Having PCOS? Drink these 10 Healthy Drinks for a Speedy Recovery

Having PCOS? Drink these 10 Healthy Drinks for a Speedy Recovery

Stay Hydrated, Drink Water and Healthy Teas. 
You must have heard this from your doctor when you are not well. But, it is essential if you are dealing with PCOS.

Did you know one in ten women suffer from PCOS? They have infertility issues, cysts in ovaries, and imbalance hormones. 

Before we move on to what drinks should PCOS women should consume, let us understand what exactly PCOS is - 
PCOS is usually identified by no mensuration or irregular periods. Women with PCOS have cysts in their ovaries caused by an overproduction of hormones known as androgens. 

The common symptoms are excessive hairiness, acne, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. 

And in that condition, Here are some homemade drinks for PCOS - 

  1. Fenugreek - Fenugreek is a valuable herb for PCOS women. The key is to leave seeds in the water overnight and have the water in the morning on an empty stomach. Drinking this water as a PCOS morning drink can help maintain weight, hormonal imbalance, insulin resistance, and irregularities in the period. 
  1. Herbal Drinks - The best teas for PCOS are turmeric tea, green tea, neem, amla, and cinnamon tea. These herbal drinks help treat PCOS naturally since they are rich in protein. 
  1. Aloe Vera - It helps detox the digestive tract, keeps you hydrated, and provides extra grease to your body. Take some Aloe Vera extract, mix it with the water, and add a little salt and honey for taste. 

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar - Apple Cider Vinegar is the most effective remedy for PCOS. The real concern is how to drink Apple Cider Vinegar? Well, the best way to consume is to add 203 tablespoons of water and drink it before having your meal. It can be taken with warm or normal water. It helps in maintaining blood sugar levels and supports weight loss. 
  1. Chamomile Tea - With PCOS, you can become moody. And that’s where chamomile tea will come into the picture. The tea will reduce stress levels and mood swings. The beverage also helps in reducing menstrual pain, soothes stomach ache, and treats cold. 
  1. Plum Juice - Plum helps ladies who are suffering from insulin resistance. And the good news is that you can make plum juice on your own. All you have to do is take some plum chop and add sugar, rock salt, and water. Mix it till it forms into a juice or smoothie. 
  1. Shatavari - Shatavari is an organic herb that is rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, C, E, and folic acid. Besides, they are also rich in minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, and iron. These minerals make Shatavari an antioxidant that protects the reproductive system in females. It also helps in improving insulin and fertility owing to its anti-diabetic properties. The key is to take one tablespoon of Shatavari powder in water and then consume it. 
  1. Ashwagandha - Ashwagandha is a natural energy booster and is a perfect remedy for controlling mood swings. Consume it in warm water, add Ashwagandha powder, mix it well and drink at night. 

  1. Spearmint Tea - Spearmint Tea reduces testosterone hormone level in females. PCOS women have a higher testosterone level than the typical female ratio, which results in hair loss. Take some spearmint leaves and add in hot water and let them sit for five minutes. Strain the drink and sip PCOS tea to see the best results over time. 
  1. Raspberry Leaf Tea - Fruity Tea is flavorful and comes with an added health boost. Raspberry leaf helps in improving fertility. With this tea, you can clear your congestion in the feminine organ area. It majorly focuses on the uterus and ovaries, which is crucial with PCOS.

Now, the real question is, how does your diet affect PCOS? 

Women with PCOS  have higher insulin levels. Insulin is a hormone that is produced in your pancreas. It helps the body cells turn sugar into glucose. 
If the body does not produce enough insulin, your sugar level can rise. However, it can also happen if you are insulin resistant. This means that you are unable to use the insulin you produce effectively. 

If you are insulin resistant, your body can pump out a high insulin level to keep your sugar level regular. And too high a level of insulin can make your ovaries produce more androgens, such as testosterone. 

Hence, all these vitamin-enriched juices and tea help women treat PCOS. They can also consult a gynaecologist for further recommendation. 

Other Lifestyle Changes 

PCOS responds positively to many essential lifestyle changes. And one of them is exercising daily. This can help in reducing insulin resistance if combined with a limited intake of unhealthy carbohydrates. The ideal exercise time is 150 minutes per week. 

Less sugar consumption and daily exercise can reduce weight. With weight loss, women can experience improved ovulation. PCOS symptoms can cause stress, and yoga and meditation can help reduce the stress. 


It can be frustrating to deal with PCOS. Hence, taking appropriate steps can improve your mood and reduce your symptoms. 

Even after maintaining a healthy diet, if your symptoms prevail; speak to your gynaecologist. They can let you know the next steps and identify the right solution for you. 

Authored by: Smriti

About the Author: Smriti is an expert dietitian and nutritionist. She is a post graduate in Nutrition and Diet Planning from All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS). She strongly believes in Ayurvedic remedies.


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