabolic effects of exercise.

Drastically Improve Muscle and Bone Mass

The amount of muscle in your body affects your general well-being as a high muscle mass is surely an indicator of good health. Regular exercise tends to have a spectacular improvement in the muscle and bone mass of the body. The repeated stress bouts that are a result of the right exercises incredibly enhance muscle mass. A better muscle mass definitely influences the strength of the body and is ultimately beneficial for overall health.Therefore, one must follow the top 10 tips to build stamina and muscular strength.

Your Resting Metabolic Rate Gets Better

RMR or Resting Metabolic Rate is the rate or speed at which the body burns calories or converts food into energy while the body is at a complete resting position. A good RMR is one of the prime reasons for regulated bodyweight and exercising helps to improve it immensely. Regular exercise affects your resting metabolic rate positively which results in a generally healthier and fitter shape of the body.

Upgradation In Insulin Sensitivity

Insulin sensitivity, as the name suggests, is the description of your body’s sensitivity towards insulin, a pancreatic secreted hormone responsible for glucose in the blood to enter the cells in order to provide energy for normal functioning of the body. Regular exercise tremendously affects insulin sensitivity for the betterment of the overall functioning of the body. The simple rule is that the more glycogen burns during exercising, the more improvement will be seen in insulin sensitivity. Hence, exercise is recommended for improving insulin sensitivity naturally.

Prevents The Risk of Lethal Diseases

The fact that exercising is supremely beneficial for the body cannot be denied as it causes major improvement in the overall functioning of the body. Apart from the positive chemical reactions inside the body, regular exercising also prevents the risk of many lethal diseases from harming you. Exercise helps to prevent metabolic syndrome that indirectly also protects the body against diseases like stroke, diabetes, heart disease, and more.

A good metabolic system ensures that balanced chemical reactions are happening inside your body that is a must for your overall fitness. Just relying on dietary changes for weight loss is possible but makes it difficult and complex for the body to process because the weight gain is not entirely the result of just a poor or unhealthy diet. Several factors, like physical, mental, genetic, or environmental, affect the weight of the body, though in different proportions in different body types. Therefore, in order to reverse the whole complicated process, one needs to address all these factors in some way or the other. 

Auric Weight Management Ayurvedic Juice

Losing weight is a scientific and systematic process that needs to be practiced with utmost care and caution because unhealthy weight-losing practices can prove to be damaging in the long term for the body and mind. This is the very reason for suggesting to always accompany your dietary changes with changes in lifestyle as well for a successful and healthy weight loss journey. Though it is completely possible for some people to lose weight with dietary changes alone, it is suggested to not opt for it as it could prove to be unhealthy for the overall body in the long run. Combining dietary changes with some physical exercise is the way forward towards a weight loss journey! A Guide to Weight Loss: Losing Weight With Weight Loss Ayurvedic Drink recommends the consumption of Auric’s Weight Balance Ayurvedic Juice for weight loss and maintenance of healthy weight. 

Authored by: Bhavishya Pahwa

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