All about Skin Disorders and Ayurvedic Treatment

Skin Diseases and Ayurvedic Treatment

All about Skin Disorders and Ayurvedic Treatment .Don't we all want to have clear and glowing skin? However, the more we are running behind clear skin, the more skin problems we end up attracting. And one of the major causes of this problem is chemical products advertised so beautifully that we cannot resist buying them.

These costly and chemical cosmetic products have successfully replaced some of the richest herbal products like Haldi and Chandan. Though the beauty products you purchase give you an instant glow and shine, the same creates numerous skin diseases by digging deeper into your skin. These chemical supplements are only good for injecting chemicals into your skin.

Treat Different Types of Skin Diseases Effectively With Ayurveda

So, what's the solution? Well, we are not asking you to completely ban those products; however, if you want a permanent setback from these skin problems, limit the use of chemical supplements as much as possible.

One of the most common neglecting things among people is the health of your skin. People spend tons of money to give an unmatched glow to their skin, but they often forget it's the health of your skin that will decide what your skin would look like in the long run.

Acne Vulgaris / Pimples: Pimples are one of those diseases that hasn't spared anyone, especially young adults and teenagers. As you step into your teenage, some problems follow in your footsteps, and pimples are one of them. Some of the reasons for acne could be dehydration, fatty & spicy food, stress, alcohol, caffeine intake, pollution, etc. Acne and pimples can be a matter of embarrassment if you are too young. 

Now, let's discuss Ayurvedic remedies - 

Skin Diseases - The Ayurvedic Treatment Of Skin Related Problems

Ayurvedic Treatment

- Panchakarma Therapy: Eczema is a kind of skin infection that can destroy your skin and even spread to your surroundings. This skin disorder isn't only dangerous to bear, but it takes consistent treatment of the patient. If you are suffering from eczema, you can take panchakarma therapy that is beneficial for this particular disease.  This therapy is also used against psoriasis and acne.


You can visit your trusted Ayurvedic practitioner to receive the therapy. 

The Panchakarma therapy mostly includes:-

- Eating medicated ghee for 5 to 7 days
- Body massage with oil

The whole process helps you eliminate the toxins from your body to remove the deadly bacteria.

- Ayurvedic Herbal Remedies: There is no medicine better than natural herbs. You can take natural herbs in any way possible, be it in your regular food, tea, or as supplements. The herbs you can take for skin problems are as follows, Cardamom, Neem, Turmeric, Indian sarsaparilla, and Triphala. 

Ayurvedic Remedy

However, while taking these herbs as supplements, you must be very sure about the quantity. An imbalance may backfire on you. Hence, we suggest you consult your doctor or Ayurveda practitioner before deciding on the quantity part. 

- Improve Diet: We always say that your diet has a lot to do with your health. Untimely eating habits and unhealthy food, especially spicy food, can be hazardous if you have skin problems. 

Ayurveda suggests you follow a plant-based diet which means consuming foods rich in whole and unprocessed foods. You must also take in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and essential fatty acids. 

Apart from this, fluids, aloe vera, and licorice tea are highly recommended. 

These foods are supposed to reduce toxins from the body. Now that you know what type of food you should consume let's take a look at what all food items you should neglect meat, alcohol, refined sugar, dairy products, acidic fruits, tomatoes, yeast, and salty or spicy food. 

- Coconut Oil: You must be wondering how coconut oil can help. But you may not know that some skin problems are caused due to dryness. Hence, using coconut oil is highly recommended. Coconut oil has antibacterial properties, which helps to prevent deadly and harmful bacteria from going into your skin. 

Oil Pulling Therapy

You can massage the affected area twice or thrice a day. It would be great to use virgin or cold-pressed coconut oil as they are free from any chemicals. 

- Sunflower Oil: As we discussed earlier, how dry skin could be harmful, let us also tell you that you can bring back the lost moisturizer of your skin with sunflower oil. Sunflower oil helps to hydrate and moisturize your skin. It also reduces inflammation. 

You can apply sunflower oil twice a day and at least once to damp skin. 

- Stress Relief: If we ask you how much time you spend with yourself just to relax and feel the beauty around you, what would be your answer? What happened? Still thinking, when was the last time you enjoyed life without stress? We have built such a work culture and competitive world that we don't get the time for ourselves.

Ayurveda suggests that you invite plenty of diseases when you don't free your mind from unnecessary burden and stress. Hence, relieving yourself from stress is the first step towards recovery. 

Stress can trigger eczema flare-ups which will ultimately lead to bigger issues. Hence, you need to learn stress management techniques. You can follow these tips for a stress-free life deep breathing, journaling, massage, yoga, meditation, listen to music, and art therapy.


Skin Radiance Juice

After reading this article, we hope you get clarity on how to take care of your skin health rather than just focusing on glowing your skin from outside. 

Apart from these ayurvedic tips, we also recommend you stop using chemical soaps daily. When you regularly apply such soaps to your skin, you steal the natural oils and moisture from your skin. Once you lose your skin's natural glow, no soap, no cream, and no makeup can help you to glow.

Hence, we always suggest you apply natural herbs to your skin that are chemical-free and rich enough to make your skin glow and shine.


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Authored By: Ankita Agarwal

About Author: Ankita Agarwal is a Health & Wellness Coach from Siliguri, India

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